Home of Wool - The Hidden Hormone Disruptors Inside Your Mattress

The Hidden Hormone Disruptors Inside Your Mattress

In today's world, there are over 100,000 chemicals in use, but only a small fraction has been adequately tested for potential human health effects. Surprisingly, conventional mattresses often [...]
montessori bed with kid

Wool Montessori Bed: A Cozy Haven for Safe and Engaged Sleep

Discover the enchanting world of Montessori philosophy, a nurturing approach that empowers children to explore, learn, and thrive at their own pace. In this article, we delve into [...]
Mulberry Silk Bedding - cover and pillow cases

Mulberry Silk Bedding: 6 Benefits for Luxurious Comfort

PillowcaseDuvet Cover Get ready to embark on a sleep journey like no other, with unrivaled comfort and luxurious allure. Let's dive into the remarkable benefits and uses of [...]
woman on a Wool Floor Sleeping Mat

Wool Floor Sleeping Mat For The Ultimate Comfort

The wool floor sleeping mat has gained relevance and popularity as a comfortable and space-saving bedding option. It’s beneficial for individuals seeking a minimalist lifestyle, those living in [...]
woman with yoga bolster

Wool Yoga Bolster That Will Transform Your Health

In the realm of yoga and holistic well-being, the yoga bolster stands as a versatile and invaluable prop. With its unique shape and supportive design, this essential accessory [...]

Take Your Yoga & Meditation to the Next Level

Invite the Power of Nature to Your Practice with Our Organic Handcrafted Yoga & Meditation Gear! Calming Support Wool’s exceptional supportive qualities are a natural gift that will [...]
5 tips to beat chronic fatigue - coffee mug in bed

Why Are You Always Tired? 5 Tips To Beat Chronic Fatigue

The weekend's just finished; it's Monday morning, and a big to-do list is waiting for you... But instead of feeling energetic and motivated after the two days off, [...]
baby sucking on a wood cube

What’s wrong with our children’s toys? Dangerous chemicals, color choice, and alternatives.

As caring parents, we all want to provide the healthiest and safest environment for our children. From the food they eat and the cosmetics we put on their [...]
3 aloe vera plants with white stones

Top 5 Air Purifying Indoor Plants

The quality of the air in our homes correlates directly with our overall health. Having access to clean air at home is not a luxury but a necessity. [...]

Top 3 Health Benefits of Restorative Sleep

You can survive up to 2 months without food but last only 11 days without sleep before your body completely shuts down. In Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, sleep [...]