Organic Kids Teepee / Custom for Josiane


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42 x 42 x 47” (106.7 x 106.7 x 119 cm)

FILLING: Organic GOTS Certified Wool Batting

Window from natural mulberry silk mesh.
Removable bamboo sticks.
Inner pocket.
Easy 30-second assembly.
Removable washable outer cover.
Insert in 100% organic cotton fabric, hand-tufted with natural linen thread to keep the filling in place.
Durable zipper on the back so you can easily adjust, add or remove wool if necessary.
Complimentary mending kit.

FABRIC:● Organic 70% Cotton / 30% Hemp (GOTS certified)

YOUR SHIPPING METHOD:• FREE ECONOMY, 1-4 weeks transit time


Once a year, on a sunny day, allow it to air out (sun has a natural cleaning ability).
Machine wash the cover only at gentle cycle with mild detergent.

Avoid washing the base insert as this may cause fibers to stick together and form lumps. Wool is anti-microbial and anti-bacterial. If you need to wash it, use lukewarm water and a mild detergent. Air dry in the sun. Loose wool might need recarding after.


• These are handmade items. Please, allow some deviation in dimensions. Any deviation in dimensions less than 5% is considered acceptable.
• All wool-filled items are subject to some degree of compression. However, we stuff items densely with wool so they come thicker than advertised and over the first months of use compress down to about their advertised thickness.
• Wool fibers are in various natural colors and have the natural odor of sheep, which will be gone in a couple of months.


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