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Perfect for filling pillows, cushions, dolls, DIY.




We carefully choose our wool and it is as pure as possible without chemicals, dyes, polymers, or toxins and should be suitable for multiple chemical sensitivity sufferers or those who have allergies.

We take our wool from a Bulgarian mill, where the raw wool has been washed with Foryl-LN, a biodegradable and free of APEO washing agent, produced by Pulcra Chemicals GmbH and approved by Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) – Version 4.0.
Our wool has not been bleached, carbonized or dyed. It is granted authorization according to Oeko-Tex Standard 100 for meeting the human-ecological requirements of the standard precisely established for baby products.

Wool is superior to all other fibers in its ability to handle body moisture in both warm and cool environments. The porosity of the cells in the outer layers of wool fiber allows them to quickly and efficiently absorb and evaporate moisture. In fact, the fibers can absorb up to 30% of their own weight in moisture — ten times as much as any synthetic fiber — without feeling damp or clammy. The porous structure also explains why wool is such a good thermal insulator, not to mention the mesh of the fibers, which creates millions of air pockets that further help to regulate temperature and humidity.

Wool is a naturally strong fiber. It can bend back on itself 20,000 times without breaking. Compare this to cotton at 3,200 times. Due to its unique chemical structure and natural moisture content, wool is naturally fire-resistant. And despite its natural moisture content, wool’s dry, porous nature repels mildew and dust mites.


Wool is a natural fiber and it is:

  • Environmentally Sustainable
  • Hypoallergenic – Dust mites don’t like wool. They prefer hot humid environments that are more common in synthetic or down products. Dust mites are the major cause of allergy and asthma suffering.
  • Fire Resistant – That’s why firefighters wear wool uniforms and natural bedding manufacturers use wool in their products to meet fire codes.
  • Regulates Temperature – You can wear wool from the coldest temperatures up to 80+ degrees and be comfortable.
  • Water Repellent
  • Ultralight Insulator – Wool is an excellent insulator and has one of the highest insulation to weight ratios of any natural or man-made fiber.
  • Mildew Resistant – Wool fibers have a natural water-wicking property that prevents moisture from being retained in the fabric. Besides keeping the skin dry, this quality also naturally inhibits mildew. Wool also has natural anti-microbial properties because bacteria tend to be attracted to smooth positively charged surfaces like those of synthetic fibers rather than the scaly, neutrally charged surface of the wool fiber. Hospital studies have shown that bacterial colonies are common in cotton sheets while not present on Merino blankets subjected to the same environmental conditions.
  • Diminishes Body Odor – Most synthetic fibers actually increase body odor because they create a breeding ground for bacteria.

Read more here.



Avoid washing. Washing wool will cause fibers to stick together and form clumps and will need to be carded. Wool is anti-microbial and anti-bacterial. If you need to wash it, use lukewarm water and a mild detergent.


1 kg = 2.2 pounds
1 pound = 0.45 kg


Thank you for your time!

Eco-Tip: Replace your polyester pillow inserts with padding from natural fibers.


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10 reviews for Oeko-Tex Certified Wool Stuffing

  1. sandra

    I am very happy. The shipping was fast and the product is wonderfull.

  2. Daniela Delgado

    Fast delivery! Amazing wool! I will order again thank you

  3. HeartstringSamplery

    Who knew that 2 pounds of wool would be so much? I am thrilled that I’ll be stocked up for a long time. Thank you for shipping to the US!

  4. tathanka

    Lovely people to deal with, efficient and trustworthy and very conscientious in handling order. The wool too is simply lovely: cozy, and fresh and sweet to smell. I wanted something completely natural to stuff embroidered pillows I got as a present for my wife, and I succeeded: she loves this wool.

  5. Bridget Besaw

    Well “made” wool and packaged and delivered in a timely manner. Great shop!

  6. Emmanuelle

    Bonne qualité, expédition rapide. Je recommande.

  7. Pasqaline57

    We received our wool today. Packaged very very well. I love the feel of the wool so soft. Thank you all ! Ivan answered all my questions ,andthere were a lot of questions. We love the fact that sheep just had to get a hair cut and go back to eating in the pastures. Thank you all very much.

  8. Jenn

    nice and wooly smelling (lanolin) and very little vegetable matter. short cuts so not spinning worthy but was purchased for stuffing a giant octopus im knitting for my son and its working perfectly! packed very well for an overseas shipping and came in a very timely manner.

  9. Renee Kryl

    Item arrived on time and was as described. No complaints.

  10. Courtney L.

    great price and quality wool!

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