This is what a bed is supposed to feel like and do for all of us

We want to thank you immensely for the beautifully-made, excellently-crafted, wool mattress we just received yesterday. The shipping was also very fast to Canada- and thank you for sending it all the way here! When we opened the package, I was delighted to see the quality of craft that went into this mattress. I had a vintage wool mattress many years ago and had to give it away due to its weight being too much when I moved, so I’ve been wanting a new one, and was so excited to order and receive this one. The fabric is thick and sturdy. The wool tufting is perfect! Each little bow is perfectly-placed and tied. The large piping makes for such a lovely look, and it is very functional; I love to feel the soft squareness from the piping when I sit on the edge. The little touches of pride of workmanship are also a treat: the heavy-duty zipper and zipper-pulls with your logo and name, the envelope with tufting string and instructions, the strong handles on both sides, the hand-written thank you note on the tag! I’m so impressed, and so is everyone in my family; we’re working out who gets the next one! We unrolled it and made it up immediately, and then spent two hours just being on it; I fell asleep in the middle of the day for an hour! I didn’t know I would… it is so super comfortable! We’ve had one night sleeping on it, and I can’t believe I waited so long to buy this…. Would that everyone could wake up feeling so refreshed and aligned. Thank you for this treasure. You do a service for the wellbeing of others, and this is noble work. Gratitude to you.

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