Life Changer

I LOVE my mattress, and heres why. We bought a 7″ king sized mattress and it was wonderfully packaged, shipping all the way from Europe to Oregon, USA! It is beautiful and very good quality. My boyfriend has a lot of complications from scoliosis, inverted hips, legs that are different sizes, and old shoulder injuries. He had back pains all his life and they have disappeared now that we sleep on wool! I kid you not, it works. It was a little firm to get used to for me, but now it seems to have softened and gotten cozier over the last four months that we have owned it. We have different sleeping schedules where one of us is either waking up at 3am or at 7am and there is very little motion transference when we awaken. I love that it is naturally fire resistant, and a healthy mattress overall. I have skin allergies that developed a few years ago and now I’m allergic to goose down(yes, very sad), but my skin can handle the wool very nicely. There was some difficulty finding slats in the US and a bed frame that wasn’t going to be custom, but we found one in our price range. It’s also important to maintain the mattress, if you cant flip and rotate it regularly, this mattress isn’t for you. Originally I was going to buy the topper and the mattress at the same time but opted to just try the mattress first. I’m glad I did because after getting used to, the mattress is soft enough for us (this was my main concern about the mattress). I’m so happy with the service as well, they answered many of my questions promptly. If you want to invest in a long term mattress, this is the one!

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