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christineaquino on Jun 07, 2017

These are such lovely items, thick, soft, and a little heavy (this is not some cheap foam). I requested the mattress and bolsters in a beautiful slubby silk-linen blend, and am so happy with the result. The effect is what I would call raw luxe. The items have a subtle sheen, yet retain the natural characteristics of the material. They were perfect for what I was looking for. High quality.

Darling Dear Co on Aug 03, 2018

This is the second time that I’ve ordered through House of Wool. Their quality is outstanding. I’ve been sleeping on their shikibuton for the past year and the temperature regulation is wonderful, as well as knowing that it is free of synthetic fire retardants and other chemical agents. I reacted badly to Ikea matresses in the past but these products are like a dream. I would highly recommend and can’t wait to order more of their beautiful items!

annacip on Jun 19, 2017

Amazing Pillows – especially the bolster! Very comfortable and best for neck pain..I enjoy it:) Its excellent products and fast shipping! I like the fabric as well..Thank you:))

dveinpudlswithme on Jun 10, 2017

This is great as a yoga bolster, but mostly I use it as a body pillow 🙂 Love the cover and the density of the wool filling.

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