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FOLDABLE MATTRESS with Removable Cover

75 x 28 x 3” (190.5 x 71.1 x 8 cm

FILLING: 7.8 kg (17.2 lbs) of Organic GOTS Certified Loose Wool

Zipper on back side.
Non-tufted with tufted insert.
Washable outer cover.
Insert cover fabric 100% Organic Cotton (lightweight)

FABRIC OF THE MATTRESS EXTERIOR: 100% Virgin Wool (Oeko-Tex certified)

YOUR SHIPPING METHOD: EXPRESS DHL, 3-4 days transit time

After you receive your items, unpack and store flat. Packaging naturally causes wool items to temporarily lose length/width due to the lack of hard elements inside. If your item appears shorter upon arrival, press on it and push outwards to expand it until side edges get completely straight and not wrinkled.


To ensure comfort and longevity, choose a suitable base. We recommend solid wooden slats spaced at no more than 2” apart. This will provide support and sufficient air circulation. Slats spaced over 2” apart may cause the mattress/cushion to sag in the gaps, causing the wool to compress unevenly, and you also may be able to feel the slats. Wool mattresses perform great on solid flat surfaces but make sure to rotate regularly to get them aired out since box spring and solid platforms block airflow.


1. A wool-filled item should be rotated once a week in the first two months (top to toe and side to side) to compress the wool evenly. Flip once a month thereafter.
2. Once a year allow to air out in the sun (sun has a natural cleaning ability).
3. Spot clean stains using a solution of 1:3 white vinegar:water and air-dry completely, in sunlight if possible.

* Custom items are not returnable.
* Shipping time is not guaranteed and is the sole responsibility of the shipping company.
* These are handmade items. Please, allow some deviation in dimensions.
* All wool-filled items are subject to some degree of compression.
* The wool fibers are in various natural colors and have the natural odor of sheep, which will be gone in a couple of months.
* Tufting is NOT decorative; it goes through the whole item.

OUR PRODUCTS are All Natural, Biodegradable, Recyclable, made in a Chemical & Scent Free Facility and contain NO fire retardant chemicals, NO carbonized wool, NO dyes, NO synthetic fibers, NO plastics, NO vinyl

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