Home of Wool is Home for me and my family!

To whom it may concern,

If you are looking for products that will give work to Europeans and help to smash the zionist/judaeo communist world view that has been assualting us all since their attack against the USA on 9-11-01 AD and now the COVID scam, look no further than the wonderful people here at “Home of Wool.” I have four king size pillows, one body pillow, a back sleeper pillow, one side sleeper pillow, two summer weight comforters, two custom made yoga mats which have not arrived yet, and one XL 2 inch thick dog bed. Which I can attest to being the best products which I have ever purchased. The construction of all of them is second to none and I am more than pleased with what I have purchased from Mrs. Rosica and Mimi. Congratulations too Mrs. Mimi on the birth of her child by the way! May they grow up to be as helpful as their mother! All of my products are more expensive than the things you will buy from judaeo communist controlled countries, but in doing so you are battling against the Kalergi plan of the elders of zion and helping to ensure a free and more hopeful future for all Europeans as we struggle against the self appointed chosenites against whom we have all had to battle these last two years especially. Tell the Truth and Shame the Devil! You cannot go wrong with Home of Wool products and I will be engaging them again in the future to purchase more products which may last the rest of my lifetime, I am thirty-nine now.

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