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What we do at Home of Wool holds more than monetary value for us. We dream of this ideal state of freedom, peace, and happiness among and within all nations and people. We dream of health and sustainable future for the next generation.

We do our best to provide natural options for products that are mainly created from synthetic materials. Even more – we try to keep the whole process of creation as clean as possible and create a natural work environment. Our effort might seem like a little fraction or just a drop in the ocean, but what if we all try to do some more? What if we act more like a conscious community and less as people that are self-absorbed and detached from the world around them?

In the summer of 2017 Home of Wool became a supporter of a new cause that resonates with our values on a deep level.

These aroma bags were created by Bulgarian Roma women which are part of a program launched in Bulgaria by Initiative for Social Empowerment – ISE/Инициатива за социално израстване (ISE). ISE is an international organization with the vision to enable vulnerable groups of women and youth in Europe to break out of the bondage of poverty through technology, education, and entrepreneurship. They empower communities to prosper so that they do not become victims of trafficking, slavery, and social dependency.

Those bags are not just a mere preparation of a product that will travel to your home; they carry the scent of freedom, empowerment, and dignity across the world. Slowly through every earned cent from each bag, the people from the Roma community were able to repay their debt for the first time in their lives. For them, this now means that they can slowly start building a life with dignity and self-worth that they have never known before.


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