For us, this policy has two major aspects. On one hand, there is the end product which has a certain lifespan and at some point, it will definitely become waste as nothing lasts forever. On another hand, there is the process of creation and the inevitable waste that is created during it.

Many chemicals used in the production of most mattresses have a harmful impact. During manufacture, some affect the health of factory workers, and others are discharged into eco-systems around the plant. Most discarded mattresses are dumped into landfills or incinerated, introducing whatever toxins they contain into the water and the air.

According to The International Sleep Products Association, 10.8 years is the average life of a mattress and box spring. There are 312 million people in the U.S. today. Together, these numbers mean that around 48 million mattresses and/or box springs are sent to landfills every year. These estimates do not include units from hotels or dormitories, which are replaced more frequently.

Having that in mind, investing in a natural wool-filled mattress that is made out of biodegradable materials is a very beneficial decision both your home environment and the planet. The other bonus point of mattresses made from natural materials is that they are 5 times more durable than the ones made out of synthetic materials. Wool mattresses should last you 50 years or even more years depending on how you care for them.

Mattress recycling

If you want to recycle your mattress check to see if there is a local recycling facility near you. Some facilities have community drop off points or will come to pick up your bed for a small fee. You could also resell or donate a mattress that is still in decent shape.

Fabric scraps

The other aspect that causes pollution of our planet is the creation of the product itself. Working with synthetic materials is also a way to introduce dangerous chemicals and toxins in the environment. Also, in each process, there is leftover material. We use quality natural materials and we try to minimize the leftovers by optimizing our process. Pieces of fabric that are left over from the process are either donated to ISE – Initiative for Social Empowerment where they are turned into beautiful aroma dolls and bags or sold to other artisans through here. This way we show accountability for our impact on the planet as well as support a good cause.

We use the larger remaining pieces from cuts to create affordably priced mattresses. We simply stitch a few pieces in neat parallel lines to form each surface of the mattress. Since the pieces are leftovers from other cuts, we have decided to not charge for the fabric, allowing us to reduce the price of the mattresses made from fabric pieces, thus adding a more affordable option for our customers.


We also try to minimize the waste created throughout the packaging process. Since we ship worldwide it’s very important to have the items well wrapped and safe from any moisture or other possible dangers.  Given the specifics of this shipping, the options for packaging materials are not that many. Though we always research new technologies and ways to reduce our imprint. Currently, the foils we use are 100% recyclable and the bags we create are re-usable. The recycling code of the packaging is 4 – LDPE (low-density polyethylene).

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