Mattresses & Bedding

Home of Wool natural mattresses & bedding are made from all natural materials and are as pure as possible. They contain none of the questionable chemicals found in conventional mattresses, offering a completely natural and non-toxic option for adults, kids, and babies. We believe that removing chemicals from your sleep environment is essential for better health and longevity. We can provide an endless variety of mattress sizes and shapes as all our items are made to order. This way we ensure that there is a suitable option for everyone in your family to get a restful night’s sleep.

One of the biggest benefits of all wool mattresses is that they are healthy and safe to sleep on. Nearly all other mattress types utilize adhesives and petroleum based foams that continue to release toxic chemicals into the air as they age, contributing pollution indoors and out. We use wool and fabrics that are Oeko-Tex 100 standard-certified and tested to ensure that harmful toxins are not found in the end product.

Wool is naturally fire resistant which allows us to craft mattresses that have not been subjected to toxic flame retardants. Other types of mattresses have many different chemicals added to them during manufacturing to increase their resistance to fire. Many of these chemicals are associated with adverse health effects including cancer, immunotoxicity and reproductive toxicity.

Another important reason why you should choose all-wool mattresses is for their hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant qualities. They are also antibacterial, anti-fungal, and resistant to mold and mildew. Many fungi and yeasts are domestic allergens. Mattresses can be hospitable environments for these unwelcome intruders, and wool helps keep them at bay naturally.

Sleeping hot is another very common problem that can be easily resolved by using natural materials for your mattress and bedding. The reason people “sleep hot” has a lot to do with design. Our core temperature drops by a couple degrees during the night, shedding heat into the surrounding areas, and synthetic sheets, blankets and mattresses trap the heat and moisture in around us. Our mattresses are perfect for hot sleepers as they are made with highly breathable cover fabrics that allow maximum air flow. Also, the natural Oeko-Tex certified wool stuffing is the perfect solution when it comes to regulating body temperature.

Wool keeps cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Another benefit of natural wool bedding is that wool fiber’s core absorbs up to one third of its weight in moisture vapor without becoming damp, the hard outer layer protects against outside liquid moisture. This results in water being repelled, but humidity absorbed, and that helps with thermal regulation. Wool keeps outside moisture away from the skin and also wicks away perspiration, thus keeping the body warm and dry. Even if the room is at the ‘perfect’ sleep temperature of 65–68 degrees and doesn’t change, there are significant fluctuations in relative humidity under the covers; it’s often caused by synthetic bedding products that restrict proper airflow. The body is good at keeping itself at the right temperature during sleep, so we create products that help support it in sleeping naturally.

Motion isolation is another great quality associated with wool-filled mattresses. Motion isolation means that when one partner rolls over or tosses and turns, movement on the other side of the bed is barely noticeable. This makes for a much more pleasant sleeping experience with fewer disturbances. This is a big advantage compared to spring mattresses and water beds which tend to transfer motion from side to side.

We realize that it is difficult to describe how a wool mattress feels and give advice, because comfort is a matter of personal preference, but we can say wool mattresses are softer during the first couple months of use while the wool compresses. After that they could be described as mid-firm to firm. You do not sink deep into the mattress. Still, wool mattresses could not be compared to any other type of mattress because of the unique way wool fibers support our body weight. Wool mattresses give you a completely new experience of comfort and are unique in how they regulate your body temperature. And you really start to sleep tighter and longer.

Our mattresses are specially designed for you now and in the future. We have placed zippers on the sides of each mattress, so you can customize firmness levels at any given moment by simply removing or adding more wool stuffing. After all, the one constant in life is that nothing is really constant. This is true for your comfort preference as well. Never again will you have to buy a whole new mattress because you’d like your mattress a bit firmer or softer. Take control over your comfort by choosing our smart adjustable approach to mattress design.


Note: Wool mattresses should last you 20, 30 or even more years depending on how you care for them. When you receive the mattress, the wool will still be freshly carded so it will come a bit thicker than advertised, and in the first months of use the wool will settle and the mattress will end up at about the advertised thickness. During that time, you will need to flip and rotate the mattress weekly (or more often if you can) head to toe and top to bottom – this will ensure wool compresses evenly. After the first 2-3 months, we advise to flip it once monthly. And finally – once a year, on a sunny day, allow the mattress to air out in the sun – sun has a natural cleaning ability.