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S G on Mar 13, 2019

Well made, high quality pillow. We searched all over the internet, reading and comparing different products and finally decided to go with this company. Yes, we were nervous to order from the other side of the globe, something we haven’s had a chance to see and feel in person, especially as it was our little one’s first proper pillow. But it’s great and seems to be everything its claimed to be. Love the option to remove or add wool to make it custom-fit. Very happy with it.

Emma Smurr on Jan 15, 2018

We just received our new wool pillows, and they are so, so comfortable! We also bought a queen sized mattress from HomeofWool, and it is the best sleep we have ever had! I recommend anyone considering a mattress to go for it! The pillows and mattress are beautifully constructed and feel so good to sleep on. I never want to go back to a ‘normal’ mattress and can’t wait to get to my bed after traveling.

cheesecake24 on Jul 11, 2017

This is my second purchase and I couldn’t be happier. These wool mattress protectors really do work against potty accidents. I love that they are so soft and comfy instead of the typical plastic mattress protector. If you’re thinking of buying, do not hesitate! Thank you Home of Wool for another great product!

Thomas Walsh on May 23, 2017

The best mattress protector, without question. The wool resists spills long enough for a very casual walk for a towel, and is dense enough to be impermeable to whatever sleeper may shed in the night. And it passes my good-as-new-after-a-trip-through-the-wash longevity and maintenance tests.

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