My husband and I purchased a US queen that arrived in October, and, in short, we are thrilled with it. We were diligent about rotating the mattress every 5 days or so for the first 4 months that we had it, which helped with the evenness of the compression. Now we flip it every 2 weeks or so. It does compress over time, but it does not become “hard” necessarily. It isn’t springy like a typical mattress, but it is very comfortable. We sleep great on it. We received it when I was in my second trimester of pregnancy, and I slept on it through the rest of my pregnancy until the present. We co-sleep with our newborn, and everyone sleeps well. There is some uneven compression between the sides where my husband and I sleep and the middle of the mattress between us, but it is not terrible. We make a point to sleep in the middle if we are napping in bed by ourselves to help even it out. We sprinkle lavender essential oil on it when we flip it to keep moths away. We love how comfortable the mattress is, its slim profile (we are building a tiny house with a Murphy bed and needed something that was not too tall), and that the entire mattress is natural and free of chemicals and could be composted if necessary. We hope it will last us decades. We located a wool carder in our state, and we’re hoping to use them to freshen it up periodically.