the only bed we like!

My partner and I are so happy that we found Home of Wool. We were shopping for a mattress and quickly realized that most options out there are totally unhealthy – either for humans, for the environment, or (usually) both. We couldn’t in good conscience buy something like that, so we continued to scour the internet for something that we could feel good about purchasing. One day, we stumbled upon Home of Wool. After spending some time on the website and reading about how the company started, we knew that there would be no other choice for us! Besides, Home of Wool makes shikibuton mattresses, which is perfect because we sleep in a loft and wanted a bed that is low profile and made for being on the floor. On top of all of this, Home of Wool provides excellent, personalized customer service. We could feel how important it was to the staff that we get what we are looking for and are happy with our purchase, which was so great. When the mattress arrived, we knew instantly how amazing it would be! It is firm but comfy, has no odor, and is beautifully made. We travel a lot and after sleeping on our new wool mattress at home for a few months, there was nothing else out there that could measure up. It feels so good to know that we are sleeping on a natural product made with care for the animals and the environment, and we are glad to support a company that works ethically and with such a good purpose. We will definitely be buying from Home of Wool again! In fact, we just adopted a dog and couldn’t bring ourselves to purchase any kind of pet bed that we saw in the stores. I just returned to the Home of Wool website, wondering if they make pet beds, and was delighted to see that they do! I highly recommend this company to anyone seeking a quality mattress or bedding. I have only the highest praise for what they do.