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daisy2124 on Jun 18, 2021

I purchased the Heavy Wool Blanket, and absolutely love it, it’s thick enough, but not to thick, my sleep is much better no over heating like you can get with cotton or other fabrics I started to use it at end of summer,and keeps me nice and warm on those cold nights now, its just an always perfect temperature kind of blanket, should last for many many years because of the quality.

Eloisa G on Feb 04, 2017

“It is here since 2 weeks ago! Together with a beautiful soft wool blanket that I use every night. The mattress came smelling like summer field, my husband says, very fresh smell from it! Earthy like pasture and sheep 🙂 It’s a firm mattress, exactly what I was looking for. I’m very happy with it and hopefully we can order the super king in the following months”

Adrian Garrison on Jul 06, 2017

Just beautiful! this merino wool blanket is soft and brightens my day and warms cool nights. Well made and thank you for a natural blanket that is lovely.

Ashley Anderson on May 22, 2017

This is a high quality, thick, and durable blanket. I was highly pleased with the purchase and will likely be buying another.

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