Sleeping on Wool: The Wool Pillow Benefits

Way back in time apes began building sleeping platforms and wooden pillows to improve their sleep. It was the Greeks and the Romans in Ancient Europe that mastered the art of creating softer pillows. All in search of comfort. For quite some time, however, the only people allowed to use a pillow while sleeping were the ones who had the highest social standard.

In our world full of pillow varieties, are you still searching for the best option to enjoy a good night’s rest? Well, it’s never too late to start sleeping better and there’s a whole science behind it, but one thing for sure, bedding matters. Read about all the benefits of wool sleeping pillows and why they might be the key to better sleep.

Wool Pillows & Temperature Regulation

Temperature is critical for good sleep. Wool regulates your body temperature like no other material and will simply not allow you to sweat during the night.

Wool keeps you in the “thermal comfort zone” for longer, says University of Sydney’s Associate Professor Chin Moi Chow, summarizing the results of a study on sleep and wool. It promotes healthier sleep and the main reason for that is wool’s quality to control your body temperature through its unprecedented breathability and moisture management.

Wool fiber is approximately twice as effective as cotton at moving moisture vapor through fabric and 10 times better than polyester. In other words, wool bedding will surely help you say Bye, bye! to those night sweats.

Wool keeps you fresh in the summer & cozy in the winter so that you can sleep really well in all seasons and forget all about that soaked pillow!

Wool Pillows & Comfort

Comfort is a matter of personal sensation, but there are some basics that are valid for everybody. On one hand, it’s thermal comfort during sleep and on the other, it’s basic physical comfort.

What about if you could adapt and personalize your pillow to the thickness and softness of your liking? In other words, one pillow fits all! That’s one of the best benefits of our wool pillows. Each one of them has a zipper that allows you to adjust the fill volume to the height and firmness you find most comfortable.

Home of Wool adjustable wool sleeping pillow with text

Talking about comfort, you’ve probably heard about the magic (science actually) behind ergonomic pillows. What is that? A group of researchers has studied the effect of the ergonomic pillows on chronic neck pain and concluded that ergonomic pillows can improve alleviation of pain and sleeping quality compared to ordinary pillows, as described and published in the Journal of the Ergonomics Society of Korea. We’ve taken it to the next level and created a wool ergonomic pillow to combine the power of ergonomic shapes and the power of wool so that you can elevate your sleep experience.

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Wool Pillows, Dust Mites & Allergies

Dust mites are a major cause of allergies and asthma. Some of the most frequent symptoms of a mild dust mites allergy are sneezing, runny nose, itchy, watery eyes, postnasal drip, and cough. Upward rubbing of the nose is also a dust mite allergy symptom in children. And while you cannot completely eliminate dust mites, you can at least get them out of your bed by choosing dust mite resistant mattress and bedding. After all, it’s a third of your life that you spend in bed. If you can keep that safe, you’re already one step closer to better health.

If there is one thing that dust mites despise, it’s wool. Why so? They just don’t like lanolin. Plus, the structure of the wool fibers repels them, making wool bedding the only naturally dust mite resistant option. That’s why wool bedding is perfect for people with MCS and other chemical sensitivities. It manages to keep allergies away without any added toxic chemicals.

Your new pillow could be your first step in experiencing better sleep. So choose carefully and bet on nature for peaceful and toxic-free sleep.

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