Our Story

A major life event is what led me to create Home of Wool. Years ago, my partner and I were excited to welcome home our baby boy. We noticed he was having trouble breathing. My desire was to provide a healthy and safe environment for my child and I was willing to take any measure to ensure it. I brought my son to several specialists and performed my own research.  Switching to organic foods and all-natural remedies didn’t help. My research on the dangers of home environments led my partner and me to buy a new home and utilize 100% natural materials and handcraft all its furniture. It eliminated the harmful chemicals and mold that are common in most household furnishings. My son’s allergies disappeared.  I could finally rest knowing he was safe. Our issues with allergens revealed a need that had been neglected by the furniture and mattress industry. With the help of natural sheep wool, flax linen, natural silk, and unbleached cotton, my partner and I started the line you know today as Home of Wool.

Home of Wool Rosica and Jarin

My extensive background as an architect aided me in creating the unique design of our handmade bedding and accessories. A natural and renewable resource, wool is dust-mite free, anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and mildew resistant. These qualities make it the perfect source for constructing mattresses and natural bedding. An old Bulgarian tradition that dates back centuries ago, wool mattresses are historically known to provide natural comfort. Wool mattresses have been used in many parts of the world for centuries before the industrial revolution brought mass-produced synthetic and petroleum-based bedding.

I’m devoted to creating a line of bedding and décor that improve your quality of life, just like it has for my family and so many others. My team and I work every day to ensure Home of Wool goes above and beyond in quality, purity, comfort, and safety.


— Rosica Petrova

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