Collaboration with the Botanical and Two Green Shoots

Have we told you the story of how our wool mattresses ended up in the beautiful B&B guestrooms at the Botanical?

We love the edible paradise and the dreamy house Adam and Kloe have created in Glengarriff, West Cork, Ireland. We were really excited when they contacted us way back in time so that we can work together and enhance the experience of their guests with our wool mattresses and custom wool cushions. And guess what, everything on the property is natural and toxic-free: the wool carpets, the reclaimed wood furniture, the artwork on the walls, the VOC’s free paint on the walls!

“So today we’re celebrating sleep & the incredible Home of Wool who have custom-made indulgent wool mattresses, covers, chair & window seat cushions for The Botanical B&F.⁠ Made from wool, organic cotton & linen, free from chemicals, fire retardants & synthetic fibers, these all-natural breathable pieces help ensure ultimate comfort & the best nights sleep for our guests.”

Thank you, Kloe and Adam, for making us part of this magical property full of lovely greens and veggies!

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