Wool Duvet Insert


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Enjoy the benefits of a deeper, more restful sleep with this all-natural duvet. This safe, non-toxic option for your bed features unparalleled comfort that creates a relaxing sensation of sinking in. Wool regulates your body temperature like no other material and has unparalleled breathable qualities, keeping you dry and comfortable throughout the night in any season.

Standard make time: 2-3 weeks
Shipping time: 3 days or 2-5 weeks

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  • Machine quilted so the batting inside stays securely in place.
  • Optional ties to tie to your duvet cover - send us a message to request them free of charge
  • Wool regulates your body temperature unlike any other material, so you won’t feel too hot or too cold, allowing you to sleep longer and better
  • Keeps you cool in the summer & warm in the winter
  • Regulates body moisture, especially beneficial to people who sweat during the night
  • Naturally flame-resistant, making it the only material not required, by law, to be treated with flame retardants. Increased fire safety in your home.
  • Naturally dust mite resistant
  • Naturally anti-microbial and anti-bacterial
  • Helps you avoid chemicals that may be harmful even if ‘declared as safe’
  • Reduces exposure to VOCs in your home – wool has no off-gassing and zero VOCs
  • Suitable for people with MCS and other chemical sensitivities
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Diminishes body odor
  • Biodegradable, sustainable, renewable material


Send us a message to request size, shape, thickness, design, edges, piping, rounded corners, ties, seams, tufting, zippers, colors, materials, fabric or even use your own fabric.
We’ll respond with a quote within 24 hours.
Include any inspiration photos and a description of what you need, plus dimensions.
There is no customization charge, price is based only on size and materials.

All of our products are made of only All-natural, Sustainable, Renewable, Biodegradable, Recyclable materials, in a Chemical & Scent Free Facility, and are FREE of Flame retardants, Dyes, Synthetics, Plastics, Vinyl, Finishes, Carbonized wool, VOCs, etc. Also, our Wool, most of our Fabrics and even our zippers, are Oeko-Tex certified in the strictest category, for an added peace of mind. Oeko-Tex is one of the world’s oldest safety standards, similar to GOTS and more popular in Europe. It guarantees the certified materials are free of all harmful chemicals.


100% Natural Untreated Wool Batting, Oeko-tex Certified 



  • Twin – 162 x 218 cm (64 x 86″)
  • Full – 203 x 203 cm (80 x 80″)
  • Full – 203 x 218 cm (80 x 86″)
  • Queen – 218 x 218 cm (86 x 86″)
  • King – 259 x 218 cm (102 x 86″)
  • Super King – 270 x 240 cm (106 x 95″)
  • UK Double – 200 x 200 cm (78 x 78″)
  • 228.5 x 228.5 cm (90 х 90″)
  • Custom size – send us a message


100% Unbleached Cotton

Weight: 100 g/m2 (3.5 oz/yd2)






Weight: 200 g/m2 (7.05 oz/yd2)






Quickly wicks away moisture

Dirt repellent

Weight: 440 g/m2 (12.7 oz/yd2)

Oeko-Tex logo






Quickly wicks away moisture

Highly mildew resistant

Dust mite resistant

Regulates body temperature

Naturally flame-resistant


Fabric comparison 100% Cotton, 50% Linen 50% Cotton, 100% Wool



250 grams of wool batting per square meter (0.55 lbs per square yard)

Recommended room temperature: 70-75 F (21-24 C)


500 grams of wool batting per square meter (1.1 lbs per square yard)

Recommended room temperature: 64-73 F (18-23 C)


750 grams of wool batting per square meter (1.65 lbs per square yard)

Recommended room temperature: 59-68 F (15-20 C)

Home of Wool wool fill weight in duvet inserts


We make products that are built to last from high-quality materials. Though to enjoy using them for as long as possible, there are a few best practices that should be followed - find them here.


*These are handmade items. Please, allow some deviation in dimensions. Any deviation in dimensions less than 5% is considered acceptable.
*All fabrics are free of chemical finishes and finishing, so they are NOT stain resistant and wrinkle-free.
*This listing is for 1 cover.


Thank you for your time!

16 reviews for Wool Duvet Insert

  1. Andrew S

    I purchased a twin size duvet for my son. It is very cosy, and pairing them keeps him nice and warm in the cold winter nights. Exceptionally good quality, and would I highly recommend this.

  2. Darling Dear Co

    This is the second time that I’ve ordered through House of Wool. Their quality is outstanding. I’ve been sleeping on their shikibuton for the past year and the temperature regulation is wonderful, as well as knowing that it is free of synthetic fire retardants and other chemical agents. I reacted badly to Ikea matresses in the past but these products are like a dream. I would highly recommend and can’t wait to order more of their beautiful items!

  3. ValerieBertrand

    After reading the reviews, I knew the duvets would reflect high quality craftsmanship. Once I received them, I was even more thrilled with my purchase. The obvious care, and attention to detail are an outstanding value, and I would not hesitate to recommend this shop to anyone. My communication with Ivan and Rosica, along with the amazing price they quoted for custom measurements, only enhanced my experience. In my opinion, the winter weight duvet is dense-but I have never feel constricted or smothered whilst sleeping. Thank you, Home of Wool, for creating such a fine and healthful product. I will shop here again.

  4. Michael Bradley

    I was worried that the winter weight wouldn’t be thick enough upon first glance. I was wrong. It is so incredibly comforting and has a weight that almost feels as if it is hugging you to sleep. It is warm enough for sure, but breathes so you don’t overheat. I can’t recommend it enough.

  5. Tasha Betcherman

    Amazing quality. The duvet is a nice weight for my son who sweats a lot at night. I chose the linen fabric and we couldn’t be happier. His sleep has improved and so has mine 🙂 I will without a doubt be making future purchases from this fine shop.

  6. sissy12006

    Fantastic comforter. It’s well made and just the right thickness. I love the stitching work–it keeps all of the wool in place and looks nice, too. The customer service was exceptional. All of my questions were answered thoroughly and on time. And when I couldn’t decide between two different fabric finishes, Ivan sent me fabric samples. It helped make my decision easy! I would definitely order from HomeOfWool again! I love the Bulgarian craftsmanship 😊. Keep up the good work!

  7. Aspen Couture

    I love this comforter and everything I have purchased from Home of Wool including a baby crib mattress and cosleeper mattress. I got the lightweight comforter and it seems like it will be the perfect weight for all seasons (maybe add a blanket in winter). They make really high quality products and I am so happy to have found them, I only wish they weren’t so far away but maybe that will just give me a reason to visit Bulgaria someday! They have some of the best customer service I have ever experienced, answering ALL of my many questions. Thank you so much Home of Wool! I am saving up for a king size wool topper!

  8. Leora

    Love this duvet insert sooooo much! It was lighter than I expected, but incredibly warm. So glad I got the summer weight, it’s absolutely perfect (and I even live in Maine)! The material that was used to cover the wool is obviously high in quality!! Love it!! I highly recommend the seller and all their products. It did take a few weeks to get here, but it was well worth the wait!

  9. s01833882

    Took awhile to get here, but I’m happy with this insert seems of good quality and very warm.

  10. Eliya Cohen

    Great comforter. The right temperature for winter.

  11. terrielneider

    Just warm enough, perfect! My grandson would sweat every night. No sweating with this blanket! So thin, yet keeps me warm in northern Iowa.

  12. yukatafan

    So very soft and warm, am using it on a guest cot/bed. Would happily buy from again. Thanks!

  13. shenessentials

    This is an amazing comforter for an amazing price!!! Very happy with my purchase.

  14. Abi Q

    Heavy weight like I love but my husband doesn’t night sweat anymore! Thank you!!!

  15. commnder919

    I don’t know how I’ve lived without this comforter! The natural wool regulates temperature like a dream and keeps moisture from building up like the synthetic fabrics do. Ivan and Rosica answered questions quickly, and when we had an issue with the shipper, they rectified the situation immediately and professionally. I highly recommend this product and company!

  16. Zelma Vidina

    I just received my custom size duvet yesterday. It is really well done and all materials are of high quality. Thanks a lot! 😃

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