A Guide to Choosing Your Home of Wool Mattress

Choosing a mattress to spend a third of your lifetime on could be a tough task. There are so many options out there and countless things to consider before taking the big step. If you have made the conscious choice to bet on wool, however, you can rest assured that you’ve made the best both for your health and for the environment. All-wool mattresses offer unparalleled comfort – they support the body evenly without pressure points and they provide unbeatable thermal and moisture regulation. And all of this without any dangerous flame retardants or VOCs. Home of Wool mattresses are fully biodegradable and are made of 100% renewable materials.

But how to choose your Home of Wool mattress? Here is the ultimate guide in 3 easy steps!

Step #1: Thickness

Choose the most comfortable thickness for you

А. Choose based on how firm you like your mattress

We know many conventional mattresses come really thick, sometimes up to a whopping 20” and more, but wool mattresses don’t need all the layers of foams and springs to provide perfect support. So, ours come in thicknesses up to 7”.

Comfort is a matter of personal preference and thus, it’s difficult to describe with words how a wool mattress feels. Wool mattresses are a bit softer during the first months of use while the wool compresses. Once the compression is over, they could be described as mid-firm to firm.

The thicker they are, the softer they feel. So, while our 3” mattresses are definitely on the firm side, the 7” is more of a mid-firm feel.

Comfort is subjective and you should consider all your body specifics (weight and health condition) and sleep habits when choosing the right mattress firmness for you. Sleep experts and orthopedists usually recommend firm mattresses for stomach sleepersmid-firm to firm mattresses for back sleepers, and mid-firm to softer mattresses for side sleepers.

Having different mattress firmness preferences with your partner? Customize our Split Mattress to perfectly fit both of you.

For couples with different mattress firmness preferences, we have created a mattress in 2 side-by-side pieces. This is also the perfect setup that allows you to have 2 separate beds when having guests sleeping over for example. Upon request, we can also put zippers along the middle edge where the mattresses meet so you can zip them together creating a comfortable single piece.

B. Choose based on how you plan to use your mattress

  • 3” Mattress – Japanese Shikibuton

In Japan, these simple mattresses are part of a style of minimalist living that goes back centuries. It is usually laid out on the floor atop a straw mat called a tatami mat and then, when not being slept on or used as a sitting cushion, rolled-up (or folded) and stored in cupboards.

These are a perfect solution that you can roll up and stow away during the day or whenever not in use. Great for when you have guests and sleepovers, and you don’t want to keep a permanent bed that takes up space.

  • Foldable Mattress

Our clients are often the force behind our creations. Our foldable mattress & futon designs were requested so many times as custom orders, that we decided to officially make them part of our product portfolio. They are a great space-saving alternative that does not compromise comfort and good body posture during sleep.

Home of Wool foldable wool mattress with zip-off cover - details

And guess what! You can easily turn it into a couch. By adding the optional zip-off cover you’ll even have a better design! You can then finish it with some throw pillows and a bolster pillow and enjoy it with a book.

  • Futon Mattress

While most futons are great for small apartments, the mattresses they usually come with cannot give you the optimal support your body needs. Our wool futon mattresses are the ideal solution for that. We can customize them for any futon frame!⁠

Home of Wool futon mattress with natural wool filling with model

Step #2: Fabric

Pick the fabric that suits your needs

We offer 3 luxurious, extremely high-quality fabrics to choose from for your Home of Wool mattress: 100% Virgin Wool, 100% Linen, and 100% Cotton.

All of them are:

  • 100% natural, free of chemical finishes, bleaches, dyes, or synthetics.
  • Soft to the touch (but not overly soft as fabrics that have been chemically treated) and they will not affect the feel of the mattress during sleep.
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Certified

Wool is the most mildew-resistant fabric option. Amazing at regulating body temperature and moisture. It keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Wool has anti-microbial properties and is dust-mite repellent.

Linen resists stains like no other fabric, so it is very easy to maintain the fabric clean. Linen is by far the most durable fiber. It is also highly mildew and dust-mite resistant.

Cotton is our certified Organic option. We work with organic GOTS certified cotton, to ensure both your peace of mind and the least footprint on the environment. Because cotton is the slowest fiber to dry it is susceptible to growing mildew. But with the right care and regular airing out, your cotton-covered mattress will last you a lifetime just like the other two options.

Compare their qualities in more detail in the table below:

fabric comparison 100% Cotton, 100% Linen, 100% Wool

Step #3: Edges

Style it with a personalized edge design

Together with tufting, piping makes the design of our wool mattresses so special and unique.

Piping is an aesthetic feature and does not affect longevity, durability, or comfort.

We offer these 3 edge design options:

  • Piped edges – this option keeps the mattress more structured as it makes the edges more rigid and thus straighter.
  • Mini piping – it gives the mattress elegant outlines.
  • No piping – a simple, soft, and elegant look.
Home of Wool's edges design options (piping)


Mattress base

The optimal base for a wool mattress is a slatted wooden frame. It offers the necessary support while allowing the bottom part of the mattress to air. Slatted frames should have less than 2″ distance between the slats so the mattress does not sag in the openings. If you have a frame with wider openings, you can easily fix that by adding some upholstery belts in the other direction.

Home of Wool natural non-toxic wool-filled mattress on slatted frame with instructions

Wool mattresses perform great on solid flat surfaces as well so you can use them directly on the floor. In that case, you will need to rotate more frequently (preferably weekly) so the bottom side will be able to air out.

Protect your Home of Wool mattress

One of the best ways to protect your mattresses and toppers and ensure they last a lifetime is by using a washable zip-off cover or lay a 100% wool protector over them.

Protectors and zip-off cases are a great investment. They are much thicker than sheets and offer greater protection from wearing and dirt. They also restrict body moisture from entering the mattress. Wool protectors are easily turned into puddle pads when lanolized (soaked in water with lanolin).

Home of Wool zip-off mattress cover for extra protection
Home of Wool mattress protector for extra protection

Pair your wool mattress with a wool duvet and a wool pillow

For maximum comfort and the best restorative sleep available, experience the benefits of wool bedding with our bundle and see for yourself why science considers wool the superior bedding material!

Add A Topper for Extra Comfort and Durability

A wool topper is a perfect upgrade for your wool mattress as it provides an extra layer of cushioning and support. While a wool mattress is already great on its own, a topper will take your sleeping experience to new heights of unparalleled comfort.

While our wool mattresses are known for their long-lasting quality, a wool topper can help extend their lifespan even further by providing an extra layer of protection and cushioning, keeping them in top condition for the years to come. So why not treat yourself to the ultimate sleeping experience? Add a wool topper to your bed today.

Craft Your Own Mattress

Do you wish to craft your own comfortable and personalized mattress while using high-quality materials? Look no further than our custom DIY mattress kit!

With our kit, you get to choose every aspect of your mattress – from the design and size to the filling and fabric. No need to settle for a one-size-fits-all mattress anymore!

The kit includes a high-quality mattress ticking, needle, and thread for tufting. You can stuff the mattress with the filling of your choice while having complete control over the thickness and firmness. You’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that you created a one-of-a-kind, custom mattress that perfectly fits your preferences and needs.

Looking for baby & toddler mattresses?

We’ve got you covered with our completely natural and toxic-free baby and kids mattresses. No flame retardants, no VOCs! Completely hypoallergenic!

Home of Wool completely natural and toxic-free baby and kid’s wool mattresses

How does a wool baby mattress feel?

We do make our crib mattresses firmer and flatter compared to adult mattresses, to be suitable for infants. Bassinet mattresses need to be on the firm side. However, many companies go overboard on firmness to the extent of creating discomfort for the baby. Ours are a nice balance between supportiveness and softness.

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