Sleeping on Wool: The 5 Greatest Benefits of Wool Baby Bedding

Choosing the right products for your newborn doesn’t need to be hard. And it won’t be as long as you decide to keep it simple, closer to nature, and go with the basics. That’s not that difficult especially when you have science backing you up on these. In terms of bedding, however, what does closer to nature mean? Let us tell you about all the magical benefits of all-natural wool baby bedding.

Numerous scientific studies have been done on wool bedding and sleep. Wool helps babies sleep better and gain weight faster, one of them states. It’s conducted by the Cambridge University and published in numerous medical journals. When sleeping on wool, the premature babies that were part of the survey woke up less frequently and cried less during the night, researchers claim. It seems that wool is working perfectly for peaceful and truly restorative sleep.

Another research done in Australia found out that preschoolers sleeping on synthetic bedding are more likely to have sleep-related problems than those sleeping on all-natural bedding like cotton or wool bedding.

All these are great examples of how wool transforms sleep through its natural qualities and benefits, making it healthier for people of all ages. Here is the Top 5 of wool bedding greatest benefits for your child.

#1 Wool is breathable and temperature regulative

According to researchers it’s the wool’s ability to keep you longer in the thermal comfort zone that helps you sleep better. Wool helps your body regulate its own temperature, keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer. That is especially important for newborns because they can’t regulate their body temperature as effectively as kids and adults do. Keeping them warm, but not too warm, wool helps them stay comfortable for longer periods of time.

Due to the unique structure of its fibers, wool is exceptionally breathable and moisture regulative. That is how wool bedding provides unparalleled comfort for kids and adults. Synthetic and petroleum-based materials like foam and memory foam cannot do that. Wool and all other natural fibers like linen and cotton allow your skin to breathe and prevent excessive sweating. Wool can absorb a huge percentage of its weight in water, and releases it into the air very quickly, not trapping unnecessary humidity and moisture close to the skin.

#2 Wool keeps your child safe from VOCs and flame retardants

Law requires all mattresses sold in the United States be treated with fire retardants. Of course, that makes bedding products resistant to fire but the materials used to do it are highly dangerous and toxic themselves. Studies on the issue state that in the case of flame retardants, risks outweigh the benefits especially when it comes to pregnant women, newborn babies, and kids.

The CPSC advise on that matter is that pregnant women and young children should avoid flame retardants. These chemicals have been linked to a very wide range of serious health problems, including learning deficits, hyperactivity, impaired memory, Immune and hormone disorders, and many more.

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How to cut down on the flame retardants and still meet federal standards on safe bedding, you might ask. Wool has the answer. Wool is naturally flame resistant and that makes it the most natural alternative of all the toxic fire retardant chemicals. Unlike nylon and polyester, wool does not flame or melt. It is the only bedding material, not required by law in the US to be treated with fire retardants.

Talking about toxic chemicals, wool can also help you get control over the VOCs exposure and off gassing at home. Volatile organic compounds or VOCs are found in just about everything nowadays: furniture, synthetic mattresses, paints, flooring, etc. Exposure to VOCs can lead to both short and long-term health deterioration. “Breathing VOCs can irritate the eyes, nose and throat, can cause difficulty breathing and nausea, and can damage the central nervous system, as well as other organs,” The American Lung Association reports.

Wool on the other hand is completely toxic-free with zero off-gassing and zero VOCs, making it the healthiest choice for your kids’ bedding.

#3 Wool is naturally dust mite repellent and hypoallergenic

Dust mites are the main reason for asthma and different kinds of allergies in kids and adults, studies show. Being resistant to dust mites, wool makes the perfect material for baby bedding and kids’ bedding. It’s absolutely suitable for people with chemical sensitivities and for newborns.

According to one of the studies, published in the British Medical Journal, there is a strong link between synthetic bedding and allergic dust mite symptoms.


But how does wool keep dust mites off your health? Thanks to the structure of its fibers, wool is highly breathable and moisture wicking, so it just doesn’t create dust mites’ favorite thriving ground. Dust mites like it dark, warm and moist, while wool keeps your bed cool and breathable, wicking moisture quickly.

#4 Wool is antimicrobial, antibacterial, and mold & mildew resistant.

Due to its breathability and moisture-wicking qualities, wool doesn’t create a breeding ground for bacteria as well. Its natural water-wicking property prevents moisture from being kept in the fabric, and thus naturally keeps healthy humidity levels preventing mold and mildew. That is just another great quality that makes wool the perfect material for kids’ bedding.

#5 Wool is biodegradable, renewable, and sustainable

Seems like wool’s the best option both for our kids and for the Earth as well. Wool is a win-win, promising a healthier future of the ecosystem our kids are going to live in.

Did you know that most of the conventional mattresses are complex products that can be recycled, but rarely are? Instead, they end up in the landfill doing their fair share of pollution.

Wool mattresses and bedding on the other hand are not only extremely durable and can last forever when taken care of properly, but they are also completely biodegradable in both soil and water. In fact, wool is even used by farmers as a fertilizer for growing clean vegetables. Wool is just a beautiful part of the natural circle of life, isn’t it?

With so many benefits and science backing it up, wool is by far the best option for baby and kids’ bedding and the best alternative of foam and synthetics. We already know that all-natural fabrics and materials are the best options for baby clothing. Why shouldn’t that be the case for baby bedding? From mattresses to nursing pillows and baby swaddles there is now an all-natural alternative that will let your kids thrive through better sleep and a healthier environment.

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    Completely chemical-free, with no off-gassing and zero VOCs. Hypoallergenic, suitable for people with chemical sensitivities, including MCS. Naturally dust mite and mildew-resistant, anti-microbial, anti-bacterial and flame-resistant.

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    Dust mite and mildew resistant, anti-microbial, anti-bacterial. Offering no off-gassing and zero VOCs. Hypoallergenic and suitable for people with chemical sensitivities. 100% biodegradable using only sustainable renewable materials.

    Use as a floor or bench cushion when your baby outgrows the crib.

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    Made without any chemicals and synthetics, including no flame retardants and no glues, so your child is safe from the harmful effects of most materials on the market. Offering no off-gassing and zero VOCsHypoallergenic, suitable for people with chemical sensitivities, including MCS.

    Fully customizable, combining handmade craftsmanship and luxurious comfort. 100% biodegradable, using only sustainable renewable materials.

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    Create a more peaceful sleep for your child while you protect the mattress from common nighttime accidents with this pure, all-natural moisture barrier for children.

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    Completely chemical-free, with no off-gassing and zero VOCs. Hypoallergenic, suitable for people with chemical sensitivities, including MCS. Naturally dust mite and mildew-resistant, anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, and flame-resistant.

    Use under the sheets. Secure to the mattress with the elastic straps. Lanolize to increase its waterproof ability.

    100% biodegradable using only sustainable renewable materials.

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    • Elastic straps to secure to the mattress.


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  • Thank you for pointing out that wool is by far the best option for kids’ bedding. My wife and I are wanting to get a bigger bed for our son because he is starting to get older. We will have to look for bedding that is made out of wool so that our son can be comfortable.

    • Hi, Thomas! Glad you are well informed about the benefits of wool! We offer many options for kids’ wool mattresses and all of them can be customized to your needs. Write an email to [email protected] and share more details. Our team will be happy to help you in the search.

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