Cozy Cabin – Craftsman Vibes…!

Home of Wool has been an exceptional experience since the beginning, while building our cabin, every effort was made to ensure that all materials were craft-made and of the heirloom variety, Home of Wool products were of no exception…!

Our purchase included a wool filled mattress in linen casing and four wool pillows in linen casings with a wool cover for all – these pieces are absolutely the most talked about pieces in the home.

We were slightly concerned at first making such a large international purchase order having never visited their shop, but we put our trust in them and there products and are beyond pleased by our experience throughout, especially with the craftsmanship and customer service involved throughout the process, we can surely extend a recommendation for all who are looking for a timeless and enduring staple for their home.

We hope to continue supporting their efforts moving forward and look forward to our next Airbnb rental remodel so that we can again outfit it accordingly – Thank you Home of Wool πŸ˜‰