Collaboration with Camu & Morrison

This wonderful room was designed by the amazing team of Camu & Morrison. It’s a Japanese cinema room with Tatami Flooring, hand-dyed vintage French linen walling, vintage African textile cushions, and Home of Wool Tufted Daybed Cushions.

We had the honor of collaborating with those professionals on a few occasions before. So when they came to us again with a request to create a custom mattress for this project we were very excited to join right away! The daybed here is constructed of 3 equal pieces of tufted cushions filled with our 100% natural wool stuffing.

The customer wanted some extra thickness, so we made the cushions at 20 cm each to accommodate that. The other special thing on this occasion was that the customer had chosen a very dark upholstery fabric which he explicitly wanted for the covers. Working with customer-provided fabrics is something we embrace as it gives us an opportunity to expand our art and give our customers 100% satisfaction with the products we create for them.

The finished look, in this case, was fitting perfectly the setting and was everything the customer wanted to see! We’re very proud that we had another opportunity to work with such professional and talented designers and look forward to many collabs like this one! Thank you, Natasha & Kial, for choosing us!

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