Our Workshop

It was in September of 2017 that we knew it was time for a change. So, we marked the beginning of our exciting new chapter: The relocation to our new workshop tailored to align flawlessly with our unique needs. Finally, we had the space and privacy we needed to expand our creative horizons and cultivate our craft to better serve our valued clients.

Our strictly Feng Shui-oriented Atelier holds a special space in our hearts. It’s not just our art studio. It’s also our second home. Our creative hub. Photography space. Writing haven. Social brewery where our friends and families are always welcome.

The laws and principles of Feng Shui are of high importance to us. We value the creative process for artisans. It’s all about striking an architectural design with an exquisite balance between the “invisible forces” that surround us – the little things that bind the universe, it’s people, and the only planet we have to call home. Together, these things form what is known as “Qi”.

A vital contributor to “Qi” is the utilization of high-quality, eco-friendly materials. Everything we use ensures that our workshop remains safe and toxin-free. We believe in sustainable development; promoting an eco-friendly lifestyle through the small yet powerful choices we make daily.

Without smoke or noise polluting our space, our expert craftsmen can focus on what matters: Adhering to traditional artisanal methods while respecting the region’s humble ecosystem. At the end of the day, it’s not just about producing high-quality products. For us, it’s also about shaping a better tomorrow, today. The youngest members of our generation are counting on it.