All the Curious Uses of Wool

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All that magic that wool has to offer! And all the benefits we can get from its fibers! We bet you already know that wool is the supreme material for mattresses, bedding, carpets, and clothing! But in what other ways can we utilize it? Here are some of the most interesting and curious uses of wool.

Wool in gardening

One of the greatest benefits of wool is its 100% biodegradability. Wool biodegrades fully in water and soil, releasing nutritious and important fertilizers. In gardening wool can also be used for mulching. Its great insulating properties will prevent weeds and will also retain soil moisture. That is why many farmers around the globe use wool to grow healthy and nutritious produce.

Wool in building insulation

Wool insulation of buildings was quite popular before synthetic materials entered the game and started dominating the market due to mainly lower and more competitive prices despite the damage they cause to the environment. Because of its great insulating properties wool can keep buildings both warm (or cool when needed) and quiet without any harmful side effects.

Wool in Space

Did you know that you can find wool even aboard the International Space Station? We are talking about Merino clothing, worn by the astronauts up there, that is created to withstand the most extreme conditions. Now, that is spectacular!

Wool in firefighting

Wool has an incredibly high ignition point. How does 1,382 degrees Fahrenheit (600 Centigrade) sound to you? It’s probably the best all-natural fire-resistant material. That is why wool mattresses and wool furniture are not legally required to be treated with flame retardants in the USA. And that is why firefighters use wool uniforms. Unlike nylon and polyester wool does not melt, drip, or burst if it catches fire.

Wool in sports

Merino wool is such a high-performance fiber that more and more professional athletes start using it. In 2021 Merino was even taken to Center Court at Wimbledon when Andy Murray competed in a Merino wool kit.

While wool was once upon a time a common attire for tennis players, it was taken aside by synthetics. What are the reasons for its comeback? Merino wool provides unparalleled skin comfort, breathability, and thermoregulation, keeping players cool and comfortable during the game.

Wool in music

Did you know that you can even find wool on the piano hammers? Wool and wool felt specifically is used at large in the musical industry. High density felt is also used in percussion. As mentioned above, wool is an excellent sound absorbing material and can also be used in insulating recording studios and concert halls.

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Wool of different animals has been a valuable and beneficial material all over the world throughout history. The more we learn about it, and the more science and new technologies advance, the more valuable wool becomes. At times when we are searching for all-natural solutions that are kinder to the planet and to human health, no wonder we are discovering more and more uses of wool. Raw wool is now, for example, working its way to become the primary material used in cleaning marine oil spills, providing an environmentally friendly and novel way of dealing with oil at sea. How marvelous is that!


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