Amanda Johnson’s Custom Home of Wool Seating Wool Cushion

A beautiful transformation that we took part in! A project that proved that home takes time and devotion. Amanda and her family transformed the place making it lighter, [...]
The Home of Wool Cushions at Balev Bio Café

The Home of Wool Cushions at Balev Bio Café

This project includes over 500 kg (1000 lbs) of wool filling and is for a best-loved downtown Sofia café! No wonder it is one of our favorite projects! […]

Collaboration with Chelsey Freng

Photo by Chelsey Freng, A favorite project of ours! We created this beautiful custom wool cushion for the gorgeous home of Chelsey Freng, a home designer and [...]
Home of Wool and Stefana Silber collaboration - custom window reading nook cushion

Collaboration with Stefana Silber

This project was just meant to be! We were so excited the moment Stefana found us on Instagram and said "Oh, wait! Are you located in Bulgaria? I [...]
Home of Wool collaboration with the Botanical

Collaboration with the Botanical and Two Green Shoots

Have we told you the story of how our wool mattresses ended up in the beautiful B&B guestrooms at the Botanical? We love the edible paradise and the [...]
Home of Wool and Grey Lane Homestead collaboration - custom handmade linen bench cushion

Collaboration with Pete and Selena from Grey Lane Homestead

We have been admirers of Pete and Selena’s photography and their beautiful home stories at Grey Lane Homestead for quite some time now. It was such a lovely [...]

Collaboration with Tiny Shiny Home

Behind the Tiny Shiny Home there is a family of dreamers and adventurers, a family of six that travels full-time: Ashley, Jonathan, and their 4 kids: The Longneckers! [...]
Home of Wool collab with Abby from twistmepretty

Collaboration with Abby from Twist Me Pretty

On this project, we worked with the gorgeous Abby Smith (lifestyle blogger) and Tana Hallows (interior designer). Abby was in the process of renovating her home when she reached [...]
Home of Wool collab with Camu & Morrison

Collaboration with Camu & Morrison

This wonderful room was designed by the amazing team of Camu & Morrison. It’s a Japanese cinema room with Tatami Flooring, hand-dyed vintage French linen walling, vintage African [...]
Home of wool Kimberly Van Der Beek Erin Fetherston collab

Collaboration with Erin Fetherston & Kimberly Van Der Beek

This beautiful space was redesigned by Erin Fetherston in honor of her best friend’s birthday. She wanted to create a space for Kimberly and their children, where they [...]