Wool Mattress

We recently ordered two twin extra long mattresses from Home of Wool. They arrived in separate packages about a week apart via USPS and were delivered to our door. The mattresses were extremely well packaged– they were placed in a zippered bag and wrapped several times with plastic so that even if the postal service had left them outside on the front porch, nothing would have happened to the mattresses inside. One of the mattresses even contained a lavender pouch and some thread and needle :)) A word of advice to those who have to take the mattresses up a flight of stairs (if your bedrooms are upstairs)–it might be better to carry the mattress upstairs wrapped (you’ll need two adults for this) than to try to log it up unwrapped. We made that mistake with the first mattress–the mattress is a bit on the heavy side and can become a bit unwieldy. We actually had to roll it and tie it up again to be able to haul it upstairs.
The mattresses themselves are very high quality; the craftsmanship is excellent. I like the fact that they’ve got zippers on the sides in case I decide to one day take the wool out, wash it and stuff it back inside the way my grandmother used to do back in the old country:)) They’ve also got handles on both sides, so they’re easy to maneuver and flip.
This is the second night we have been sleeping on the mattresses and both my husband and I can attest to the fact that we are waking up with no back or leg pains, which had become routine with our former spring mattresses. We also like the fact that, unlike most mattresses sold on the market, these can be flipped, and are made with natural materials. It is great comfort to know that we’re sleeping on something that’s chemical free.
I would also like to thank Edi who responded to my numerous emails tirelessly and promptly, sometimes even at 4 in the morning. Thanks Edi for great customer service and a great experience.
I have to admit that waiting for a package to arrive from overseas was at times a bit nerve-wracking, but the mattresses are worth every minute of that wait.