Perfect for the “Canaries in a Coal Mine”

Mattresses are awesome. Customer service: excellent. I’ve searched high and low for an affordable wool mattresses. Home of Wool was the only reasonably priced one out there. I was concerned with quality: but not anymore. I want others to understand the high caliber product they are buying. I have multiple chemical sensitivities, a sense of smell beyond many humans, and have been very disappointed with other products that are supposed to be for sufferers like me (losing lots of money in the process too). Upon receipt, they were packaged well, coming in their own woven poly bags, surrounded by shrink wrap, and a very nice personal touch with each mattress (I won’t say as to what as to not ruin the gesture). They did smell of wet sheep upon opening (I know as I have neighbors that own sheep) but do not fear: it’s because they were wrapped up in plastic for weeks and all they need is to air out. I received them in late fall so sunning them outside was not an option, but we do have patio doors that face full south. They sat in the full sun for two days (flipping after the first day) and the smell was almost non-existent. I slept good the first night. I love how they are hand tufted, zippered so you can access the filling if you need to, the materials are organic, and I could choose the outer material that works best for me. I do not wake up to nasal congestion anymore, I have sounder sleeps, and it just feels good to my body. Such a difference for this “canary in a coal mine”. My kids are like me and I bought them each one too. My son has not had a nose bleed yet: he would get one, give or take, every week.

Thank you so much Home of Wool for caring about all of us canaries.