My nest of wool

I’ve been sleeping on my wool mattress for about two months now. I absolutely love it. The thought of sleeping on 100% natural material is very comforting because we spend about 30% of our lives sleeping. It’s a very firm mattress which doesn’t bother me, I believe we don’t need extreme amounts of cushion to sleep. It is however important to have good sleeping posture. I’ve been training myself to have good sleep posture for years now. My boyfriend however, says he wakes up with a stiff back when sleeping on the wool mattress but he also has insomnia and bad sleeping posture. I think this is a great company because I believe they put care into each mattress, I received mine with a hand signed thank you note. I sought out Home of Wool because I am fascinated with sheep and the old way of using wool and natural products to make everything. I am happy knowing I can spend 30% of my life on a bed of wool and hope that this mattress will last me a very long time.