5 Zero Waste Fall and Halloween Ideas

Fall is here, you are in love with the colors, and you can’t help but start decorating your home. But wait a minute! Do both yourself and the planet a favor and bet on zero waste decoration options.

Going zero waste with your fall and Halloween décor is the perfect way to cherish the beauty of the season and bring natural elements indoors. And truth is that fall and nature have it all in terms of colors and textures. So, forget about hitting the shops but do some foraging instead and let fall shine with all its beauty in your home and around the house.

There are various ways to enjoy a zero-waste fall and Halloween, but here are our top 5 zero-waste ways to immerse yourself in the festivities and have a beautiful decoration at the same time.

1. Use nature. Foraging will help you get some sunlight and the so-needed Vitamin D and will also get you so many natural treasures in your pockets: leaves, cones, berries, rosehips… What more could you wish for? A batch of pumpkins! Yes, please!

2. Don’t carve the pumpkins so that you can eat them later. Everybody loves pumpkins and they are beautiful for decoration the way they are. Our tip for better effect would be to pick different sizes, shapes, and colors so that you can create beautiful compositions. If you do decide to carve them, however, don’t throw out the insides. Use the seeds – just bake them with some salt and enjoy a good snack. The flesh can be turned into beautiful and aromatic desserts.

3. Create your own DIY Halloween costume instead of buying a new one. Get creative, browse Pinterest, go deep inside the closet for old clothes, repurpose, and have some fun crafting your own costume. Secondhand shopping for Halloween costumes is also a great and sustainable idea.

4. Bet on quality! If you are buying new décor pieces, bet on quality ones made of ceramics and natural materials instead of cheap plastic ones that will not last more than a month. Store your pieces well so that you can use their many years in a row.

5. Bet on healthy and eco-friendly zero-waste or low-waste candies for the Trick-or-Treaters’ parade. Apples, tangerines, mini oranges, whole walnuts… If you decide to bet on traditional candy, bet on brands that follow sustainable and ethical practices in their production.

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