Our atelier is based in Sofia, Bulgaria, where we handmade all of our creations.

We wouldn’t resell a returned product, we would donate it.

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Smaller items take us 4-6 business days to create and larger items 7-10 business days. Depending on the current workload, make time could vary by a few days.

We can prioritize your order for completion within 3 business days. Please contact us and we will send you a link to place your rush order. Rush fee: 25% of the product price.


We make all our items to order so we can make all of them in the size and shape you need. Just drop us a message to let us know the dimensions you need.


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All of our fillings and fabrics are completely natural, free of any chemicals including bleaches, flame retardants, glues, dyes (except for fabrics with stripes), synthetics. All of our filling and most of our fabrics are either Oeko-Tex certified or GOTS certified organic.  

The Oeko-Tex 100 certificate: 

  • Tests the end product for harmful substances (chemicals, pesticides, etc.) and meets the human-ecological requirements of the standard.  
  • This version of the certificate has the strictest requirements and certifies that the products are safe to use for babies. 

The GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certificate: 

  • Also ensures the products are free of chemicals and synthetics. 
  • Covers the entire process from seed to crop, regulates the use of water, restricts the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, lowering the risk of environmental pollution. When the product is sourced from animals, the GOTS certificate regulates the way animals are raised, fed and taken care of, ensuring they get organic feed and plenty of outdoor space.  
  • Ensures worker welfare and employee treatment, including fair wages. 

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The Oeko-Tex STANDARD 100 guarantees the final product is completely free of toxic chemicals harmful to human health. Tested for up to 100 hazardous substances, all Oeko-Tex STANDARD 100 textiles are verified and certified by an independent third party. Suitable for adults, children, and babies, the textiles are also safe for people with chemical sensitivities, including MSC.

GOTS certificate logo GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard)

The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) guarantees 100% chemical-free harvesting, manufacturing, trading, and final product. The textiles are tested for all hazardous substances, following the Restricted Substances List. The supply chain follows responsible business and labor practices for fair wages and ethical treatment of employees. All aspects of production, including sustainable sourcing and animal welfare, receive verification and certification by an independent third party. Suitable for adults, children, and babies, the organic (GOTS) textiles are also perfectly safe for people with chemical sensitivities, including MSC.

No, as our main goal is to provide pure and chemical-free products. Wool is naturally flame retardant without added chemicals that are commonly used in other bedding materials. That’s why firefighters wear wool uniforms and natural bedding manufacturers use wool in their products to meet fire codes.

Our wool comes completely free of moths and other insects. However, as with anything made of wool, moths can be attracted to it. Wool is damaged not by adult moths but by the larvae of clothes moths and carpet beetles.

If you have noticed moths in your house or have an active infestation, we strongly advise not to bring a wool item into the house before completely removing them first. If you see moths flying in your house, they probably aren’t clothes moths, but the type that infests flour and grains. Clothes moths don’t like light and are usually hiding, so you may never see them. They rarely attack frequently used items but rather thrive in those packed away and hidden, especially if there are food spills or other attractive scents.

Moths and beetles can get through extremely tight spaces. If you have to store a wool item, we suggest using resealable plastic bags or plastic boxes. Wrap the item in clean cotton to protect it from condensation.


All wool in our production has a European origin, with the majority being Bulgarian. It comes from small and medium-sized farms that have declared proof of humane practices. Mules operation is not and has never been applied to the sheep we source. The animals are taken care of with respect – they are allowed to freely eat а natural diet of herbs, weeds, and shrubs.

We offer 2 types of certified wool – our Oeko-tex certified wool is sourced from Bulgaria and our Organic GOTS certified wool comes from the UK.
Both certificates test the wool to ensure it is free of harmful chemicals and the organic certificate has an added layer of social requirements.

Wool harvesting is a cruelty-free process that benefits both the animal and the farmer. Each Spring, specially trained “fleece harvesters” shear the accumulated wool off the sheep’s body in a humane manner without inflicting harm to the animal. Since wool growth doesn’t have a switch-off button, just like human hair, the shearing process is vital for the health and survival of the sheep. If left unchecked, the accumulated wool mass will burden the animal’s joints and impair its ability to move; the untreated sheep would also have a significantly lower quality of life during the hot summers in Bulgaria and have a higher chance of developing infections.

Wool shearing should not be confused with fur harvesting. The collection of fur requires skinning and thus killing the animal. Home of Wool does not support the harm, abuse, and killing of animals. We are part of the millennia-old symbiotic relationship between men and sheep.

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