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A Cloud Of Wool

I ordered a mattress and duvet from Home of Wool and they are even more comfortable than I initially imagined. The measurements were exactly as ordered, and the quality is superb. I couldn’t be happier with my Home of Wool experiences, and I’ll be sure to be back for more when needed!

Claire Breskin

love our new custom window seat cushion!

Impeccably sewn, fabulous linen fabric, wonderful wool! Everything I had hoped for! Can’t wait for our house to be finished so we can enjoy our window seat!

Fantastic, prompt communication. Professional and with warm personal touches.

Thank you!

Sandee Havunen

Home of wool is my go to

Let me tell you my journey in the world of pillows
It all started with my husband’s pain in the neck and his spine. I knew that as a former professional figure skater and olimpic athlete his body was damaged, but I never knew how important is a good pillow to relief that.
Now I can tell you I am a real believer in the power of Home of wool. We first changed his pillow and he immediately felt better, then I decided to give it a try and changed mine.
That’s the best decision ever. Not only I sleep better, but I also protect my skin from wrinckles (I use specific model back and side sleeper). The power of real and natural materials saved our health and beauty 😉.
From now on Home of wool is my go to.

Hristina Todorova

Simply Perfect

We are so happy with our new custom bench cushions! They came out perfectly, fitting precisely into the non-standard bench shapes. What a contrast with the sad, thin foam cushions we used to have with their dubious cheap upholstery covering. So nice to have natural wool and linen/cotton. The quality of our new cushions is amazing; the construction is so precise and high quality. There is no way we could have done anything close to this quality ourselves. They are also so much more comfortable than the old cushions were.

The ordering process and communication were also perfect. Don’t worry if your needs don’t fit into the basic shapes set up for quick ordering on the website; just contact them and they will explain exactly how to provide the measurements needed for any design. Once we placed the order, they quickly communicated with us to clarify a few items in our design, and then before we knew out our cushions were on the way. Shipping/customs didn’t take too long, and soon we were unwrapping these very carefully packaged products. I can’t even think of anything to nitpick. It’s very rare nowadays to have such a satisfying experience with anything you purchase. We just had windows installed in the same space, and at more than 20x the price I can assure you we did not receive half the quality and service we got from Home of Wool. The photo here in fact still shows our old windows, enough said.

I hope we find another need to order from Home of Wool in the future. Highly and warmly recommended!

Dominic & Irina MS

The best wool products by kind people

I am so happy I put my trust in this business, the beautiful wool pillow and wool batting are of the highest quality. Shipping was not only free, but shipped quickly and carefully packaged for the overseas journey. I can vouch for this business being exceptional, from customer service to top quality wool products. You can’t find better quality wool products for this price anywhere in the US.

Kris Beecroft

Impressive and beautiful

These look, smell, and feel great. I look forward to years of use. It is quite a firm mattress if you go with a shallow depth (mine is 5 inches thick) but I wanted that.

The price is pretty much the best I could find for a pure wool mattress with fully custom sizing. And free shipping, from Bulgaria…

I have all three mattresses I ordered after only 3 weeks: impressively fast production and shipping times.

They go very well on IKEA bed frames. I like the zippers on all sides, so if necessary I can remove or add wool.

Overall I’m extremely satisfied and glad I went with Home of Wool!

Timothy Edgren

Thank you

Hello dear Home of Wool team, we are delighted with our new headboard! The delivery was extremely quick and smooth. Thank you again for your help and assistance.


Excellent Product!

I ordered a custom made set of cushions for the back and base of a sofa and they were perfect – great quality material and filling and made exactly to the specifications I requested.
I’d definitely use Home of Wool again!

Tobias Weaver

Amazing quality, handwork & super comfortable!

Have been using US Queen mattress now for 2.5 years and hands down it is a very comfortable mattress!
The mattress is appealing even without a bed sheet and just looks so clean and crisp.
Guest have also liked the mattress and had no complaints.
We have been slowly upgrading our kids mattresses!
Highly recommend, if you are looking for quality material, handwork and comfort!

Humairah Abowath

Pillow inserts are incredible

The pillow inserts we ordered are amazing! I initially had questions about the sizing and received quick and well thought out advice. What they state is true, you don’t need to size up. Not only do they fit well, they are so comfortable!! And we are thrilled to have an ethical and sustainable source of comfort in our home.

Nate Morgan

Custom chair cushion

I’m happy with the custom cushion that Home of Wool made for me. My old chair cushion had worn out, the company that made the chair did not sell replacement for my chair anymore, and I did not want to get a foam insert. So, I got a wool one instead. I am content.

Pauline Yahr

The best!

I have nothing but great words about my experience ordering from Home of Wool. My purchase made it across the Atlantic in record time, it was well packaged, and the pillow insert is exactly what I was hoping it would be. I am more than happy and wouldn’t hesitate to order from Home of Wool again.


Very high quality!

I am very happy with my purchase of Home of Wool’s 500 gsm 100% wool batting! Since the website only lets you order in 1 yard increments, and I needed 1.5 yards, I reached out through customer service and Krisi was super quick to reply and create a custom order for me. She was also transparent in letting me know that there would likely be delays in shipping due to customer issues outside of their control – I really appreciated that heads up. The wool batting itself is super high quality and exactly as described in terms of thickness. I am new to quilting so in retrospect I would have chosen their 250 gsm batting but it just means that this quilt will definitely keep me warm in the winter!

Hailey Miller

Great wool mattress

We love this wool mattress for our 1 y/o baby. It is soft-but-firm which feel very comfortable and supporting at the same time.
It took it a good while to arrive but it was worth it!
When the baby will be done with it we will use it as a bench pillow 🙂

Christina Xenides

Great mattress cover

We were looking for a mattress cover made of wool for its natural water absorbance qualities. What we received were two wonderful, thick mattress pads, cut exactly to the size and depth of our mattress. We couldn’t be happier. Home of Wool customer service is really lovely too.

Emmanuelle Humblet

Better than expected!

We just received our handmade custom window seat cushion yesterday and can’t be more pleased. The cushion is beautiful and the quality is impeccable. The color was a little less gray than we thought it would be, but it’s not an issue. Highly recommend!

wool mattress photo by client
Lea Young

Great All Around!

I purchased a custom seat cushion with a removable textured linen cover for our entry bench. It came out perfect. The fabric is a nice weight and the cushion is very dense and comfortable.

I had a lot of questions about the cushions because I wanted to get it right. I had several lengthy emails with Kris at Home of Wool. She was very informed and helped me make the right decisions about the cushion. Communication was prompt and friendly.

The cushion arrived well-packed and fits perfectly on the bench. We love it and are ordering another even longer cushion with a back. We really appreciate the quality of the linen, the wool and the craftsmanship.

Thanks to Home of Wool our house is a lot cozier.

Allison Hopelain

Amazing quality!

I ordered a mattress, mattress protector and seat cushion from Home of Wool and I couldn’t be happier with the entire process!
Rosica was super friendly and helpful throughout the ordering process making sure that measurements were exact.
Both the mattress and seat cushion fit the bed frame and chair perfectly.
Rosica even helped to customize the mattress and cushion to include a zip so that they can join for more versatility.
Production and delivery was unbelievably fast to Australia taking only a few weeks to arrive from when I ordered them.
My son absolutely loves his mattress and I have to say is sleeping so much better now.
I highly recommend purchasing from Home of Wool as the customer service is spectacular, delivery is prompt and the quality of the product is outstanding and exceeded all of my expectations.

wool mattress photo by client
Pia Greisbach

Sleeping properly for the first time in years…

Our first bed together was a “Sealy Posturepedic Firm” bought in 1992 for $2400. It was great while it lasted. This mattress had upholstery on both sides. I think this construction was key to it’s longevity, as it could be turned to reduce wear and allow better drying.

It appears that Sealy learned from their mistakes between 1992 and 2013, as when we bought a replacement from them it was a much cheaper object. I told the salesperson that I have a back injury and need a good firm mattress. The salesperson talked us into getting a “…pillow top Sealy Posturepedic” which she claimed would provide “…improved support”. The downside of the “pillow-top” was that “…it was not possible to make the mattress double sided.” I had my reservations, but bought it anyway for a mere $4300.

When our then-new Sealy arrived I was dismayed to see that it was literally half the weight of the older model. The base flexed like a recycled shipping pallet. It was unsatisfactory from the start. The single-sided construction quickly sagged, creating back pain for me and poor sleep for us both. Sealy New Zealand were not interested in my complaints.

So we have been seriously looking for a replacement for five years. I checked every bed vendor locally, but none offer even a double-sided traditional mattress. Lots of talk of micro-coils and wonder-gels, but no ability to reduce wear and dry out the bed.

Eventually I read about wool mattresses* and ordered a 7″ mattress sample from Home of Wool. It arrived within three weeks. The quality is amazing. I tested this sample for four months and found it very comfortable. It didn’t compress very much and the construction was impressive. My mother was a dressmaker who outfitted entire weddings and the Home of Wool’s work is top-quality. These days it has become the cat’s daybed. Can’t get him off it!

*It should be noted that there are mattresses made locally that have wool layers in them, but the rest of the construction is just the usual off-gassing foams and other unknown quantities…

So the decision was made and we placed our order with Home of Wool for a King-size mattress (7″ height) on January 23rd and it was delivered to New Zealand 19 days later on 10 February!

No actions were required by ourselves to effect delivery other than paying online. No customs or shipping hassles, which was our concern before we ordered.

You would not get a bed made and delivered locally in 19 days, let alone one from Bulgaria on the other side of the planet!!

We teamed our new wool mattress up with a locally-bought wooden slat bed made in Italy by Dorsal. It has adjustable spinal support, but works fine just as delivered.

We had the wool mattress in our spare room for a few days to dry out with a dehumidifier as a hole had been cut in the end of the amazing multi-layered packaging and it was a bit damp. I am sure this was to do with either NZ Customs or the shipping company, not the Home of Wool. In any case the mattress was undamaged and dried out in a few days. Then we tried out first night’s sleep.

I found it impossible to sleep that first night as I had spent nine years sleeping on a Sealy banana-bed and my spine had to re-adjust to being flat… It was with trepidation that I tried a second night. However since then it has been great!

I am seriously injured and see an osteopath regularly. I visited him two weeks after getting our new mattress. He commented (unprompted) that “..your breathing is about 20% deeper at rest” !

I have so much more energy now that I can sleep properly. I have been able to tackle jobs that I have been unable to think about for the last five years.

Regarding the climate and wool mattress comfort, we first tested our Home of Wool mattress in the hottest part of our summer. Night-time temperatures were 20 deg C (68 deg F) and humidity was 85%, but the wool mattress felt cooler that that Sealy foam job.

Now that it’s winter the wool mattress is very warm – it’s so comfy that you don’t want to get out of bed in the morning. We certainly don’t need an electric blanket to warm the bed before sleep any more.

I am very happy to have bought a bed from Home of Wool. The buying “sight-unseen” and “from-the-other-end-of-the-world” aspects of the purchase were worrying, needlessly as it turns out.

Rosica and the team at the Home of Wool run a first-class operation. Their products are constructed and assembled like fine art and delivered rapidly. They kept us informed about every stage of construction and delivery, and did what they said they would do, on-time.

The price was comparable to the cost of buying a so-called ‘good bed’ locally, but the Home of Wool’s quality level is much higher. Our mattress was NZ$3500 (on special) plus the locally procured Dorsal slat base was another NZ$1100. Locally we were offered “orthopedic” (?) conventional mattresses at $5500-$7000.

I just don’t trust the makers of conventional beds any more. We now intend to buy another Home of Wool mattress for our daughter.

We could not be happier with our new bed.

Peter de Waal

Love my bed

I’m so happy with my mattress from HOW. It’s firm, yet supportive. I like the natural materials, and it’s easy to add a more batting if a dip forms.


Thank you!

I bought the Beacons yarn to complete a dream project – Jennifer Beale’s Trepassey.

Both the yarn and the service were more amazing than expected. From a personalized card to hand packaging… time and care went into every part of this. Can’t wait to cast on!

Thank you so much!

Donna Dupuy

Best cushion out there!!!!

I searched high and low fir the perfect custom bench seat cushion. The reviews for Home of Wool were superior to all others. The customer support and help thru entire ordering process was top notch. The quality and workmanship is absolutely beaitiful. Great packaging and fast shipping also a huge plus. Thank you for everything. I LOVE IT!!!

Suzy Stabile

Exactly what I wanted

Home of Wool is great. The measurements were perfect. Our bench cushion is exquisite with the material being soft and durable. Highly recommend.

tori gorgone

Quality company

Great company. Speedy responses and quality materials. I deal with chemical sensitivities so that was one reason why I ordered from home Of wool. My wool comforter arrived smelled like nothing but organic cotton and a small scent of wool. But all very pleasant. No factory or chemical smells! Felt like a miracle in the world we live in today. The shipping did take quite awhile, but it was worth it for the product. The only thing I don’t like about it is the fact that it’s not stuffed with loose wool, it’s actually like an entire sheet of “felted” (probably not the right wording for it) wool with the cotton sewn over it. I was made aware of this, so no fault to the company whatsoever. Just unfortunate because it does make the comforter more stiff and kind of hard to manage inside of the duvet cover. Not as fluffy and cozy feeling as my other wool comforter that has wool stuffing inside. But!! It’s truly a wonderful product and I am otherwise very happy with my purchase.


We love it!

such a great mattress for our daughter’s bunk bed! Great customer service

Samantha Campbell

Home of Wool is Home for me and my family!

To whom it may concern,

If you are looking for products that will give work to Europeans and help to smash the zionist/judaeo communist world view that has been assualting us all since their attack against the USA on 9-11-01 AD and now the COVID scam, look no further than the wonderful people here at “Home of Wool.” I have four king size pillows, one body pillow, a back sleeper pillow, one side sleeper pillow, two summer weight comforters, two custom made yoga mats which have not arrived yet, and one XL 2 inch thick dog bed. Which I can attest to being the best products which I have ever purchased. The construction of all of them is second to none and I am more than pleased with what I have purchased from Mrs. Rosica and Mimi. Congratulations too Mrs. Mimi on the birth of her child by the way! May they grow up to be as helpful as their mother! All of my products are more expensive than the things you will buy from judaeo communist controlled countries, but in doing so you are battling against the Kalergi plan of the elders of zion and helping to ensure a free and more hopeful future for all Europeans as we struggle against the self appointed chosenites against whom we have all had to battle these last two years especially. Tell the Truth and Shame the Devil! You cannot go wrong with Home of Wool products and I will be engaging them again in the future to purchase more products which may last the rest of my lifetime, I am thirty-nine now.

Ernest Adolph Miller IV

Wow!!!! What a beautiful product!

After searching high and low for a cushion that looks and feels great, I came across home of Wool and their beautiful cushions. The customer service and help offered in customizing the perfect cushion was top notch. I could not be happier. It fit like a glove in the space and the quality and color of the fabric was right on! Look no further if you’re looking for a quality cushion . It was also shipped quickly and
packaged beautifully. Thank you! I looooove it.

Suzy Stabile

Organic wool bed head pad

Thank you mucho for the beautiful head pad for my bed.
The quality is top notch, texture soft, and attention to detail is beyond my expectations. I’m ordering a wool pillow and will order more if the quality of the pillow is as good as this pad.
Thanks for all your efforts.

Ken LeVeille

Fantastic product. Outstanding service.

Thank you, Home of Wool, for providing such amazing support from our first inquiry until our baby mattress arrived. We always received so much kindness and professionalism from your team, and our baby is sleeping so well on his new mattress.

We truly thank you and we can 100% recommend your products!

Much love from Thailand from Joana, Van & Baby Sanyya

Joana C

The Perfect Mattress

I love this mattress. I went looking for a wool mattress because they’re supposed to help ease joint pain, and it’s definitely worked. It’s very comfortable.

Rey Bradley

Organic Wool Pillows

Oh my goodness. I received my two pillows today and all I can say is WOW! They are gorgeous. The fabric the pillows are made from is silky soft. I almost hate to have to cover them with a pillow case. They are plump and full and cupping the back of my head and neck beautifully. I did purchase a pound of extra wool in case I need to add a bit more later but I don’t anticipate needing to do so. Maybe I can make a little couch pillow with the extra wool!

Mindy Schroder

I didn’t notice there were 2 tracking numbers!

The USPS left package on the front porch when I was at work. The package slip says “1” mattress. I’m hoping that is is a mistake. I have called Rosacio’s number many times since this morning 6:00CST and no response.

The postal service documented that the parcel was left with a person.

So disappointed.

I’m expecting a simple explanation for only receiving 1/2 of the queen mattress, which is very well made!!!


UPDATE: The second package hasn’t been delivered!

Debbie Hamby

Worth the money

Bought a crib mattress awhile ago and liked it so much that I saved up for a full-sized one for myself. We all sheep I mean sleep? much better. Got the 5 inch and it’s nice and firm, sheets fit on it well. Had hip pain while sleeping on my left side while pregnant and don’t think that’ll happen with my next pregnancy. Hubs had back pain that has since gone away with our new mattress. Regulates our temperatures well. Thick high quality wool. Also love my mattress protector. Love it, thanks homeofwool!! ?


best mattress, best night sleep!

I am so happy and excited that I came across this website and ordered my king-size wool mattress last September! The mattress was a bit smelly at the beginning (and my cats were confused because they smelled sheep and there was no sheep in the room!), but after a few weeks the smell was gone and the joy of sleeping on a firm, healthy mattress increased. My grandma used to make wool mattresses for all her family members (I am from Iran) when I was a kid, and now I am just happy that I see this tradition is still alive around the world. Thank you for the lovely product! I couldn’t be more satisfied. <3



5 star rating. Best customer service ever. And the product came when expected…..and lovely. Thank you so so much. Nothing on-line compares.

Polly Nyberg

Beautiful mattress cover

Great quality and was super quick with answering my questions on how to care for product. Would definitely recommend this company.

Linda ling

5″ wool mattress

This product is excellent. Very well made, super comfortable to sleep on. Highly recommended.

Colby Pearce

Excellent service and good quality

Excellent service and good quality product. Would recommend without hesitation. Good job guys!!!!



I purchased the king size wool pillow bundle. I absolutely love it. I’m so glad I purchased the bundle. The mulberry silk pillowcase feels great and so does the wool protector. The pillow is very supportive. Item is of high quality. Very happy with the packaging and presentation. Definitely recommend Home of Wool. Look forward to buying more items from this shop.

Greg Anderson

Home of wool was one

Home of wool was one of the best experiences on ordering online.
I was nervous about purchasing in another country since this was my first experience. This was not a problem, there customer service was by far better than any online service that I’ve gone through. Also, the quality of my daybed cushion is by far better than my expectations. Well Done!

Jody Nelson

This is what a bed is supposed to feel like and do for all of us

We want to thank you immensely for the beautifully-made, excellently-crafted, wool mattress we just received yesterday. The shipping was also very fast to Canada- and thank you for sending it all the way here! When we opened the package, I was delighted to see the quality of craft that went into this mattress. I had a vintage wool mattress many years ago and had to give it away due to its weight being too much when I moved, so I’ve been wanting a new one, and was so excited to order and receive this one. The fabric is thick and sturdy. The wool tufting is perfect! Each little bow is perfectly-placed and tied. The large piping makes for such a lovely look, and it is very functional; I love to feel the soft squareness from the piping when I sit on the edge. The little touches of pride of workmanship are also a treat: the heavy-duty zipper and zipper-pulls with your logo and name, the envelope with tufting string and instructions, the strong handles on both sides, the hand-written thank you note on the tag! I’m so impressed, and so is everyone in my family; we’re working out who gets the next one! We unrolled it and made it up immediately, and then spent two hours just being on it; I fell asleep in the middle of the day for an hour! I didn’t know I would… it is so super comfortable! We’ve had one night sleeping on it, and I can’t believe I waited so long to buy this…. Would that everyone could wake up feeling so refreshed and aligned. Thank you for this treasure. You do a service for the wellbeing of others, and this is noble work. Gratitude to you.

Imogen Skye

Simply Perfect Experience

I cannot say enough about the experience I had with Home of Wool. They were responsive to my emails, answered all my questions accurately and constructed a cushion for our new bench that is not only high quality, but incredibly beautiful.

And shipping to the United States was fast. I paid extra shipping, but it arrived in less than 1 week after I placed my order.

I would recommend Home of Wool to my friends and family.

Thank you again,

Bryan Trainor

Deserves more than just five stars…

What I did this summer on my staycation: invested in a wool nest of comfort via Home of Wool’s mattress topper and mattress protector.

Pros: fast delivery; well packaged for long distance transport; well made; beautiful; comfortable.

Cons: none (perhaps a bit pricey, but, the workman is worth his wages, and so is the designer of these products, therefore: price justified).

Debra Blackmon

Ergonomic pillow

I waited awhile before writing this because I wanted to be confident in my review.
My previous pillow was leaving my neck a wreck in the mornings making my baseline stiff neck even worse. The initial adjustment to this pillow took awhile and at first I worried it wasn’t going to work. However, after giving it a fair shot I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! My neck feels a million times better in the mornings, and I definitely miss the spine alignment this pillow provides when I’m away from home.

If you’re looking for something to support natural spinal alignment and relieve neck tension from sleeping unsupported, I would 100% recommend this pillow.

Oh and the quality and customer service of Home of Wool is incredible! I love everything I own from them and can’t recommend them enough!

Jenna Neal

Amazing Mattress

When I heard of Home of Wool, I did a ton of research on wool mattresses. After many, many hours of internet surfing, this company just seemed to have thought of it all. Customer service has been incredible and the product even better. We received our mattress about a month ago and find it firm but comfortable. I would recommend wool mattresses and pillows to anyone and if you are going that route, do yourself a favour and order from Home of Wool- you won’t regret it!

Ana Monnard

A little magic in every piece

We have two comforters and a pillow on the way and couldn’t be happier with every purchase!
The quality is superb, the customer service is exceptional, and I’m pretty sure there’s a little magic in every piece.
We purchased the summer weight comforters and they’ve been perfectly warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Cannot recommend Home of Wool enough!!

Jenna Neal

The 3″ thick mattress is

The 3″ thick mattress is very comfortable. The pillow is soft and I really appreciate being able to adjust the stuffing amount. The smell of it all is lovely as well!

Cody Fearon

Home of Wool made two

Home of Wool made two custom cushions for our window seats and they are incredible! The perfect fit, perfect color/texture fabric and impeccable construction. We are so beyond happy with our purchase and we recommend them every chance that we get. Thank you so much!

Lindsay Frantz

Exceptional quality

Exceptional quality

Eliza Cameron

I am extremely happy with

I am extremely happy with my wool pillow. I waited about a month in order to get the pillow delivered to my place but the wait was completely worth it. I have not experienced again stiff neck and now my sleeps are recharging. I totally recommend Rosica and the House of Wool.


I do much love my

I do much love my cushion from Home of Wool. I am saving money to buy a bed now. It is so comfortable and beautiful as well. Customer service is impeccable, friendly and a quick response.
Thank you Home of Wool.

Cheryl Ramsey

Wonderful Products

This company uses excellent wool, and I decided to order with them when I read others used wool that smelled so strongly of the *barn* still. Not only did the smell of the wool deliver on being very clean smelling (I do not notice the smell at all), but the quality of sewing and fabric choices are what put Home of Wool over the top. The moment I opened it all up and got to touch it for the first time, I immediately felt and saw the quality. So excellent! I highly recommend any of their products. I ordered a comforter insert (the summer weight one which is still very warm), a mattress topper, and 2 of the standard sized wool pillows. Everything is excellent and I love all of it.

Shameem Jamil

Baby sleeps like a dream

Baby sleeps like a dream on his mattress, it feels so cozy. I love knowing he isn’t breathing in any toxic chemicals from synthetic mattresses. You can see what’s inside – pure wool! I also love that after it’s been handed down as a baby mattress it can be a cushion, and at the end of it’s life it won’t be more plastic trash.

G Beaudin

Perfect Bed!

I have nothing but good things to say about Home of Wool. I wanted to get a bed as well as a custom made cushion for a triangular landing we have in our tiny house. I have slept on a pure cotton and wool futon before, but pure wool is something else. This type of bedding keeps the spine healthy & curved perfectly, and I love the firm feel. The cushion is adorable. Mimi was nothing but helpful, answering all of my questions and when I finally received the mattress and cushion, oh and silk pillow cover and pillow, I knew I made the right choice. Choosing the density was essential especially for our low ceiling lofts in our tiny house, the 5 inch was perfect. All in all, this was the perfect choice for us.

Thank you so much Home of Wool!

Kat Villain

Never slept better!

Never slept better
Enough said!


So cozy!

We absolutely love our winter weight wool duvet and linen/cotton duvet cover! No more cold spots from shifting down!

Katherine M Sandoval

Bay Window Cushion

I was kind of skeptic to place an order for a cushion for our new bay window only because I did not physically see the quality of it, and having to give measurements via computer. I did it anyway and so happy I did, well worth the price, great quality, color matches our furniture and the fitting of it, is spot on. I am very pleased with the cushion and so glad I went through and ordered it.

Brenda Hoover

Life Changer

I LOVE my mattress, and heres why. We bought a 7″ king sized mattress and it was wonderfully packaged, shipping all the way from Europe to Oregon, USA! It is beautiful and very good quality. My boyfriend has a lot of complications from scoliosis, inverted hips, legs that are different sizes, and old shoulder injuries. He had back pains all his life and they have disappeared now that we sleep on wool! I kid you not, it works. It was a little firm to get used to for me, but now it seems to have softened and gotten cozier over the last four months that we have owned it. We have different sleeping schedules where one of us is either waking up at 3am or at 7am and there is very little motion transference when we awaken. I love that it is naturally fire resistant, and a healthy mattress overall. I have skin allergies that developed a few years ago and now I’m allergic to goose down(yes, very sad), but my skin can handle the wool very nicely. There was some difficulty finding slats in the US and a bed frame that wasn’t going to be custom, but we found one in our price range. It’s also important to maintain the mattress, if you cant flip and rotate it regularly, this mattress isn’t for you. Originally I was going to buy the topper and the mattress at the same time but opted to just try the mattress first. I’m glad I did because after getting used to, the mattress is soft enough for us (this was my main concern about the mattress). I’m so happy with the service as well, they answered many of my questions promptly. If you want to invest in a long term mattress, this is the one!

Paige Stevenson

Incredible products

I have purchased items from this company twice now and their handmade goods are truly amazing. You could see all the items I bought were carefully sewn with great skill. The pillows I purchased were sewn and stuffed beautifully. And the pillows were overstuffed so I could remove the amount to my perfect liking. All materials used are incredible quality at this company. I am truly grateful for the beautiful craftsmanship and incredible integrity of this company. Their handmade items are all beautiful.

Jill Room

The most comfortable mattress we’ve

The most comfortable mattress we’ve ever slept on.

Vesela Krasteva-Stoltmann

Wonderful Duvet

I had been in a cycle of replacing down duvets every so many years because the feathers wound up in the four corners and wouldn’t redistribute. I wanted a filling that would stay put, is really warm, and is breathable. And I found these wool duvets! Such a treat! I find this duvet far better than any down or synthetic down I have ever had.

Rachel Starmer

Best mattress I’ve ever slept on

I’ve tried bed-in-a-box mattresses, fancy air mattresses, and traditional ones, and I can honestly say that this one is the best. It supports my back and is breathable. And it’s super comfortable!

Alexis Nicole Robinson

Love my banquette cushion!

I appreciate the craftsmanship of my new cushion. My banquette project needed the perfect cushion, and I’m very happy with my cushion. Thanks to everyone who helped me on this project!

Wendy Becker

Durable custom shikibuton and duvet

Rosica and her team are very kind through the whole custom order process. My new shikibuton and duvet came wrapped durably. I love the craftsmanship and have found both pieces to be durable. The duvet is lightweight but warm and breathable, perfect for a great nights sleep!

Gabrielle LeBihan

Such a great product

We could not be happier with our Home of Wool’s custom made bench cushions. With a variety of colours and materials to chose from as well as height, width, and depth, they really do accommodate every need. Our cushions also create the exact look and feel that we wanted to add to our living area. We also love that they are filled with an organic material. Since we live in Canada, we had doubts about the customer service and the delivery coming all the way from Europe, but we received nothing but we were very pleasantly surprised. We got nothing but quick responses over email, and the delivery went very smoothly. Way to go, Home of Wool, for creating such a wonderful business.

Stephanie Craig

Wool products are top level quality !

For wool lovers this is the best place to get a wool product, products are dense and reasonably tick which should last lifetime as long it is properly maintained !


Lovely experience all around!

I am so happy with my whole experience with Home of Wool. All of my questions were answered right away via email. We ordered a wool mattress protector, a winter weight duvet, and a duvet cover. Home of Wool made it easy to split my payments to accommodate my budget plan. I was sad to learn the Mulberry silk fabric is no longer available but am pleased with the linen/cotton duvet cover we ordered in it’s place. Our order arrived about a week ago and from the very first night I could tell the difference in the quality of my sleep! I feel like I don’t wake up as much from being too hot or too cold. I am already adding to my wish list for more Home of Wool products! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Katherine M Sandoval


Wife loves this. Fantastic pregnancy pillow. Easy to clean. Great quality. I highly recommend Home of Wool!

Jeffrey C Rose

Love the Bassinet Mattress

The Bassinet Mattress is perfect. We got the Halo sized one, it has been fabulous. The mattress that comes with bassinets is often really thin and too hard for newborn heads, which often leads to mis-shapen heads. This upgrade is the perfect addition to the Halo bassinet. With this mattress from home of Wool, I don’t have to worry about his precious head.

K. M.

Excellent quality

The quality and detail of the pillow is excellent. I highly recommend their products.

Kurt Gullikson

Great sized scraps!

I ordered the linen/cotton blend scraps to just try using linen. These are like a lightweight canvas. So far I have used the scraps to make a small purse, a lanyard and a 2-sided strap. The fabric is beautiful and I have a lot left to experiment with!


Excellent Product

We ordered a custom wool mattress from Home of Wool. They worked directly with us and sent us our mattress exactly as we ordered it. It is an amazing product and we’ve enjoyed sleeping on it. It is more expensive than many other cheap products, but I can only imagine the long term health benefits. Since I’m going to spend probably a 3rd of my life on a mattress, I might as well invest in something good!

William Viana

Better sleep that’s worth waiting for

I’ve had my 5″ Twin XL for three months, slightly longer than I waited for delivery to the US (because of a demand spike, as I understand). But the wait was worth it. I’ve never enjoyed firm mattresses, and soft ones leave me feeling fatigued and unsupported. The Home of Wool mattress somehow manages to be both firm and soft at the same time, supportive yet forgiving to a side sleeper like myself. The craftmanship is obvious–this is what small family business and caring for the customer is all about. I hope to get many years of use from my mattress. A great investment for one’s health. Thanks to Rosica and her team.

Jeff E.

Perfect products!

I live in Sweden and got the baby custom made pillow just in time to use for avoiding flat head.
They exceeded my expectations and was just like the picture I had sent.
I have it with a fitting silk pillow.
It feels good to be using natural products as a first time mom so I dont have to worry about allergies. The quality and customer service is unmatched.
I even received a thank you note in swedish which was an extra sweet gesture.
I have also ordered the Montessori bed, a custom made changing mat, the play mat, nursing pillow and custom made wool pillow and have been satisfied with all the Products.
Highly recommend!

Joice Piltan

So comfy

I have bought a super king size wool mattress with a 62% linen / 38% cotton fabric. It took two weeks to arrive between payment and delivery (to England), but was well worth the wait (and the price)! It is very nice and comfortable and I like it a lot 😀

Sophia Epistemia

Incredible company

I’ve had 4 custom cushions made among other products and with each order over the past several years I’ve gotten wonderful service and such quality products. I cannot say enough about home of wool. So responsive so kind and such perfection. This is my favorite company of all time!!! Just ask my family.

Cramer Russell


We love our bassinette mattress! Home of Wool was quick to respond and was able to match the size and shape from photos of our bassinette perfectly! The quality is wonderful. It did take a little while (a month or two total from when we ordered I think) but the quality and for is so worth it!! Also a good price for the quality. Already thinking of other things we will be ordering.

Pernille Schroeder

Healthy Sleep

We have been enjoying our wool mattress for six months. It is very firm compared to most mattresses but we love it! It is important to follow instructions and flip it regularly, especially early on. I have peace of mind knowing there’s no off-gassing of toxic materials while we sleep. This is just one of our HoW purchases and we’re very pleased with it!

Kelsey Lantz

Best Bedding

The bedding from HOME OF WOOL is the best! Over the years I have ordered several items for myself and my beds. All the products have been the best. I suffer from night sweats and the bedding from Home of Wool really helps with that..I’m warm in winter and cool in summer.Thank you for the best all natural products! I only have wool on my bed!

Kimberly Hinrichs

Our first purchase from Home

Our first purchase from Home of Wool was a crib mattress for our newborn baby. We were so impressed with the quality and wanted only the best for our little one. Next, we bought a bean bag chair, and were thrilled to find one made with wool instead of plastic beads like typical bean bag chairs. When it arrived in a zippered protective case, it was clear that Home of Wool takes pride in their products. Most recently, we had a play mat customized for us- we had spent months researching other brands and then found out Home of Wool made them, and knew this is exactly what we were hoping to find. Our little one loves it- and so do we! Whenever we make a purchase from Home of Wool, we know it’s crafted to be the highest quality, durable, and made with care. We love your work. Thank you so much!!


Comfortable Custom Cushions

We needed some custom cushions for the top of the built-in bench in our family room/playroom. What is more, we wanted them to be extra-padded with removable covers (for easy cleaning). Home of Wool truly delivered the goods! The cushions were meticulously manufactured and fit the space perfectly. I am absolutely thrilled with this purchase and look forward to ordering from Home of Wool in the future.


Cozy Cabin – Craftsman Vibes…!

Home of Wool has been an exceptional experience since the beginning, while building our cabin, every effort was made to ensure that all materials were craft-made and of the heirloom variety, Home of Wool products were of no exception…!

Our purchase included a wool filled mattress in linen casing and four wool pillows in linen casings with a wool cover for all – these pieces are absolutely the most talked about pieces in the home.

We were slightly concerned at first making such a large international purchase order having never visited their shop, but we put our trust in them and there products and are beyond pleased by our experience throughout, especially with the craftsmanship and customer service involved throughout the process, we can surely extend a recommendation for all who are looking for a timeless and enduring staple for their home.

We hope to continue supporting their efforts moving forward and look forward to our next Airbnb rental remodel so that we can again outfit it accordingly – Thank you Home of Wool 😉

William Hamilton

Natural Fitted Sheet

I’m so happy with the Natural fitted sheet. It is heat regulating, breathable and has given me better night’s sleep. At the same time, wool is organic and does not harm the nature, which is important to me. So, thank you so much for the lovely product!


Finally! The perfect find!

My husband and I searched and waited for two years looking for the right company to make our custom made window seat cushion. Home of Wool fit all our requirements, offering wool fill from fairly treated animals, organic, priced well, and ultimately delivered as promised with a perfect fit! We really are impressed! Thank you!!

Abra Cooper

My nest of wool

I’ve been sleeping on my wool mattress for about two months now. I absolutely love it. The thought of sleeping on 100% natural material is very comforting because we spend about 30% of our lives sleeping. It’s a very firm mattress which doesn’t bother me, I believe we don’t need extreme amounts of cushion to sleep. It is however important to have good sleeping posture. I’ve been training myself to have good sleep posture for years now. My boyfriend however, says he wakes up with a stiff back when sleeping on the wool mattress but he also has insomnia and bad sleeping posture. I think this is a great company because I believe they put care into each mattress, I received mine with a hand signed thank you note. I sought out Home of Wool because I am fascinated with sheep and the old way of using wool and natural products to make everything. I am happy knowing I can spend 30% of my life on a bed of wool and hope that this mattress will last me a very long time.

Tess Foose-Kutty

Wonderful quality and a great service!

I have purchased several items from Home of Wool. Starting with mattress, which was very important for my family, as we wanted to make sure we get a natural, high quality mattress. I have spend many months searching for the perfect one, and finally found this site. What was important to me, is that the inside is all wool, so I didn’t need to worry about allergies, also I could customize the outer fabric, edges, and other features.
Besides the mattress, we have ordered silk bedding set, wool comforter and duvet cover. All came in perfect and the quality is great. When placing an order, we had an extensive communication with Mimi about all sorts of questions that I had about sizes, materials, options, etc. All the communication was prompt and helpful. So I would definitely recommend them!

Olesya Derkach

This mat met and exceeded my expectations

I was very reluctant to get a meditation mat because some have been too firm or too synthetic. I felt grounded on my wool blankets, but was beginning to have trouble with my joints. The House of Wool’s mat is plush, but cushy, and I love that it is adjustable prior to tufting. Honestly, I have not wanted to change a thing. It is so comfortable, it is welcoming. I like its neutral cover that is washable (my cat meditates more hours than I do). It feels organic, comfortable, and right in my practice and in my home.

Carrie Lonis

love our wool mattress protector

We wanted to purchase a wool mattress protector for our new mattress, but oddly we could not find one for sale in the U.S., other than thicker/fluffy wool versions. I found exactly the type of wool pad I was looking for on the Home-of-Wool website. While I was somewhat hesitant to import directly from an unknown manufacturer in Bulgaria to the U.S., the many positive reviews gave me comfort. The shipping/delivery process was very efficient, with timely updates and quick delivery.

The protector is an ideal thickness – it offers good protection but is not bulky – and it is very well made. It fits our mattress perfectly – both a good fit on top of the mattress and also with the corner elastic placeholders.

I would highly recommend Home of Wool – both the product quality and its shipping/delivery process.


Love my 2″ topper!

The topper arrived nicely packed. I love the topper. It smells good too! Thinking about buying more products from them!

Moran A

Zero-waste 7″ wool mattress

I was really pleased to purchase the wool futon with the more affordable option of using smaller pieces of fabric joined together. The mattress took a few weeks to ship to the U.S., but it was definitely worth the wait.

I am extremely pleased with the quality of the fabric, stitching and zipper. The wool has a lovely natural lanolin scent. It looks like adding more roving would be very easy if I ever need to do so.

The futon is very supportive, which I like. I purchased it to replace an old coiled spring mattress so of course, it’s quite a bit firmer than I’m used to. I am considering adding a featherbed or mattress topper for a cushier feel.

Overall, I’m very pleased with my purchase and would definitely order again.

Kate Harris

Lovely Products

In an effort to have a safer, non-toxic home, I looked for mattresses made of eco-friendly, sustainable, and biodegradable materials. At first I was a little skeptical of having a 100% wool mattress – I was afraid it would be too hard, too much like sleeping on a futon, too much work to flip every day, and too different. However, I am so happy with my new 7″ queen sized split mattress. Due to the holiday sale occurring when I purchased the mattress, I also bought a topper, a mattress protector, and a wool throw. Everything was sent with care. The packaging, the thank you notes, and the quality of the products exceeded my expectations. I have had a great night’s sleep every night over the last couple of weeks of owning the products. I will definitely order more from Home of Wool!

Sarah L.

Great Service and Comfort

I purchased the stitched fabric version of the 7″ wool mattress in a full size. I went with Home of Wool because they had the best prices and offered this low-waste alternative with a pieced cover. I use it in my guest room and the mattress is quite firm. I want to try it in a smaller size before buying a larger one for the main bedroom. When I do, I think I will get a topper as I like a softer mattress; however, sleeping on it without a topper has been great and guests that prefer a firm mattress have raved about it. It does require more maintenance that a standard mattress but a single person can flip the full size thanks to the study handles on each side.

They didn’t try to up-sale me when I had questions about covers and toppers; even suggesting I try just the mattress first and then get a topper if needed. They were also very prompt to answer all the questions I had before making my selection and followed up without being pushy. They were clear with the delivery instructions and it was packaged very well.

The only issue I had, which is not the fault of Home of wool was in finding an appropriate base. Most commercial bases have the slats too far apart for a wool mattress. I tried making my own which was okay for the short term. I ended up finding a base at another store intended for a latex mattress. It was a perfect match and the mattress is supported while still getting air flow. I would recommend Home of Wool to anyone looking for a wool mattress. It is a great company to work with.

Ali Tackett

Beautiful Work!

We’ve had our custom tufted window seat cushion for over 6 months now and still receive compliments on it. It’s beautiful work. I was very happy with the customer service and the delivery turnaround time. I had been quoted other higher prices elsewhere and Home of Wool gave me not only the best price, but the best product. I’m so glad I went with them and will likely return for other future projects.

Stephanie Shilling

Natural weighted blanket…

I wanted a natural alternative to down or the multitude of other non-natural fillings for a duvet. I happened across the option of wool and read quite a bit about it, which appeared to be very impressive. If I was going to spend the money on good linen bedwear, why not also get the wool duvet for warmth and the inherent properties? What I had not taken into account was the weight. I purchased a queen size and while the quality is excellent, the weight of it was a real struggle for me as I am older and have arthritic hands. So the shaking, rotating and getting into the duvet cover was a huge challenge. I was not able to do that as often as is recommended for the first few weeks. That certainly doesn’t detract from the duvet itself. It is certainly worth the money. It also took a little bit of getting used to in regards to the weight of the blanket on my legs as I have been used to very light coverings. If I had help with the shaking out and changing bedclothes I would have no hesitation if purchasing again.

Victoria Chandler

Gorgeous mattress and topper, am

Gorgeous mattress and topper, am so happy with purchase, grateful for clean exceptional handmade products packaged beautifully. Mimi was super helpful through all my questions and concerns. I look forward to sleeping now! Thank you.

Vivian Lambert

Wonderful Blanket

I purchased the Heavy Wool Blanket, and absolutely love it, it’s thick enough, but not to thick, my sleep is much better no over heating like you can get with cotton or other fabrics I started to use it at end of summer,and keeps me nice and warm on those cold nights now, its just an always perfect temperature kind of blanket, should last for many many years because of the quality.

Maria Thoma

Best Mattress For Mini Crib!

I had my first child six years ago. The mini crib mattress I had bought at the time was now discontinued. So, I had to begin a new search for a company that made a non-toxic, non-off-gassing, naturally flame retardant mattress that fit into my mini crib. I was very surprised to find that this was no easy task! I found that many mattresses came close, but I only found 1 that checkmarked all 3 boxes. My beautiful mattress came quickly and just as described. I am very happy with my purchase.

Celeste Ramirez

We sure love our mattress!

Such impeccable quality. Shipped so professionally and packaged so well! Customer service was also great at responding at a timely manner. I really appreciate your work!

Alla Andriyuk

Really, really happy with this purchase!

It can be daunting choosing a custom product from an international supplier, but I can guarantee you that the communication was superb, the process was so easy, and the finished product (a large window seat pad with natural wool filling) is like nothing I’ve seen apart from some antiques. I honestly did not know this kind of hand-crafting still existed. Truly my highest praise.

Chas Gile

Beautiful Craftsmanship

I am constantly impressed with the details our Home of Wool pieces have. We ordered 4 mattresses for our kids’ bunks in our vintage Airstream as well as wool covered for each bed. We also ordered dinette cushions which rearrange to make our bed in the evening. We wanted mattresses for all of us that wouldn’t be full of chemicals. Living in such a tiny space, we wanted to be as eco-friendly as possible.
Home of Wool delivered on all our expectations. The attention to detail is absolutely beautiful. The mattresses are comfortable and look like they will hold up for many years to come.
Now we just need to replace our kids pillows soon!

Ashley Longnecker

Great product. Natural real wool.

Great product. Natural real wool. Recommended, do not hesitate to get some product from this company.

Lyuben Yanakiev


The mattress just arrived. We are thrilled with it! 100% satisfied! So cozy and smells great. Goodnight! zzzzzzzzz.

Julia Carpenter

Great products!!

The quality of the blanket I purchased is really amazing, I am so happy that I found this company. The customer service is also exceptional. I highly recommend Home of Wool to anyone reading this 🙂

Anna Flach

Perfect for the “Canaries in a Coal Mine”

Mattresses are awesome. Customer service: excellent. I’ve searched high and low for an affordable wool mattresses. Home of Wool was the only reasonably priced one out there. I was concerned with quality: but not anymore. I want others to understand the high caliber product they are buying. I have multiple chemical sensitivities, a sense of smell beyond many humans, and have been very disappointed with other products that are supposed to be for sufferers like me (losing lots of money in the process too). Upon receipt, they were packaged well, coming in their own woven poly bags, surrounded by shrink wrap, and a very nice personal touch with each mattress (I won’t say as to what as to not ruin the gesture). They did smell of wet sheep upon opening (I know as I have neighbors that own sheep) but do not fear: it’s because they were wrapped up in plastic for weeks and all they need is to air out. I received them in late fall so sunning them outside was not an option, but we do have patio doors that face full south. They sat in the full sun for two days (flipping after the first day) and the smell was almost non-existent. I slept good the first night. I love how they are hand tufted, zippered so you can access the filling if you need to, the materials are organic, and I could choose the outer material that works best for me. I do not wake up to nasal congestion anymore, I have sounder sleeps, and it just feels good to my body. Such a difference for this “canary in a coal mine”. My kids are like me and I bought them each one too. My son has not had a nose bleed yet: he would get one, give or take, every week.

Thank you so much Home of Wool for caring about all of us canaries.

Christina Brlecic

Fit perfectly and great quality!

Thank you so much for creating comfort in our home. You were awesome answering questions and fitting our needs. It is a perfect fit and beautifully done.


patricia.barlow's custom Home of wool bench cushion

The best experience I have ever had

This has been the best experience I have ever had with a vendor. From the beginning of our interaction until delivery, Rosica has provided amazing service and product. I had a vision for what I wanted and she was extremely helpful, professional, and accommodating every step of the way. I have received timely communication, advice, and updates and she was even able to arrange a custom fabric purchase and delivery without me having to lift a finger. The cushion arrived well packaged and so well made! My family will be able to enjoy this beautiful piece of art for many years to come! It was made with love and care and it shows! Thank you!

Home of Wool'c custom tufted bench cushion for Ekaterina


I ordered my ticking kit with the intention of making our own queen sized mattress and hopefully relieving some back pain with a custom made mattress. As soon as I opened my package I was instantly amazed! The packaging is beautiful and I am impressed with the ticking tick! I highly recommend ordering from Home of Wool for anyone else thinking to DIY. Their customer service is great and they strive to meet the needs of their customers with excellence. I have already passed along the positive experience with friends and family and I hope that they continue to build their business!

Melisa Hoffman

Perfekt kvalitét och smidig leverans

Har precis fått hem ett par kuddar. Bra emballerat, gedigen kvalitét och snabb leverans! Svårt att hitta liknande produkter i Sverige och dessutom till bra pris. Rekommenderas starkt!

Lars Lagerström

Wool Mattress

We recently ordered two twin extra long mattresses from Home of Wool. They arrived in separate packages about a week apart via USPS and were delivered to our door. The mattresses were extremely well packaged– they were placed in a zippered bag and wrapped several times with plastic so that even if the postal service had left them outside on the front porch, nothing would have happened to the mattresses inside. One of the mattresses even contained a lavender pouch and some thread and needle :)) A word of advice to those who have to take the mattresses up a flight of stairs (if your bedrooms are upstairs)–it might be better to carry the mattress upstairs wrapped (you’ll need two adults for this) than to try to log it up unwrapped. We made that mistake with the first mattress–the mattress is a bit on the heavy side and can become a bit unwieldy. We actually had to roll it and tie it up again to be able to haul it upstairs.
The mattresses themselves are very high quality; the craftsmanship is excellent. I like the fact that they’ve got zippers on the sides in case I decide to one day take the wool out, wash it and stuff it back inside the way my grandmother used to do back in the old country:)) They’ve also got handles on both sides, so they’re easy to maneuver and flip.
This is the second night we have been sleeping on the mattresses and both my husband and I can attest to the fact that we are waking up with no back or leg pains, which had become routine with our former spring mattresses. We also like the fact that, unlike most mattresses sold on the market, these can be flipped, and are made with natural materials. It is great comfort to know that we’re sleeping on something that’s chemical free.
I would also like to thank Edi who responded to my numerous emails tirelessly and promptly, sometimes even at 4 in the morning. Thanks Edi for great customer service and a great experience.
I have to admit that waiting for a package to arrive from overseas was at times a bit nerve-wracking, but the mattresses are worth every minute of that wait.

Home of Wool mattress review - testimonial photo from a client
Arpi Payaslian

Always perfect

Reliable, custom made, great quality. What more could anyone want. Great communication, as well as prompt shipping.I’m a repeat customer.

Martin Gross

My husband and I purchased

My husband and I purchased our mattress after I heard about Home of Wool on a podcast. We both woke up in pain after sleeping on our traditional mattress and I wanted a more eco-friendly and natural option. We’ve been sleeping on our wool mattress for several months now and we don’t wake up in pain anymore. I’m really glad that we found Home of Wool.

Kellie Young

Chair & Sofa seat cushions

I first came across Home of Wool in 2016. After many questions, I finally purchased seat cushions in February 2019. They are BEAUTIFULLY made and I am thrilled. Knowing that I have aquired a thoughtfully made product that is earth friendly, supremely comfortable and lovely is very satisfying.
They were a pleasure to communicate with(and they did a lot of it with my questions). Package was protected extremely well & not having additional costs upon arrival was also a nice change.
I am ordering more items shortly.
Thanks Team at Home of Wool!!!

Bettina Hayes

Pure Beauty and Care

Oh my what a lucky strike that I found your link. Such an inspiring homepage, full of beauty inside out, products that commune with the times we live in.
Supporting our true nature with beautiful crafted mattresses and other products; Adds “A good nights sleep” with a deeper meaning.
Thank you and you will hear from me again.

Dharma Korsgaard

Love their mattresses

I boughtA couch cushion and also a mattress for my queen size bed I love both the quality is unbelievable the shipping was unique and fast can’t say enough about how much I love them both. Will purchase again soon

shawn abtahi

Very please with my purchase!

I’m thrilled with my purchase from Home of Wool, I bought 2 pounds of wool stuffing and it was packaged beautifully, arrived very quickly and was excellent quality!
Thank you!

Tamsyn Martin

the only bed we like!

My partner and I are so happy that we found Home of Wool. We were shopping for a mattress and quickly realized that most options out there are totally unhealthy – either for humans, for the environment, or (usually) both. We couldn’t in good conscience buy something like that, so we continued to scour the internet for something that we could feel good about purchasing. One day, we stumbled upon Home of Wool. After spending some time on the website and reading about how the company started, we knew that there would be no other choice for us! Besides, Home of Wool makes shikibuton mattresses, which is perfect because we sleep in a loft and wanted a bed that is low profile and made for being on the floor. On top of all of this, Home of Wool provides excellent, personalized customer service. We could feel how important it was to the staff that we get what we are looking for and are happy with our purchase, which was so great. When the mattress arrived, we knew instantly how amazing it would be! It is firm but comfy, has no odor, and is beautifully made. We travel a lot and after sleeping on our new wool mattress at home for a few months, there was nothing else out there that could measure up. It feels so good to know that we are sleeping on a natural product made with care for the animals and the environment, and we are glad to support a company that works ethically and with such a good purpose. We will definitely be buying from Home of Wool again! In fact, we just adopted a dog and couldn’t bring ourselves to purchase any kind of pet bed that we saw in the stores. I just returned to the Home of Wool website, wondering if they make pet beds, and was delighted to see that they do! I highly recommend this company to anyone seeking a quality mattress or bedding. I have only the highest praise for what they do.

Monica Filippenko

Amazing company

We purchased a Shikibuton mattress. Shipping to the US it took some time but got here well packaged and with no harm at all. I will say the Shikibuton is exceptionally firm, more so then we were expecting. We were not 100% into it. It was almost uncomfortably firm. In retrospect and after messages with their amazing customer service deptartment we realized (and wished) we had purchased one of the thicker mattresses available which, would have most likely given us the more fluffy effect we were wanting. The owners went into full satisfaction mode and since a return on our part was not doable, we were offered a code to discount the price of a mattress topper that would be made with leftover fabric pieces. They assured me that even though it was leftover fabric, the topper would be the same quality as all their others. We received our mattress topper and I will say that it’s also impeccably made. I can not even notice the fact that it’s made with multiple pieces of leftover fabric. As for the comfort, that topper did the trick! Now our bed is firm yet cozy. All the reviews are right, there is no way to explain the way a wool mattress feels. But I have to say that the Shikibuton is extremely firm. Overall, we are definitely pleased with our end results.
My husband suffers from PSA and I being in my early 40’s, had been waking up sore for awhile. Both of us have a more restful sleep and wake up in much less pain then we were prior to sleeping on this mattress and topper. Customer service went above and beyond. Emails are answers timely and every single question I asked was answered honestly, intelligently and with out frustration. They had no problem answering question after question. The products I purchased are of the most quality crafted items I have ever owned. With out a doubt, I would not hesitate to order again.

Home of Wool mattress and topper testimonial
Holly B

Crib mattress

I purchased the crib mattress in 2016 and my child has always slept through the night ever since. I just purchased 2 more mattresses for my younger babies and am confident they will sleep better. It’s very comforting knowing that the people behind the scenes creating the products are using toxin free, chemical free and all natural materials. Their customer service is amazing. I’ve asked many questions and always received prompt, friendly, detailed responses. Their interaction with you is because they truly care. Additionally, they educate you on toxin free living. I have and will continue to refer them to anyone!

Amy Kurtenbach

Personable, warm, and customer-focused

I have had many questions while deciding which mattress is right for my particular needs. I received patient, kind, friendly, and prompt replies from Edi. I also think it is really special to have been sent such nice samples, which really helped me in my decision-making. Thanks for all your generosity.

Carrie St.

I can’t believe I can breath at night!

This is such a lovely company with such great products. I have a comforter and a mattress and I can’t tell you how impressed I am with such a thoughtful design. The ability to add more wool as it decompresses, the additions of ties if you want to double-up more comforters–all show that the people of home of wool are thoughtful designers who really care about their customers. As someone affected by allergies from man-made materials and chemicals it is so nice to have a company that makes it easy to breath at night and for more nights to come! If I can I will purchase more in the future. Thank you.
K Smith

Katie Smith

Beautiful craftsmanship

I bought a twin Wool-Filled Shikibuton this past Fall, in preparation for holiday guests. The craftsmanship is beautiful. Home of Wool even put ties at the end to make it easier to roll and store when not in use. When my guests arrived, we had the shikibuton and a borrowed air mattress. The guests wanted the shikibuton and stated it was so much more comfortable. I am so pleased with the professionalism and communication from Home of Wool and the product. I haven’t found anything as well made in the states.

Joyce Fazio


I’ve had this mattress for about 4 months now, and have gotten to sleep on it about 30 days in that time. It makes me happy to get in bed, and its construction is excellent.

Maija Morgenweck

Custom Wool Mattress Review by Pamela

“Hi Vesi!

We received the mattress and it is amazing!

Thank you very much!!!


Pamela E. Chapa” received on September 3, 2018, via mail.

home of wool pamela chapa wool mattress review

Bench Cushions Review by Carolyn

“So happy with our second order, cushions for our nook. They fit perfectly and are so comfy. Excellent quality and detail, and quick responses to initial questions. Packaged very well. Definitely recommend!” by Carolyn Hendricks on Sep 14, 2018

home of wool pamela chapa mattresshome of wool carolyn hendricks bench cushions review etsy

Custom Bench Cushion Review by Lisa

“Love, love, love the cushion home of wool made me. It was a custom order and it fits perfectly. The quality is excellent. I would order again from them in a minute!” by lisamcnabb on Sep 12, 2018


Custom Mudroom Bench Cushion for Jenna Rayesky

“Vesi, thank you so very much!!

I am including a photo from the mudroom. We are so pleased with this custom cushion!

It’s just gorgeous.


Jenna Rayesky

Designer + Creative Director

Jenna Rayesky Studios”  By Jenna on Sep 10, 2018, via mail.

Mudroom design:@blueprintstudio_interiors / Styling: @jennarayesky / Photo: @rmcginnphoto

home-of-wool-jenna-rayesky-bench-cushion review

Custom Made Swing Mattress for Margaret Long

Shared by Margaret Long on 29/08/18 via Instagram.

Custom Made Wool Mattress for Nicole Land

Shared by Nicole Land on 26/08/18 via Instagram.

soilandstem home of wool wool mattress review

Custom Children’s Mattress and Bolster Pillows

“We love our toddler mattress and bumpers. Looks fantastic in our Montessori house-bed ? thank you Home of Wool for such a high-quality product.” Monika N on Aug 14, 2018

monica n home of wool childrens mattress and bumbers review

Custom Bench Cushions Review by Anna Kalnisa

“Wow these cushions exceeded all my expectations! Great quality, very professionally done, great materials, shipped as promised. I am extremely happy and would recommend this shop to everyone!” Anna Kalnisa on Aug 4, 2018

anna kalnisa home of wool bench cushions review

Custom Made Daybed Mattresses Review

“Hello Friends
We adore our daybed mattresses and wool pillows.  They make our living room a comfortable and healthful haven.  Thank you home of wool!  Our family also sleeps on your wool mattresses and pillows in our bedrooms and what a difference.  They are perfect for Hawaii’s cool winters and warm summers.  Beautifully handcrafted.  Thanks again!
Dan, Kahli and Jack” received on July 31, 2018, via mail.

dan-kahli-jack-hawaii-home-of-wool-daybed-mattresses review

Custom Made Bean Bag Chairs Review by Molly

“Getting in our summer reading ? in the coziest spot in the house! ⠀

I’d been searching for some cute, nontoxic bean bag chairs for months but couldn’t seem to find any that didn’t have added flame retardants or chemical finishing agents- until now!⠀

These are from @homeofwool and the founder is a mother after my own heart. When her baby boy started having breathing trouble and grew allergic to some chemicals and mold, she decided to take things into her own hands and created a line of toxin-free home products made from all natural materials. They make everything from mattresses to custom couch cushions! They’re Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified and source everything themselves so they know where it comes from. Needless to say, when they reached out offering to make something for my home I jumped on the bean bag chairs! They’re such great quality and a hit with the kids. ⠀

I’ll be sharing more about them on the blog soon. They’re such an awesome company and I’ve been completely geeking out over all the steps they take to make the purest products around!” Molly on July 17, 2018, via Instagram.

home of wool molly bean bag chairs

Custom Bench Cushion Review by Nabila Khan

“Hi Vesi,
Got the cushion last week. It’s working out great. Perfect for the window seat.
Thank you!” Nabila Khan on 26 July 2018, via email.

nabila-khnah-home-of-wool- bench cushion review

Custom Made Wool-Filled Mattress for Kimberly Van Der Bek

“My epically gorgeous @homeofwool mattress (I am a HUGE FAN of Home of Wool! They make absolutely beautiful products, top quality and very reasonably priced!). Check my instastories for why I highly recommend wool mattresses (saving this onto “Clean Home” under my highlight stories)! Natural fire retardant, antimicrobial, antibacterial, dust mites can’t live on these, back support… the list goes on. (NOTE: for your q’s, wool regulates temperature beautifully! In the summer and winter).” by vanderkimberly  on 14 July, 2018, via Instagram.

kimberly van der bek home of wool mattress review

Custom Bench Cushion for Jen Anderson

“One of my favorite spaces in the house is finally complete after we got our custom cushion from @homeofwool! I’ve been looking for a cushion for so long and none were the right size so I was insanely happy when I found them and they made my vision come to life. We spend so much time in here I’m so glad we finally have a soft space to land when we come in. It’s fun to make a house a home ??.” by  littlewifepowerhouse on 23 July, 2018, via Instagram.

littlewifepowerhouse home of wool bench cushion

Custom Bench Cushion for Lisa Parisi

“This was a very large custom order and Home of Wool was able to do it as one piece where others always said they had to split it up because it was too big (116” x 27”). I absolutely love it! So very happy I located Rosica. The idea of ordering this from another country was a little unnerving at first, but the quality of the materials & design certainly exceeded what I had found locally. If you don’t mind waiting an extra 2-3 weeks, definitely go with Home of Wool.” Lisa Parisi on Jul 16, 2018

home of wool lisa parasi bench cushion review

Custom Made Cushions For Ikea Daybed

“These two! ☀
We bought custom made cushions from @homeofwool for our Ikea daybed and they are fantastic! Ever since I found their Etsy shop several years ago I’ve been intrigued and finally found a place for them in our lives–linen and wool at under half the price of a new couch. The quality of the materials and construction are unmatched–I can’t wait to figure out how to stage the new “couch”. ” by  beccabelle46  on 10 July, 2018, via our Instagram.

home of wool ikea daybed mattress beccabelle46-1

Stokke Sleepi Mattress Review

“Very satisfied about mattress. Super good quality for everything. I will definitely will order junior mattress for my baby later. This mattress worth every single penny.” ggollccap on Jun 22, 2018

ggolloccap home of wool stokke size mattress review

Shikibuton Review By Jaclyn Saffari

“I’m so glad that I found Home of Wool! We got our shikibuton a week ago and have slept on it every night. It is so high quality and I love that there are no chemicals. We switched to this after sleeping on a traditional western memory foam mattress. My back no longer aches when I sleep! I would repurchase a thousand times over. Thank you for making a high quality product!” Jaclyn Saffari on Jun 11, 2018

jaclyn saffari home of wool shikibuton review

Stokke Sleepi Mattress Review by Alexia

“Maybe the most valuable purchase from Etsy I ever done! Unique quality of fabrics, with detailed instructions for cleaning and keeping it for a lifetime. The mattress is cute, fluffy and fits perfect! Also I have to mention that comes with a bag for keeping it safe and clean with handle. The item came to my door! I am going to buy from you soon the bigger one!!! Thank you very much for everything!!!! Excellent seller. ♥???” dimitropouloualexia on Jun 5, 2018

Alexia Dimitropoulou Crib Mattress Review

Custom Bench Cushions Review By Afi

“It was so easy working with them. Even when I was going back and forth about the dimensions, they sent diagrams to me making certain everything was perfect. And it was, these cushions will last a very long time and they are comfortable and beautiful. One of my few purchases with NO buyers remorse. LOVE IT!” Afi Wilkins on 30 May, 2018, via Mail

Afi's-custom-home of wool bench-cushions review

“The Perfect Cushion” Bench Cushion Review

“Wonderful transaction. Vesi guided me through customization and ordering easily. She was very prompt and thorough. The cushion arrived within the estimated time. It is very well made with quality materials. I see it lasting a very long time. I would not hesitate to order from the Home of Wool!” on May 24, 2018

home of wool bench cushion review

Daybed Review by Ronda Shallow

“Thank You Rosica and Ivan,

Recently I received the custom day-bed mattress and absolutely love it.

Everything about it is Fine. Great work and product.

Highly recommend your product to anyone looking for the best product and price.

Such a joy!!!


Ronda” Ronda Shallow on 16 May 2018, via mail.

Home of Wool Daybed review by Ronda

Co-sleeping Cushion with Silk Cover for Veronica

“At least one of us is having a good afternoon nap and she particularly prefers the @homeofwool co-sleeping cushion covered in silk?” Veronica Popoiacu on 10 May 2018, via Instagram

bittersweetcolours and homeofwool collaboration - co-sleeping cushion

Wool-Filled Crib Mattress for Melyssa

“This is my second mattress purchase for my son. Fist his bassinet and now his crib. He sleeps every night 12 hours and has since he was 2 months old….but only on this mattress. We love this company and their product. Fast shipping. Well packaged. Quality!! 10 stars I can’t recommend this company enough!!” Melyssa Durren on May 9, 2018

melyssa-homeofwool-etsy-wool-filled-crib-mattress review

Wool Play Mat Review by Alexandra

“Thank you! Great purchase. Our babe loves it. Great for sleep (w/ her lounger) + play.” Alexandra on May 6, 2018

home of wool wool play mat alexandra

Custom Bench Cushions for Eleni

“Hi Vesi –

This is WAY overdue, but I want to share how much we love all the items we bought from you. From the duvet cover, to the custom cushions, to the pillows and pillow covers, every piece is excellent quality and exceeds my expectations in terms of comfort.

I’m attaching a couple of pics for you, taken when we first moved last fall. Thank you for such high-quality work and for your dedication to making chemical-free products.

Take care,


Eleni Livitsanos on May 6, 2018, via Mail

home of wool daybed cushion review

Custom Bench Cushion for Emily

“Outstanding experience, excellent communication.  The lovely woman I corresponded with, Vesi, was fantastic, and thorough.  We now have two beautiful, handmade, custom cushions of natural flax linen, filled with 100% pure, new sheep’s wool (you can smell that wonderful natural wool smell upon opening the package-which we love!)  Price was 1/3 of the US pricing I was quoted, and materials far, far superior.
Beyond thrilled with the quality and detail, the packaging & presentation, the extras- no detail overlooked!” Emily Gallant on May 2, 2018 via email.


Custom Bench Cushion for Katie

“We love the cushion! Even prettier in person. Easy to work with seller, fast and easy communication. Cushion is a perfect fit!” Katie Lynn on Apr 22, 2018

home of wool -katie-etsy-bench-cushion-review

Custom Chair Pad for Janie Vrevich

“Dear Rosica,

I want you to know how much I appreciate your company and your work. I’m thrilled with my order, which came today, and what a difference it is making already.

I presume Vesi has told you something about me and what I was looking for. I started looking at sheepskins to put on my chair but I contacted two companies and they were both rude and impatient with me. Then I found your company when I decided I’d try a wool topper for my chair. But of course I read on your site that they were meant to lay flat. Vesi has been so patient, understanding and helpful throughout the whole process, even when I changed my mind and we went in another direction.

So congratulations on all you’ve accomplished and I wish you continued success and happiness.

Sincerely yours, Janie Vrevich”  Janie on April 21, 2018, via mail


Custom Bench for David Denk

The cushion that I ordered was AMAZING!!!! Fit perfect, color exactly what I had expected!!! I would totally recommend this company to anyone looking for good quality and super service. They answered all questions that I had, very professional! Definitely a 5 STAR rating!!”- David Denk on April 16, 2018


Custom Bench Cushions for Yana

“My husband and I live in Florida, USA,on the beautiful Gulf of Mexico coast. We have recently purchased a house which has amazing bones and constructed with amazing design and integrity. But everything decorative in the house was outdated and in need of replacement. Our house has a very tall fireplace near which there is a custom-made bench seating area made from the real cedar wood. We felt that it is a special place for gathering with friends and having a glass of wine while having a nice conversation.

Since the bench was custom made, we needed custom-made cushions. This is where Home of Wool operated by Rosica and located in Bulgaria came to my attention through the search of numerous screening of various upholstery options available locally and online. Home of Wool captured my attention because the cushions were customized from the selection of natural fabrics and real wool feeling. What could be better than having a beautiful overstuffed cushions for us and our friends to spend our time at ?

We have proceeded sending to Home of Wool our measurements, which my husband was very good about double checking and calculating the allowances for the thickness of the cushions. When I sent the measurements to Home of Wool, I was amazed how responsive was Vesi, who works there. She screened through each out of six cushion measurements and carefully attended to everyone of them.Quite a customer service, I thought. Then I was informed of all costs and after we accepted the proposal we were informed about the tracking number through USPS. The cushions arrived exactly when they were scheduled to and custom cushions by Rosica were completed with incredible speed, quality and efficiency. Everything was perfect for us as a customer. We love the store and highly recommend it!” –  Yana S. on Apr 9, 2018, via Mail.

yana-custom-home of wool bench-cushions-review

Wool Mattress Protector and Mattress for Emmaleigh

“Perfection! Such luxurious thick material. I’m tempted to purchase the fabric just on it’s own so I can make a wool coat with it!”

“So, so wonderful!! I’m absolutely in love with my wool bed. The craftsmanship is top notch!! This mattress is unlike anything you can find in the states. I’m so happy to have discovered Home of Wool!!”  Emmaleigh on Apr 6, 2018

Wool Mattress / Custom for Laurel

“This was such an exciting time. I’ve been wanting a mattress from them for years! Finally got it, and so happy to have it. They custom made one to the measurements to my truck! Love it, and kept us warm in the desert cold night! They were so thoughtful and helpful with all my questions and problems! Love it so much!!” Laurel on Apr 1, 2018

laurel-etsy-home of wool-mattress review

L-shaped Tufted Cushion / Custom for Scott

“Purchased a beautiful custom bench cushion and it’s gorgeous!!” SBERRIE23 on Mar 28, 2018


Wool-Filled Meditation Cushions for luckigurl

“These pillows exceed my expectations. They are beautiful and so very well made. I’m truly impressed. Ivan was very helpful, especially with the customization of the linen covers. I can’t wait for my next meditation retreat! Thank you. ” By luckigurl on Mar 6, 2018


Futon mattress for Barbara G.

“The futon mattress is everything we hoped for & more. Luxuriously comfortable, & it looks so beautiful on our futon frame; we couldn’t be more pleased. Our grandson, age 6, loved it & spent a happy afternoon doing somersaults on it. We slept so well on the mattress last night! I’ll send you a picture of the couch & mattress in the upright position. It looks beautiful!  Can’t wait to see the pillows on it. Thank you so much for all your help and care. Your company is a class act from start to finish.” By Barbara G., February 12, 2018, via mail

home-of-wool-futon-mattress-flat custom for barbara

2 Tufted Cushions for L-shaped Kitchen Bench – custom for Melissa

“Thank you Home of Wool. I just received my highly anticipated custom ordered bench cushions and couldn’t be happier with the results. I did exhaustive research with online and local shops and HoW had the best price and turn-around time. Many other quotes were more than double the price!

HoW was very responsive and helped me pick the best fabric for the benches based on size and budget. The cushions fit perfectly. Thank you for completing my kitchen!” – By M. LaPietra on Feb 06, 2018

home of wool Kitchen-nook-cushions-for-M.-LaPietra-Amazon-US

4″ STOKKE Sleepi BED Size Wool Mattress for Josée D.

“Wonderful mattress, fits the stokke bed perfectly. We asked many questions and this product was a winner. Our daughter sleeps more soundly and is more relaxed in bed.” – Josée Dupont on Jan 30, 2018

Home of Wool STOKKE-Sleepi-BED-Wool-Mattress-for-Josée-D.

7″ Full Size Wool Mattress with 49% Linen / 51% Cotton blend Cover for LT Couture

“I don’t want to repeat kind words from other folks who are enjoying Home of Wool products already. I am one of them and very happy about the fact that in the other part of the world team of great professionals can deliver such a beautiful, 100% natural product within 3-4 weeks. I think it’s amazing! This is the best it can possibly get. Fabric, quality, details of the items are wrapped with the outstanding, knowledgeable, professional customers service and ship to you with care. I am looking forward to order more goods from Home of Wool! Thank you Home of Wool team!” – LT Couture on Jan 30, 2018

Home of Wool wool-mattress-for-LT-Couture

Wool-Filled Bean Bag Chair – Custom for Natalya

“Hello dear Vesi and Rosica! We received everything we ordered today, thank you so much for the unique and high quality things… Best wished for you and your business. ” – Natalya and Serge on on Jan 18, 2018 via mail

Home of Wool Wool-Filled-Bean-Bag-Chair-Custom-for-Natalya-site-

Baby Crib Wool Mattress for Batia G.

“All the way from Bulgaria, a truly #organic, #natural and #healthy crib mattress for my baby! Thank you @homeofwool , the quality and the details are astonishing!” – Batia Gabrielle on Jan 22, 2018

Home of Wool Baby-crib-wool-mattress-for-Batia-Gabrielle-Instagram

Tufted Bay Window Cushion Non-Standard Shape and Custom Gray Fabric for Myron

“You couldn’t ask for more from Rosica. She has great communication, and I am very happy with my cushions from her. They are very good quality.” – myron3 on Jan 6, 2018

home of wool gray-bay-window-tufted-cushion-for-Myron

Tufted Bench Cushion with Non-Piped Edges – Custom for Mendy

“Thick, heavy material, quality work. Thank you” – Mendy on Dec 28, 2017

home of wool tufted-bench-cushion-non-piped-for-bachrk1-Etsy

Wool-filled Dog Bed – Cotton/ Linen Cover – for Danielle

Luna, my rescue pup, in her new Christmas bed by @homeofwool it is beautifully made of cotton, linen and 100% wool mattress. And they shipped #zarowaste! She is in love ?” – Danielle from zerowastelove on Dec 28, 2017

home of wool cotton-linen-dog-bed-for-Daniella-from-zerowastelove

Wool-Filled Pet Bed With Boards and Linen Fabric for Lu Anne

“Beau’s bed made it yesterday!  He loves it so much!

The quality of the bed was “so” worth the wait. I shared the photo and a friend who works with Corgis asked for your website!

Thank you so much for A+ service. “- Lu Anne sent via mail on 16th of Dec, 2017

Wool-Filled Baby Crib Mattress and Protector for Jess

“Absolutely beautiful, high quality product (and packaging)!!! The crib mattress is perfect! It’s soft yet firm and supportive. It simultaneously feels cuddly to my baby and firm enough to give me peace of mind regarding SIDS. I wish I had found this a year ago before a waisted my money on a crib mattress from a more main-stream, “natural” brand (here in The States) – it was firm like they recommend for safety, but my daughter hated it and slept horribly on it. She LOVES her Home of Wool crib mattress.” – jessi0201 on Dec 4, 2017

home of wool baby-crib-mattress-and-wool-protector-for-jessi0201

Wool-Filled Queen Mattress with Cotton Cover for Taryn

“After a lot of indecisiveness and weighting the risk of buying a queen size mattress from across the world that we couldn’t try out first, we took the plunge and finally received this 100% wool mattress (outer layer is oeko tex certified unbleached cotton) in the mail today all the way from Bulgaria from @homeofwool . We haven’t given it a full nights rest and Rainy thinks it’s a giant dog bed – our (husband, dog, and myself) initial reaction is that it is pure luxury (and we had a luxury mattress as defined by western standard) and this was so worth the wait. We almost fell asleep when we rolled it out of the packaging…it smells so good, like put your face in it and take a deep whiff, good ? It smells so natural(no off-gassing) and I can’t believe every bed isn’t made of wool. I’ll report back in a month and give you an update on if we sleep better, if husband has reduced pain and if I have reduced skin allergies(all reasons we sourced a wool mattress). Now we’re just patiently waiting for an appropriate time to go to bed…?”- Taryn Trzcinski on Dec 1, 2017 v

home of wool - tufted-wool-filled-queen-mattess-for-sanctuary

Wool-Filled Mattresses, Pillows, Mulberry Silk Sheets and Pillowcases for Kimberly Hinrichs

“Wow my bed is amazing! I received it very well packaged and secure. Homeofwool answered all my questions and helped me pick the best size for my adjustable bed. I needed to match my husbands side as it is a split king. It is made so well and really beautiful. I got the wool cover on the bed (2) pieces and the silk sheet to cover. I couldn’t be more happy. I have spent a full week now and don’t suffer with the terrible night sweats. Just rotated it was a bit heavy but with help it was fine. I’m glad I spent the money on a bed I know I will be enjoying for many many years. No dust mites either!! Love wool. Thank you Home of Wool!!”
“I love my pillow and cases. The pillow arrived well packaged and safe. The pillow was a bit stuffed to much for me, so I unzipped it and removed some of the wool. I love how you can customize it that way! Very comfortable and no more hot head at night. Will order more as Homeofwool is the best.”
 “I love my silk cases. The healing properties of this natural product are wonderful. Along with my wool pillow I sleep like a baby. Thanks again Home of Wool for the great products you make.” – Kimberly Hinrichs on Nov 16, 2017
Home of Wool Mulberry Silk Sheets Pillowcases for Kimberly Hinrichs

Wool-Filled Crib Mattress for Sophia Scagliotti

“He’s so EXCITED to sleep in his new bed. I was on the hunt for a CLEAN mattress for this kid with none of the nasties like synthetic material and flame retardants (crunchy mama right here ?? ). Well the wait was long but it’s here! @homeofwool makes one hell of a product! ?? – sophiascagliotti on Feb 23, 2017

Home of Wool Baby-Crib-Mattress-Sophia-Scagliotti-

Tufted Wool-Filled Floor Cushion – Custom for Iveta M.

“I used the cushion as a seat for an entry hall furniture made of barnboard. It is beautiful, very well made and feels good. The seller’s packaging, notes, string and an envelope with needle for fixing the cushion shows great attention to detail and love of their product. Highly recommended!” – ivetamay on Nov 11, 2017

Home of Wool tufted-floor-chair-cushion-custom-for-iveta-may

Heavy Wool Blanket , Wool Protector, Wool-Filled Topper and Mattress for Sheryl

”Beautiful mattress! I loved how carefully the mattress was packaged, Even my husband got excited opening up the package and seeing the mattress, topper, and mattress protector. All of the items were expertly made and showed very fine workmanship. We also loved the sweet notes. Thank you!” – Sheryl Call on Nov 2, 2017


Wool Bassinet Mattress – Custom for Alegra

”Excellent communication and final product. I did a custom order and it fits perfectly in our family heirloom bassinet. The quality is exactly what I was looking for and no harsh chemicals for baby. Very happy with purchase!” Alegra Howard on Oct 30, 2017

Home of Wool Bassinet-Mattress-Custom-for-Alegra-Howard

Multiple Wool-Filled Items for Mona

“We purchased several products from HoW: K size mattress, K size topper, wool pillow, K size Duvet insert and 2 pet beds.  Every item has exceeded our expectation with regard to comfort, craftsmanship and beauty.  I am so happy to have finally found the perfect mattress.  This store is a treasure.  We’ll be back for more!” – Mona Bazzi posted on 25.10.2017

Home of Wool Natural-Pet-Bed-Mona-Bazzi

Tufted Wool-Filled Chair Cushion – Custom for Angie

“I love my custom made cushions. Home of wool made it so easy to order and they got here really fast. I am very pleased. Great quality.” –Angie Spence on Oct 17, 2017

Home of Wool tufted-wool-filled-chair-cushion-for-Angie-Spence

Bassinet Mattress and Wool Protector – Custom for Emily Z.

“Our custom sized bassinet mattress and piddle pad are absolutely beautiful! The fit is perfect, and quality and craftsmanship are superb. Ivan answered all questions promptly and helped me select the perfect options for our needs. Shipping was quick, considering that there is an ocean (and several states) between Home of Wool and our house. I am hoping to order again when it’s time to replace mattresses for the larger members of our family ? Thanks so much for a natural, sustainable, non-toxic, earth-friendly product!” –Emily Zelch on Oct 4, 2017

home of wool BASSINET-MATTRESS-and-Wool-Protector-Custom-for-Emily-Z

Mulberry Silk Queen Size Duvet & Cover for Christina H.

“We purchased a silk, queen size duvet & cover. Our firsts. They arrived put together & beautiful. We’ve been using them for a week or two now and love it. We love the fabric which has gotten softer, the adorable tiny tag at the bottom to help me remember which way to lay it, and the pretty ties up 1 side which we haven’t had a single problem with. We haven’t had any problem with the duvet and cover getting all mashed up as duvets are known for. Love the fabric. Love weight of the duvet. Love it’s perfect size. Love how it looks. Love the character in the fabric. Thank you, HomeOfWool!!” – Christina Horne on Oct 4, 2017

Home of Wool -silk-queen-size-duvet-cover-Christina-Horne

Wool Filled Crib Mattress & Wool Puddle Pad – Custom for Rachel

“Gorgeous baby crib mattress!!! Exactly to my mini crib measurements and no detail was forgotten. Absolutely perfect and very pleased with purchase! Highly recommend if your looking for a non toxic, all natural sleeping pad for yourself or loved one.” – Rachel Sellards on Sept 26, 2017

Home of Wool - Wool-Filled-Crib-Mattress-and-Wool-Protector-for-Rachel-Sellards

Wool-Filled Zafu – Meditation Cushion – for Dan E.

“Sitting on a alpaca felt matt, this is my calm place. Great cushion. Really beautifully made.” – Dan Eickmeier on Sept 20, 2017

Home of Wool - Linen-Zafu-for-Dan

Wool-Filled Pillow Insert for Pam

Sent via registered mail by Pamela Larsen – 11 of Sept 2017


Handmade Moses Basket Mattress with Lambswool Cover – Custom for Joanna

“The product, the speed it arrived, the way it was carefully packed, communication, all excellent…I thought I’d send you a photo now I’ve finished re lining the very old crib, as the mattress fits perfectly, and it really suits the crib. I’m so pleased I bought this handmade one from you and not some modern foam rubbish! Thank you Regards Jo” – Jonna on Sept 24, 2017

Home of Wool Handmade-Moses-Basket-Mattress-Custom-for-Joanna

2 pcs. Tufted Cushions with 62% Linen / 38% Cotton Belnd Cover – Custom for Jackie

“They look PERFECT!! Thanks so much for everything!” – Jackie on Sept 16, 2017

home of wool tufted-bench-seat-cushions-for-jackie-62-Linen_38-Cotton-blend

Wool-Filled Tufted Bench Cushion with 62% Linen / 38% Cotton Blend Cover – Custom for Georgia

“The cushion arrived carefully packaged, and is even more beautiful than in the photos. I also appreciate the instructions for re-tufting along with the needle and extra thread! I have the cushion on the bench at the bottom of my bed, such a lovely addition to our bedroom!…Thanks again, Rosita and Ivan for making this lovely bench cushion! It fits perfectly and my cat Fuzzrs has already started to enjoy it!” – Georgia on Sept 16, 2017

Home of Wool Tufted-bench-cushion-62-Linen_38Cotton-blend-custom-for-Georgia-

Wool-Filled Mattress with Wool Cover for Kristina Kephart

“Woolen mattress! We needed a new mattress as our latex and spring ikea nightmare needed a time out to think about what a hazard it is. So we got a wool mattress with a wool cover from @homeofwool and are super excited to go to sleep on a chemical-free cloud of  sheepy goodness” – harvesthart on Sept 17, 2017 via Instagram

Home of Wool wool-filled-mattress-with-wool-cover-for-Harvesthart-Kristina-Kephart

Wool-Filled Tufted Bench Cushion with 100% Linen Cover – Custom for Ashley Neronski

“Love it! Thank you!” – Ashley Neronski on Sept 11, 2017

Home of Wool Tufted-Bench-Cushion-Custom-for-Ashley-Neronski

Wool Mattress Protectors Queen & Twin Size for Kristin

“Wonderful thick mattress protector for our queen bed. Fits perfectly.”

“Wonderful mattress protector for my 4 year old’s twin wool futon mattress. Thicker than expected, I have no doubt that this will fully protect against accidents! A bit rough but softened a bit after a lano bath, and can’t feel it through the sheet. Fit his bed wonderfully, and the straps will keep it secure. Would highly recommend.”

– Kristin on Sept 11, 2017

home of wool wool-protector-for-Kristin

Tufted Wool-Filled Lounge Bed with 100% Linen Cover – Custom for Sheryl

“Thank you so much for the beautiful cushions. I absolutely love them! I appreciate your fine workmanship. The cushions are so comfortable as well as beautiful! I feel so fortunate that I can enjoy the first class products that your company makes. Sincerely, Sheryl” – Sheryl on Aug 27, 2017

home of wool lounge-bed-100-linen-cover-custom-Sheryl

Wool-Filled Tufted Daybed with 100% Linen Cover – Custom for Faith H.

“We really love the custom cushion you recently did for us!” – Faith Haney on Aug 24, 2017

home of wool tufted-daybed-from-dyed-cotton-in-gray-custom-for-Faith-Haney

100% Linen Zip-Off Cover and Wool-filled Pillows with Linen Covering – Custom for Tracy M.

“I could not have been happier with these items! Not only did the items arrive perfectly packaged, but these custom made items were a PERFECT fit and of the highest quality! I purchased the cover and pillows to “convert” a twin bed in our office to a couch when not in use and this certainly will not be my last purchase! Beyond exceeded my expectations :)!” – Tracy Mueller on Aug 21, 2017

Tufted Window Seat Cushions – Custom for Michael

“Love them. Well made. High quality. Great communication. Thank you!” – Michael Clarke on Aug 15, 2017

home of wool - window-seat-cushion-for-michael-clarke-

Tufted Breakfast Nook Cushions – Custom for Hannah

“They’re here! They’re here! ? ?Thank you @homeofwool they are perfect! #breakfastnook #custom#cushions #qulitywork ” – hdh_ome on 25th of July 2017 via Instagram


home of wool tufted-bench-cushions-for-hannah

Tufted Window Seat Cushion – Custom for Lindsay

“A room with a view (and finally a window seat so we can enjoy it) ???#homefowool #soimpressed thanks you so much @homeofwool …It’s beautiful, I’m very impressed with the quality and it’s super comfy!”  – lindsayjbolton on 19th of July 2017 via Instagram

Home of Wool - Tufted Window Seat Cushion – Custom for Lindsay

Tufted Wool-Filled Bench Cushion – 100% Linen – Custom for Andy R.

”What a great experience. I cannot say enough about Home of Wool and their site and craftsmanship and personal appeal and attention they pay to their product and work. The materials are high quality, they are experts at their craft and there is no nonsense to the process of purchasing.  If only everyone in the world were as gifted as these people” – Andy R.  posted on 28th of June 2017

Home of Wool - Andy-R.-Tufted-Wool-Filled-Bench-Cushion

Non-Tufted Bench Cushion for FortyDaysOfCalm

“sunny summer corner …it’s so comfy! from @homeofwool ??”  – fortydaysofcalm on 28th of June 2017

home of wool -non-tufted-bench-cushion-for-fortydaysofcalm

Wool-Filled Pet Bed, Pillows and Daybed Cushion – Custom for Keti

„My dog loves his bed and I’m super happy knowing he is resting on a bed with no chemicals in it! Super well made!

Super comfortable pillows, the best I have owned so far. I sleep like a baby on the, much better than any regular, cotton or feather down pillows.

Absolutely love my custom daybed cushion. We asked for a specific measurements for our custom made daybed and everything worked out perfect. The quality is great, very well crafted! My husband and I can’t stop saying how much we love it! Can’t be happier with the purchase! I will be a customer for life!“ – gvritishviliketi on Jun 19, 2017

home of wool daybed-pedbed-pillows-custom-for-keti-2

Tufted Window Seat Cushions with Customer Fabric for Lynn

“Sorry for the delay in letting you know that I received my cushions……..I LOVE THEM!!!  Thank you so much!” – Lynn Long on 5th of June, 2017

Home of Wool Tufted-Custom-Widnow-Seat-Cushions-for-Lynn

Daybed Cushion from Gray Striped Linen for Brandee

“Love my new mattress! Its beautiful well made perfect size just as requested. Thank you so much. Happy customer in Texas!”- brandee tate on May 31, 2017

Home of Wool - daybed-cushion-by-brandee-Copy

Wool Stuffing & Crib Wool-Filled Mattress for Stephanie (Punkinbean Workshop)

“Punkinbean are stuffed with GOTS certified wool. This wool is form @homeofwool. Check them out! We’ve got my son’s crib mattress from them, and it’s fantastic! We love that they use the best materials, so they were our first choice for our new line of toys!” – punkinbean.workshop on 30 of May 2017 via Instagram


Wool-Filled Tufted Daybed Cushion – Custom for Jan

home-of-wool-wool-filled-tufted-daybed-cushion for Bradley

Wool-Filled Tufted Coffee Table Cushion for Bradley

“…Completed the look with  a Home of Wool cushion that is perfect. We’re in love with the entire piece…” – oldvictoryoriginals on 29 of April 2017 via Instagram

Home of Wool Wool-Filled-Tufted-Coffe-Table-Cushion for Bradley

Wool Bassinet Mattress for Aysha

“…We also had the mattress made by Home of Wool because we wanted something all natural and free of chemicals. Score!” – aysharibordy on 23 of April 2017 via Instagram

Home of Wool Bassinet Mattress for Aishari

Wool-Filled Tufted Reading Nook Cushion for Kelly

“Who wants to curl up with a book in this cozy nook?…” –  kellydillonbedard on 14 of Feb 2017

Home of Wool Wool-Filled Window Seat cushion custom for Kelly

Wool-Filled Tufted Bench Cushion for Analicia

“Absolutely love my cushion. It only took about 3 weeks from order to receive it. It was everything I asked for and more!” – Analicia robinson on Sep 13, 2016

Home of Wool - Wool-Filled-Tufted-Bench-Cushion-for-Analicia-Copy-e1510229968748

Flat Wool-Filled Bench Cushion for Susan

“Absolutely lovely! Perfect fit, beautifully made, and quickly shipped! Couldn’t be happier! Thank You!” – Lefay on Sep 4, 2016

Home of Wool -Flat-Wool-Filled-Bench-Cushion-custom-for-Susan

Wool-Filled Tufted Window Seat Cushion with Inner Lining

“Cannot put into words how much we love our cushion! Shipping (international) takes quite awhile so prepare for that but so worth it. It’s stunning!! THANK YOU!!!” – larae5776 on Aug 16, 2016

Home of Wool - Wool-Filled-Tufted-Window-Seat-Cushion-with-Inner-Cover-for-Lara

Wool-Filled Topper – King Size – Linen/Cotton Blend

“Amazing. So comfortable. Beautiful work. I’ve been using it for a while and it hasn’t gotten lumpy or shifted. I got the linen-cotton blend. Very durable, and like canvas, but softer.” – Aquarijen on Aug 17, 2016

Home of Wool - Wool-Filled Topper – King Size – Linen-Cotton Blend-for-Aquarijen

Wool Filled Baby Co-Sleeping Set / All Wool Bed Sharing Cushion – Custom Size

“Great product my son loves it! I got a custom size to give him plenty of room to grow. Thank ya’ll so much for such a functional and organic product. The USA does not have a wide selection of co-sleepers and he had outgrown his first one. I highly recommend ordering from them!” – txldy79 on Jul 26, 2016

Home of Wool - Wool-Filled-Baby-Co-Sleeping-Set-_-All-Wool-Bed-Sharing-Cushion-640x324

Wool-Filled Tufted Bench Cushion for Luke

“They look and feel amazing! Great communication and so helpful. Thanks so much :)” – Luke van den Hoekon Jun 20, 2016

Home of Wool - Wool-Filled-Tufted-Bench-Cushion-for-Luke-

Wool-Filled Full Size Mattress for Deirdre

“I’ve slept on this mattress for a couple of weeks now, and I LOVE it. I was nervous about buying something so expensive without having seen it person but it’s one of the best purchases I’ve ever made!” – Deirdre Fisher on Apr 11, 2016

Home of wool - Wool-Filled-Full-Size-Mattress-for-Deirdre

Wool-Filled Twin Mattress for Lindsey

“I live in the states and I cannot say enough about the customer service and talent of Ivan and Rosica! My twin wool mattress with flax linen cover is perfectly, fully stuffed and as pictured. THIS IS A BEAUTIFULLY CRAFTED QUALITY PRODUCT. I will be using this mattress on a custom made, outdoor swing bed and I can’t wait to post a picture of the final look. Even my husband is impressed with this item (and he could care less). He thinks it’s “pretty awesome” and says I’ll have to fight him to use it. Don’t shy away because of the out of country shipping, it was fast and seamless for us! Cheers Home of Wool! (I also loved your branding!)” – Lindsey Hawkins on May 11, 2016

Home of Wool -Wool-Filled-Daybed-Cushion-for-Lindsey

Wool-Filled Tufted Bench Cushion Custom for Aletha

“Really with my first purchase from Etsy. My other option was covering a foam seat but am really glad I went with this lovely wool stuffed cusion. Much more rustic, authentic and I imagine longer wearing. Thanks homeofwool xx” – alethakellond on Mar 30, 2016

Home of Wool - Custom-Wool-Filled-Tufted-Bench-Cushion-for-Aletha

Pure Wool-Filled Mattress Queen Size for Beatriz

“Because of the holiday season, distance, and postal system of where I live (Colombia), I waited about 6 weeks for my nest of wool to arrive. Although I would not recommend to anyone sleeping on the bare wood floor for that long, I absolutely recommend Rosica’s wonderful products as well as her customer service. She was sweet, helpful, and patient with all of my many concerns. I’m really so relieved and have no regrets! Not even with so much time rolled up is my mattress squished or damaged! It’s lovely and something I will cherish for many, many years. Thank you, Rosica! Looking forward to making another purchase in the future :)” – Beatriz on Jan 16, 2016

Home of Wool - Pure-Wool-Filled-Mattress-custom-for-Beatriz

Wool-Filled Crib Mattress with 100% Linen Cover for Samia

Home of Wool -Wool-Filled-Crib-Mattress-with-100-Linen-Covier-Custom-for-Samia

Wool-Filled Tufted Bench Cushion for McKinney

“So beautiful and amazing quality!! Everything I wanted. So pleased!” –McKinneyMama81 on Sep 3, 2015

Home of Wool - Wool-Filled-Tufted-Bench-Cushion-Custom-for-McKinney

Wool-Filled Tufted Bench Cushion with Linen and Cotton Blend Cover for Kate

“Fits perfectly & excellent craftsmanship! Thank you” – Kate Hariton on Jul 26, 2015

Home of Wool wool-filled-Tufted-Bench-Cushion-custom-for-KAte

Custom Wool-filled Mattress for bibiantj

“The smell is wonderfully cozy. Invites you to sleep at anytime you walk by… The feeling that accommodates to your body prepares you for a wonderful repair sleep. I highly recommend the mattress!! My son is asking when can we get the pillows, although they feel unnecessary to me! The one on one customer service from Rosica is the cherry on top! She answer every single one of my many questions, with kindness, promptness and to the best of her knowledge. It’s been a delightful experience that I get to enjoy every night!” – bibiantj on Aug 11, 2015

Home of Wool Pure-Wool-Filled-Mattress-custom-for bibiantj

Wool-Filled Tufted Window Seat Cushion with Linen and Cotton Fabric for Seth

“We absolutely love the cushion. It’s perfect for our new window seat. We were also amazed at how quickly it shipped here to Boston. Thanks so much Rosica!” – sethmennillo on Jun 21, 2015

Home of Wool Wool-Filled-Tufted-Window-Seat-Cushion-for-Seth

Wool-Filled Tufted Kitchen Bench Cushion for Michael

–Michael Hebb on Apr 29, 2015

Home of Wool Tufted-Kitchen-Bench-Cushion-for-Michael

Crib Wool-Filled Mattress for Andi

“A+ Great people to work with, very friendly and prompt with their communication! Products are more beautiful than I could have imagined! Had a custom order and shipping was even faster than expected! Will do business with again!” – andilynnlambert on Oct 18, 2016

Home of Wool Crib-Wool-Filled-Mattress-for-Andi

Wool-Filled Pillows for Analicia

“Love the pillows they match the seat cushion and look great!” – Analicia Robinson on Oct 25, 2016

Home of Wool - wool-filled-Pillows-for-Analicia

Wool-filled Bassinet Mattress and Protector for Cassia

” I got it custom size so that it would fit in a Burt’s Bees cover and on my dresser. It’s perfect! I love it and it REALLY makes me want to save up for a mattress for my bed from them. I haven’t had a baby pee on the piddle pad cover yet so I can’t say how well it works but it looks/feels like it will be great. I ordered for the changing station but I think I might just use it everywhere! ” – Cassia Lopez on Dec 5, 2016 

Home of Wool Wool-Filled-Bassinet-Protector-and-Protector-for-Cassia

Tufted Wool-Filled Daybed Cushion for Emma

“The cushion for our pallet sofa arrived today, it looks just like I had imagined and Rosica has been so helpful in finding a fabric with the right colors and pattern we wanted as well as putting up with our changes in size etc before placing the order. Very happy with the entire experience! Thanks a lot!” –  emmalsjoblom on Jan 18, 2017 via Etsy

Home of Wool Tufted Wool-Filled Daybed Cushion for Emma

Tufted Wool-Filled Cushion for Pixie Hootenanny

“Fits the space like a glove. Very well made and, it’s just lovely!” – Pixie Hootenanny on Jan 18, 2017 via Etsy

Home of Wool Tufted Wool-Filled Cushion for Pixie Hootenanny

3″ Tufted Wool-Filled Bench Cushion – Custom Size for Jessica

“Love the cushions! Amazing fabric and quality and was very securely protected when shipped. Thx” – Jessica Liefl on May 12, 2017 via Etsy

Home of Wool 3″ Tufted Wool-Filled Bench Cushion – Custom Size for Jessica

Pure Wool-Filled Mattress for Eloisa G.

“It is here since 2 weeks ago! Together with a beautiful soft wool blanket that I use every night. The mattress came smelling like summer field, my husband says, very fresh smell from it! Earthy like pasture and sheep ? It’s a firm mattress, exactly what I was looking for. I’m very happy with it and hopefully we can order the super king in the following months” – Eloisa G on Feb 4, 2017 via Etsy

Home of Wool Pure Wool-Filled Mattress for Eloisa G.

Custom Tufted Cushion Top for a Coffee Table for Dobbst

“I needed a custom cushion top for a coffee table that I’m making. I have these guys the measurements that I needed and they got to work on it! The fabric is very good quality and overall I am very happy with how it turned out. It was exactly what I needed. ” –  dobbst on Feb 13, 2017 via Etsy

Home of Wool Custom Tufted Cushion Top for a Coffee Table for Dobbst

Tufted Wool-Filled Window Seat Cushion for Elizabeth Alba

“The beauty and quality of our bench cushion is remarkable. It even smells authentic and the real wool interior is amazing. Couldn’t have asked for a better finished product! ”  – Elizabeth Alba on Mar 19, 2017, via Etsy

Home of Wool Tufted Wool-Filled Window Seat Cushion for Elizabeth Alba

Trapezoid Tufted Wool-Filled Window Seat Cushion – Custom for Jeanmarie

“We absolutely LOVE our window cushion! It fits perfectly. The material is durable and it came packaged very nicely! This is a custom made piece we will treasure for so many years! Thank you for your beautiful work! ” – Jeanmarie on May 15, 2017, via Etsy.

home of wool trapezoid-tufted-cushion-for-Jeanmarie

Wool-Filled Baby Co-Sleeping Set / All Wool Bed Sharing Cushion for Alena

Home of Wool Wool-Filled Baby Co-Sleeping Set - All Wool Bed Sharing Cushion for Alena

Tufted Wool-Filled Bench Cushion – Custom for Debbie Larsen

Home of Wool Tufted Wool-Filled Bench Cushion – Custom for Debbie Larsen

Wool-Filled Tufted Window Seat Cushion for Sarah

“I’m so pleased with my window seat cushion. It’s beautiful. Ivan and Rosica worked really hard to make exactly what I wanted. It was also delivered quickly. My children managed to get pasta sauce on it the first day we had it and didn’t tell me, but it sponged off easily the next day. So, easy to clean too! Can’t thank you enough!” – Warren on Apr 7, 2016, via Etsy.

Home of Wool Wool-Filled Tufted Window Seat Cushion for Sarah

Tufted Wool-Filled Bench Cushion – Custom for Rachel

Home of Wool Tufted Wool-Filled Bench Cushion – Custom for Rachel

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