Home of Wool A Christmas Bedroom Makeover

A Christmas Bedroom Makeover

The bedroom - a place where we spend a third of our adult lives or even more if we’re into weekend lie-ins. Perhaps you furnished it a long [...]
baby sucking on a wood cube

What’s wrong with our children’s toys? Dangerous chemicals, color choice, and alternatives.

As caring parents, we all want to provide the healthiest and safest environment for our children. From the food they eat and the cosmetics we put on their [...]

Spare Yourself The Spring Fatigue

You may still be in a chilling wintery mood, having another cup of tea, looking at a snowman outside, or rushing back home way after the sun comes [...]

Talented Designer Sachi Lord Completes The One Room Challenge with a Home of Wool Touch

The One Room Challenge (ORC) is a widely anticipated event that provides design influencers with an enthusiastic forum to share their process of transforming a space. In each [...]
Home of Wool - The Holy Trinity of Bedtime Rituals

The Holy Trinity of Bedtime Rituals

If we had an off-and-on switch for falling asleep we would most likely be in the book of extinct animals. The act of falling asleep is a process [...]
Home of Wool The Curious Uses of Wool - sheep

All the Curious Uses of Wool

All that magic that wool has to offer! And all the benefits we can get from its fibers! We bet you already know that wool is the supreme [...]
Top Houseplants for Good Nights Sleep

Top Houseplants for Good Night’s Sleep

Now that the days are getting shorter and colder are you planning to bring more beautiful pieces of nature inside? Science says that’s exactly what you should do! [...]
Wool vs. Flame Retardant Chemicals - candles lit on a book

Wool vs. Flame Retardant Chemicals

Do we use flame retardants in our mattresses? No, we don’t! We’ve got something better. We’ve got wool! But what’s all the fuss about? Aren’t flame retardants good […]

How to Throw a Sustainable Thanksgiving Dinner

A time for family, friends, food, and heart-warming drinks! A time for giving thanks and self-reflection! Thanksgiving is a favorite festivity for people from all generations. Like any [...]

A Guide to Choosing Your Home of Wool Mattress

Choosing a mattress to spend a third of your lifetime on could be a tough task. There are so many options out there and countless things to consider [...]