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Washable Wool Puddle Pad

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Create a more peaceful sleep for your child while you protect the mattress from common nighttime accidents with this pure, all-natural moisture barrier for children. The wool fabric is both dense and incredibly soft for your child’s comfort. This handmade mattress protector is also a heavyweight wool layer with stain, mildew, water, and dust mite resistant qualities. The organic wool fabric is biodegradable and free of all bleach, dyes, and chemicals for a safe, worry-free environment. This mattress protector should be used as extra protection under the sheets. Features elastic straps to stay in place.

Make time: 1-2 weeks
Shipping time: 3 days


All of our products are made of only All-natural, Sustainable, Renewable, Biodegradable, Recyclable materials, in a Chemical & Scent Free Facility, and are FREE of Flame retardants, Dyes, Synthetics, Plastics, Vinyl, Finishes, Carbonized wool, VOCs, etc. Also, our Wool, most of our Fabrics and even our zippers, are Oeko-Tex certified in the strictest category, for an added peace of mind. Oeko-Tex is one of the world’s oldest safety standards, similar to GOTS and more popular in Europe. It guarantees the certified materials are free of all harmful chemicals.


Send us a message to request size, shape, thickness, design, edges, piping, rounded corners, ties, seams, tufting, zippers, colors, materials, fabric or even use your own fabric.
We’ll respond with a quote within 24 hours.
Include any inspiration photos and a description of what you need, plus dimensions.
There is no customization charge, price is based only on size and materials.



We make our protectors from a thick layer of 100% Virgin Wool Fabric.
Our wool fabric is not treated with bleach, dyes, or any other chemical. It is dense and soft.



  • Durable thick layer of wool fabric
  • Elastic straps to secure to the mattress
  • Wool regulates your body temperature unlike any other material, so you won’t feel too hot or too cold, allowing you to sleep longer and better
  • Keeps you cool in the summer & warm in the winter
  • Regulates body moisture, especially beneficial to people who sweat during the night
  • Promotes healthy posture during sleep through the unique way the springy wool fibers support the bodyweight
  • Isolates motion transfer, for uninterrupted sleep
  • Naturally flame-resistant, making it the only material not required, by law, to be treated with flame retardants. Increased fire safety in your home.
  • Naturally dust mite resistant
  • Naturally anti-microbial and anti-bacterial
  • Helps you avoid chemicals that may be harmful even if ‘declared as safe’
  • Reduces exposure to VOCs in your home – wool has no off-gassing and zero VOCs
  • Suitable for people with MCS and other chemical sensitivities
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Biodegradable, sustainable, renewable material

All of our fabrics are natural and highly breathable to allow you to enjoy the full benefits of the wool inside.




  • Mini – 25 x 38 cm (10 x 15″)
  • Bassinet – 38 x 76 cm (15 x 30″)
  • KootaCrib – 40 x 81 cm (16 x 32″)
  • Bassinet – 43 x 81 cm (17 x 32″)
  • Arm’s Reach Clear Vue – 18 x 32″
  • Arm’s Reach – 19 x 32.5″
  • IKEA Solgul / Cradle – 81 x 50 cm  (31 7/8 x 19 5/8″)
  • Cradle / Glider – 45 x 90 cm (18 x 36″)
  • Changing table – 68 x 67 cm (27 x 26″)
  • Mini crib / Portacrib – 61 x 97 cm (24 x 38″)
  • Playpen – 66 x 94 cm (26 x 37″)
  • Cot – 60 x 120 cm (23.6 x 47.2″)
  • US Crib – 71 x 132 cm (28 x 52″)
  • UK Crib – 70 x 140 cm (28 x 55″)



  • Moses basket – 28 x 71 cm (11 x 28″)
  • Moses basket – 38 x 71 cm (15 x 28″)
  • Snuggle Me Organic Lounger – 47 x 76 cm (18.5 x 30″)
  • Co-sleeper 79 x 46 cm (31 x 18″)
  • Halo – 76.2 x 45.7 cm (30 x 18″) hourglass shape
  • Stokke Sleepi Mini – 58 x 74 cm (23 x 29″)
  • Stokke Sleepi Bed – 68 x 120 cm (27 x 47″)
  • Stokke Sleepi Junior – 72 x 165 cm (29 x 65″)




We make products that are built to last from high-quality materials. Though to enjoy using them for as long as possible, there are a few best practices that should be followed – find them here.


*These are handmade items. Please, allow some deviation in dimensions. Any deviation in dimensions less than 5% is considered acceptable.
*All wool-filled items are subject to some degree of compression. However, we stuff items densely with wool so they come thicker than advertised and over the first months of use compress down to about their advertised thickness.
*Wool fibers are in various natural colors and have the natural odor of sheep, which will be gone in a couple of months.


Thank you!


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Mini – 25 x 38 cm (10" x 15"), Bassinet – 38 x 76 cm (15" x 30"), Arm's Reach Clear Vue – 18 x 32″, Arm's Reach – 19 x 32.5″, KootaCrib – 40 x 81 (16" x 32"), IKEA Solgul / Cradle – 81 x 50 cm  (31 7/8 x 19 5/8"), Snuggle Me Organic Lounger – 47 x 76 cm (18.5 x 30″), Co-sleeper 79 x 46 cm (31 x 18″), Cradle / Glider – 45 x 90 cm (18" x 36"), Changing table – 68 x 67 cm (27 x 26″), Minicrib / Portacrib – 61 x 97 cm (24" x 38"), Playpen – 66 x 94 cm (26" x 37"), Cot – 60 x 120 cm (23.6 x 47.2″), UK Crib – 70 x 140 cm (27.5" x 55"), US Crib – 71 x 132 cm (28" x 52"), Stokke Sleepi Mini – 58 x 74 cm (23 x 29″), Stokke Sleepi Bed – 68 x 120 cm (27 x 48″), Stokke Sleepi Junior – 72 x 165 cm (29 x 65"), Halo – 76.2 x 45.7 cm (30 x 18”), Moses – 28 x 71 cm (11 x 28″), Moses – 38 x 71 cm (15 x 28″)

20 reviews for Washable Wool Puddle Pad

  1. Jeannette Royall

    I chose a medium protector pad to put underneath the fitted sheet on our king bed, right where the baby sleeps and nurses and drools. I gave it a lanolin bath beforehand and it’s been bulletproof! I’m so happy with the quality and ever since it showed up I’ve been planning my next purchase from Home of Wool. Thank you for these beautiful products.

  2. Ashley Hayes

    Love my protector pad for my Moses basket! I originally chose this store because the dimensions of the pad were the closest to my basket but they contacted me and ended up customizing it at no extra charge 🙂 there was a little hiccup with shipping (not their fault) but their customer service was amazing and they were very quick to help fix it.

  3. Carolyn Plou

    Beautiful quality. Well made. Thank you!

  4. Megan McCoy

    Crib pad is perfect! Fits perfectly, such high quality! Nice and thick but still can use our regular sheets. Love it.

  5. aoit

    So well made and not bulky like the wool mattress pad that we used to have. It has already protected our mattress from our newborn on a number of occasions. So happy that we got this!

  6. Eve

    A very happy repeat customer! Customer service was quick and friendly, my custom order was processed very efficiently.

  7. Fanny

    Aucune odeur, parfait, délais respectés et réponses rapides.

  8. Rose

    Home of Wool is wonderful!!!!! They were so great to get a baby shower gift sent to me ASAP and it made it just in time!! Their products and quality is just beautiful! Can’t wait to order for my own!

  9. flhsmom

    Wow! Above and beyond what I expected. Carefully packed and arrived on time. Exactly what I wanted. I would definitely order from here again

  10. LotusBee

    Happy with my wool pad!

  11. bgolbere

    well made, arrived on time and nicely packaged stays in place better than old mattress pad and doesn’t get folds in it

  12. Krystina Stiffler

    These are great! Very thick and well made.

  13. Auzi M.

    Beautiful! Received in 3 weeks if others are wondering how long shipment can take to the US. I will be using this as a changing pad after treating with lanolin. Thank you for a great product

  14. Laura

    Love it! I have purchased several items from Home of Wool, including a wool crib mattress, mattress pad, play mat and this co-sleeper, and they are all very well-made. Communication with the seller is fast, professional and courteous. I will be a repeat customer for sure!

  15. naomi stewart

    love it, thank you. highly recommend

  16. shenessentials

    This is a beautiful wool pad. I could not be happier with my purchase. Awesome product, awesome price, awesome company. Laryssa~~~

  17. Mindy B.

    I really wanted to love this, the shop owner is very nice and quick to answer questions. It arrived in a reasonable amount of time, but the sewing around the edges is a bit wonky, and the salvage edge of the fabric is visible on the side seamed edge on one side, and it is SO scratchy under my sheets, really not bearable to sleep on, so now I think I will shell out a bit more money next time and get something from another company. ETA: Rosica contacted me directly and offered a return on this item, I explained to her that I did not at present have the money to return it to Bulgaria (over $30 shipping) and she kindly offered me a refund. Excellent customer service and very kind person.

  18. Hilary Coté

    I love the piddle puddle pad! It is exactly as described and fits my mattress well. I’ll be back when I need the next size up. Thanks for the great communication and quick service!

  19. Jennie

    Although we haven’t fully put them to the moisture-barrier test, we treated them with a wool cure / lanolinizer and they’re ready for action. They look well-made and are very substantial. On top of these puddle pads / barriers, for the baby bed, we put a couple layers of cotton molton (brushed cotton) plus a sheet, and a similar set-up for the changing table.

  20. Johnny Hastings

    Excellent item, and excellent seller. Thanks a ton!

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