Temperature Fix to Stop Losing Sleep

The Ideal Room Temperature for Sleeping

Had a successful day? Great! Now switch off from work. Go home, have an early homemade dinner, enjoy some quality time with the loved ones, kiss the kids good night. What about a warm bath? Meditate and lay down to sleep. How did that work out?

Sometimes even the perfect evening routine might not lead to the peaceful night’s sleep you are dreaming of. The reason might be the wrong food, a snoring partner, too much stress, or it might just not be the perfect bedroom temperature. Believe it or not, the wrong temperature turns out to be one of the biggest stumbling blocks to a good night’s sleep.

Night sweats, dry throat, morning shivering, tossing, rolling, snoring, eyes wide open at 2 am. It might all happen just because of the higher than needed bedroom temperature.

Cool Bedroom + Warm and Breathable Bedding = Healthy Sleep

You just need to let a bit of night air in, get the room cool down, and cocoon yourself in a warm and preferably all-natural bed linen and non-synthetic covers that would help your body temperature control system do its job.

Our bodies are actually designed to control the body temperature so that we feel well even during sleep and they do fairly well unless we put some obstacles on their way: usually a synthetic, highly unbreathable bed cover, blanket or a duvet.

More important than anything in securing our kids’ and our own comfortable sleep through the night is to surround ourselves with breathable and natural bedding materials so that we do not hinder the temperature regulating system of our own bodies. The best ones for this would be cotton and wool. The good news is that recently there are many options out there for getting all natural bedding that meets all of your needs: natural adult and kids mattresses, wool blankets, pillows, and even wool duvets.

Why wool or cotton? Cotton is breathable and wool is both breathable and temperature regulative: keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer.

The perfect bedroom temperature for sleeping seems to be different for each one of us but numerous scientific studies through the years have set some basic temperature fixes for a good night’s sleep. And all of them tend towards cooler temperatures.

perfect room temperature for sleeping - products compared - baby sleeping bag, duvet insert and wool blanket

The best sleeping room temperature for babies, toddlers, and kids

The optimal room temperature for sleeping for the youngest would be anything in between 65°F and 70°F (18°C to 21°C). Many new parents find this temperature a bit on the lower side, but that is the healthiest sleep temperature option. The ideal formula would be to keep the temperature in the room in that range and the humidity at the right level so that the breathing is at ease. At the same time we should keep body warm, but not too hot. Beware of signs as sweating, damp hair, breathing on the rapid side, and fussiness. These might all be symptoms of overheating which is to be avoided.

Avoid all kinds of synthetically made blankets, covers, and bedding. Bet on natural materials for the kid’s bed so that the body stays warm without sweating.

A good option to consider, especially for babies above the age of 4 months, when kicking off the blanket becomes a thing, would be a baby sleeping bag. Home of Wool’s Wool Baby Sleeping Bag with Silk Lining keeps the baby warm and comfortable during the whole night. And a sound baby sleep would most probably lead to an uninterrupted parents’ sleep.

The best bedroom temperature for adults

You are too cold to fall asleep or wake up in the middle of the night sweaty? Perhaps that synthetic duvet is keeping you comfy but your partner is covered in sweat so that he uncovers and finds himself shivering in the middle of the night?

The optimal bedroom temperature for adults would be anything between 60°F to 72°F (15°C to 22°C). That is a wide range and anything on that scale might be too cold for some and too hot for others. And when you are sharing a bed with your partner it sometimes happens that this is the reason for the so-called bedroom temperature fights. Temperature disagreements, together with snoring and tossing, might even build up to a sleep divorce so it might be worth trying to overcome it.

How do we balance and keep everybody comfortable in terms of temperature in the cold sleeping room? The right move should be to get a breathable, temperature regulating natural bedding, including a temperature-regulating mattress, breathable sheets, natural duvets, or blankets. Wool stuffed bedding would allow your body to feel warm and comfortable throughout the night, sending the sweat periods well in the past. It would also be ideal for couples sharing the same bed since wool regulates the temperature based on the body temperature allowing everybody in the bed to keep his or her optimal temperature comfort.

A wool blanket or a wool duvet would do miracles in stopping the temperature fight. And a sweet year-round upgrade would also be a paired duvet option allowing you and your partner to feel comfortable during any season of the year. This is a very practical set of wool duvets because with them you can use just one or tie two layers together when you need a warmer option. You can combine different thicknesses and cover fabrics to achieve the ideal solution for your needs. The great thing about it is that this winter you could get this at 10% off its regular price.

The ideal bedroom temperature for the elderly

The ideal sleeping room temperature changes with age and with the elderly it would be anywhere in the range of 66°F to 70°F (19°C to 21°C). The best way to enjoy the benefits of good sleep would be to use natural and most importantly breathable materials, like cotton and wool, that regulate the body temperature and isolate well, allowing you to forget about the late-night sweats or shivers. A wool bedding set would regulate the body temperature like no other material keeping you dry and comfortable throughout the night. As the sleep is getting shorter with age why not try making it sweeter with all breathable, synthetic-free, and natural bedding materials?

Stay tuned for more sleep-temperature related topics on the blog

Not only room temperature but also core body temperature changes and manipulations right before going to sleep play a potentially significant role in the quality of sleep. Stay tuned for more temperature hacks for good sleep at homeofwool.com in the Good Sleep Matters series.

*** The above blog post cannot be considered a substitute for medical advice. The information in the text is merely informational.

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