The Home of Wool Cushions at Balev Bio Café

This project includes over 500 kg (1000 lbs) of wool filling and is for a best-loved downtown Sofia café! No wonder it is one of our favorite projects! It took a lot of wool filling and a lot of linen fabric! And it turned out great! Thank you, Balev Bio Café for choosing our all-natural wool couch cushions for the salon and for the garden of your beautiful café!

Working on the interior of the café, its founders wanted to make sure that the furniture and everything they use in the interior is comfortable for the customers, but also kinder to both human health and the environment. Being 100% biodegradable, sustainable, and extremely supportive and comfortable, the Home of Wool couch cushions stole their hearts. And guess what! We could make the exact size and shape of cushions they needed. The perfect fit!

They’ve chosen our 100% Textured linen fabric that complemented perfectly the natural lines and color scheme of the interior design of the salon. The linen fabric was a great choice for the wooden seating furniture in the garden as well.

The Home of Wool Cushions at Balev Bio Café - inner tufted cushion
The Home of Wool Cushions at Balev Bio Café - wool filling
The Home of Wool Cushions at Balev Bio Café - texture detail

The perfect option for the design of the couch cushions for that location was the non-tufted design. With an easily removable and washable zip-off cover they are so easy to maintain clean. Did you know that linen resists stains like no other fabric? It is also our most durable fabric. That is why it is a favorite choice for both cushions and adult mattresses. That is one of the reasons why the founders of Balev Bio Organic Café chose it as well!


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