Kids Duvet Cover

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А one of a kind duvet cover combining handmade craftsmanship and luxurious comfort. All-natural, synthetic-free and fully customizable.

Make time: 1-2 weeks
Shipping time: 1-4 weeks
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All of our products are made of only All-natural, Sustainable, Renewable, Biodegradable, Recyclable materials, in a Chemical & Scent Free Facility, and are FREE of Flame retardants, Dyes, Synthetics, Plastics, Vinyl, Finishes, Carbonized wool, VOCs, etc. Also, our Wool, most of our Fabrics and even our zippers, are Oeko-Tex certified in the strictest category, for an added peace of mind. Oeko-Tex is one of the world’s oldest safety standards, similar to GOTS and more popular in Europe. It guarantees the certified materials are free of all harmful chemicals.


Send us a message to request size, shape, thickness, design, edges, piping, rounded corners, ties, seams, tufting, zippers, colors, materials, fabric or even use your own fabric.
We’ll respond with a quote within 24 hours.
Include any inspiration photos and a description of what you need, plus dimensions.
There is no customization charge, price is based only on size and materials.



  • Snap button enclosure. Can be replaced with zipper or ties on request, free of charge.
  • Helps you avoid chemicals that may be harmful even if ‘declared as safe’
  • Reduces exposure to VOCs in your home – wool has no off-gassing and zero VOCs
  • Suitable for people with MCS and other chemical sensitivities
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Biodegradable, sustainable, renewable
  • Highly breathable



Baby – 110 x 125 cm (43 x 49″)



Machine washable at gentle cycle, low temperature, with a mild detergent, without brighteners.


*These are handmade items. Please, allow some deviation in dimensions. Any deviation in dimensions less than 5% is considered acceptable.
*All fabrics are free of chemical finishes and finishing, so they are NOT stain resistant and wrinkle-free.
*This listing is for 1 cover.


Thank you for your time!


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100% Linen (Flax) Fabric with Thin Gray Stripes, 100% Linen (Flax) Fabric with Thin Red Stripes, 59% Linen / 41% Cotton blend


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    Make time: 1-2 weeks
    Shipping time: 1-4 weeks
    Send us a message to request express shipping.