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    Provide comfort and safety for you and the baby. Transform your child’s environment into a healthier space.

    Wool¬†breathes¬†easily and¬†regulates¬†temperature unlike any other material,¬†keeping you¬†cool in the summer¬†and¬†warm in the winter. Wicks away¬†body moisture¬†for sweat‚Äďfree¬†nights. Diminishes¬†body odor.¬†Wool is naturally¬†dust mite and mildew-resistant, anti-microbial,¬†anti-bacterial, and flame-resistant.¬†Round and soft for¬†safety.¬†Washable cover for¬†easy maintenance.¬†Made¬†without any chemicals and synthetics,¬†including¬†no flame retardants¬†and no glues, so¬†your child is¬†safe¬†from the harmful effects of most materials on the market. Offering¬†no off-gassing¬†and¬†zero VOCs.¬†Hypoallergenic, suitable for people with¬†chemical sensitivities,¬†including¬†MSC.

    Fully customizable, combining handmade craftsmanship and luxurious comfort.

    100% biodegradable, using only sustainable renewable materials