Quality company

Great company. Speedy responses and quality materials. I deal with chemical sensitivities so that was one reason why I ordered from home Of wool. My wool comforter arrived smelled like nothing but organic cotton and a small scent of wool. But all very pleasant. No factory or chemical smells! Felt like a miracle in the world we live in today. The shipping did take quite awhile, but it was worth it for the product. The only thing I don’t like about it is the fact that it’s not stuffed with loose wool, it’s actually like an entire sheet of “felted” (probably not the right wording for it) wool with the cotton sewn over it. I was made aware of this, so no fault to the company whatsoever. Just unfortunate because it does make the comforter more stiff and kind of hard to manage inside of the duvet cover. Not as fluffy and cozy feeling as my other wool comforter that has wool stuffing inside. But!! It’s truly a wonderful product and I am otherwise very happy with my purchase.

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