Amazing company

We purchased a Shikibuton mattress. Shipping to the US it took some time but got here well packaged and with no harm at all. I will say the Shikibuton is exceptionally firm, more so then we were expecting. We were not 100% into it. It was almost uncomfortably firm. In retrospect and after messages with their amazing customer service deptartment we realized (and wished) we had purchased one of the thicker mattresses available which, would have most likely given us the more fluffy effect we were wanting. The owners went into full satisfaction mode and since a return on our part was not doable, we were offered a code to discount the price of a mattress topper that would be made with leftover fabric pieces. They assured me that even though it was leftover fabric, the topper would be the same quality as all their others. We received our mattress topper and I will say that it’s also impeccably made. I can not even notice the fact that it’s made with multiple pieces of leftover fabric. As for the comfort, that topper did the trick! Now our bed is firm yet cozy. All the reviews are right, there is no way to explain the way a wool mattress feels. But I have to say that the Shikibuton is extremely firm. Overall, we are definitely pleased with our end results.
My husband suffers from PSA and I being in my early 40’s, had been waking up sore for awhile. Both of us have a more restful sleep and wake up in much less pain then we were prior to sleeping on this mattress and topper. Customer service went above and beyond. Emails are answers timely and every single question I asked was answered honestly, intelligently and with out frustration. They had no problem answering question after question. The products I purchased are of the most quality crafted items I have ever owned. With out a doubt, I would not hesitate to order again.