Simply Perfect

We are so happy with our new custom bench cushions! They came out perfectly, fitting precisely into the non-standard bench shapes. What a contrast with the sad, thin foam cushions we used to have with their dubious cheap upholstery covering. So nice to have natural wool and linen/cotton. The quality of our new cushions is amazing; the construction is so precise and high quality. There is no way we could have done anything close to this quality ourselves. They are also so much more comfortable than the old cushions were.

The ordering process and communication were also perfect. Don’t worry if your needs don’t fit into the basic shapes set up for quick ordering on the website; just contact them and they will explain exactly how to provide the measurements needed for any design. Once we placed the order, they quickly communicated with us to clarify a few items in our design, and then before we knew out our cushions were on the way. Shipping/customs didn’t take too long, and soon we were unwrapping these very carefully packaged products. I can’t even think of anything to nitpick. It’s very rare nowadays to have such a satisfying experience with anything you purchase. We just had windows installed in the same space, and at more than 20x the price I can assure you we did not receive half the quality and service we got from Home of Wool. The photo here in fact still shows our old windows, enough said.

I hope we find another need to order from Home of Wool in the future. Highly and warmly recommended!

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