Collaboration with Tiny Shiny Home

Behind the Tiny Shiny Home there is a family of dreamers and adventurers, a family of six that travels full-time: Ashley, Jonathan, and their 4 kids: The Longneckers! We couldn’t be happier for being able to be a small part of that project: The Tiny Shiny Home Airstream Sovereign Renovation.

“After nearly 3 years in the Airstream on the same foam cushions, it was time for an upgrade. I researched for weeks trying to find the perfect solution.”

Ashley wanted the new mattresses and cushions to be non-toxic and made of organic and sustainable materials.

At first she made a trial order for some of our wool-filled sleeping pillows:

“We received the pillows quickly and the craftsmanship was extremely impressive. I mean, it’s just a pillow, but their attention to detail did not go unnoticed. We ordered the standard pillows and wool pillow protectors.

What is so unique about these pillows is you can just unzip them and remove or add wool to find your perfect feel. It took several nights before I felt like I had it dialed in, but now it’s perfect! But here’s the best part…

I used to sleep with a pile of Kleenex nearby because I would have to blow my nose every night when I laid down and all throughout the night. Now, no Kleenex needed in bed. This was huge for me. Not only was it annoying to Jonathan, who is on the outside of the bed and would have to get the Kleenex if I forgot them, it was super frustrating to me. I couldn’t even lay down in bed without my nose running!!

After several weeks with our new pillows, and seeing the change in my sleep, I really began thinking seriously about our mattresses and bedding.”

And so we began our Tiny Shiny Home adventure! Have a look at the result:

You can find all the details of our Tiny Shiny Home adventure here.

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