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Busted: Five Myths about Wool

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How to Help Your Child Sleep Better - Home of Wool co-sleeping cushion with baby


How to Help Your Child Sleep Better

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The Life Span of a Mattress

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The Hidden Hormone Disruptors Inside Your Mattress

In today's world, there are over 100,000 chemicals in use, but only a small fraction has been adequately tested for potential human health effects. Surprisingly, conventional mattresses often contain undisclosed chemicals, making them a notable source of daily chemical exposure that can affect our well-being and metabolism. Given that we [...]

Deep and Safe Sleep: The Anti-Reflux Wool Pillow for Babies

The well-being of babies is of paramount importance. All parents strive to ensure the comfort and safety of their little ones in every way possible. One common issue that many infants face is reflux, a condition where stomach contents flow back into the esophagus, causing discomfort and often leading to [...]

Wool Montessori Bed: A Cozy Haven for Safe and Engaged Sleep

Discover the enchanting world of Montessori philosophy, a nurturing approach that empowers children to explore, learn, and thrive at their own pace. In this article, we delve into the core principles of Montessori and how they beautifully harmonize with the all-natural wool Montessori bed—a sleep sanctuary designed to promote safety, [...]

Mulberry Silk Bedding: 6 Benefits for Luxurious Comfort

PillowcaseDuvet Cover Get ready to embark on a sleep journey like no other, with unrivaled comfort and luxurious allure. Let's dive into the remarkable benefits and uses of mulberry silk, unlocking the secrets to a truly rejuvenating slumber that will leave you feeling pampered and refreshed. Beauty Beneath the Surface: [...]

Wool Floor Sleeping Mat For The Ultimate Comfort

The wool floor sleeping mat has gained relevance and popularity as a comfortable and space-saving bedding option. It’s beneficial for individuals seeking a minimalist lifestyle, those living in small apartments, or anyone looking for an alternative to traditional beds. Wool emerges as the best material choice as it offers excellent [...]

Wool Yoga Bolster That Will Transform Your Health

In the realm of yoga and holistic well-being, the yoga bolster stands as a versatile and invaluable prop. With its unique shape and supportive design, this essential accessory helps practitioners delve deeper into their practice, unlocking great physical and mental benefits. When crafted from the natural and nurturing material of [...]

Take Your Yoga & Meditation to the Next Level

Invite the Power of Nature to Your Practice with Our Organic Handcrafted Yoga & Meditation Gear! Calming Support Wool’s exceptional supportive qualities are a natural gift that will provide you with unparalleled relaxation during your yoga & meditation practices. With its naturally flexible, durable, and incredibly springy fibers, the premium [...]

Wool Low Profile Pillow – the Top Benefits for Sleeping

Did you know your natural sleeping position dictates what type of pillow your body needs? Sleeping on your back, stomach, or sides requires different loft, firmness, and overall pillow design. If you wish to achieve optimal health and comfort, a sound long-term investment would be to find the most fitting [...]

Top 5 Bedroom Ideas for Couples

Creating a healthy, welcoming, and comforting bedroom environment is vital for all romantic relationships. The living space should create the mood for intimacy, trust, and romance. Good quality bedding and decor will elevate the room and set the right atmosphere for real pair bonding. This is why investing time and [...]

Customer Spotlight: Interview with Katherine R.

Welcome to our Customer Spotlight post series, in which we will feature interviews with some of our dear customers. Trusted by more than 12000 people with over 2500 5-star reviews, Home of Wool has brought much positive change to the lives of numerous families around the world. Why do people [...]