From the very beginning of the Home of Wool journey, our intention was to create eco-friendly products that will draw your home closer to nature and make your life healthier. In a business dominated by fast furniture and industrialized mass production of synthetic products, we choose to create items that are made to fit, built to last, and at the same time kinder to the planet. Our key principle is to only use natural, sustainable and biodegradable materials and make items that last a lifetime. Our team of talented artisans has developed and keeps on working on many creative ways of recycling and reusing the leftover fabrics and wool batting scraps from the production process, handcrafting beautiful items to support our Zero Waste Mission. 

What We Do With

the Larger Pieces
of Leftover Fabric?

Zero Waste Mattresses
with Stitched Fabric

Our products are all made-to-order which also ensures we follow our zero waste philosophy, creating no more than what is requested by our customers.

In each process, however, there is some leftover material. And what do we do with it? We create some high-quality mattresses and toppers.

We use the larger remaining pieces from cuts to create affordably priced mattresses and toppers. We simply stitch a few pieces in neat parallel lines to form each surface of the mattress.

Since the pieces are leftovers from other cuts, we have decided to not charge for the fabric, allowing us to reduce the price of the mattresses made from fabric pieces, thus adding a more affordable option for our customers.

  • Home of Wool ウール入りベビーベッドまたはストッケマットレス(ステッチ入り生地付きHome of Wool ステッチ入りウール入りベビーベッドまたはストッケマットレス - ステッチの詳細



    [vc_tta_accordion c_icon="chevron" active_section="0" collapsible_all="true" style="flat"][vc_tta_section title="FEATURES" tab_id="1686754994002-77c68714-1e06"][vc_column_text]

    • 丈夫なメタルジッパー サイドにジッパーがあるので、必要に応じて羊毛を調節したり、追加したり、取り除いたりすることができる。
    • 手織り 天然麻糸 フィリングが動かないようにするためだ。
    • 配管なし エッジにある。
    • 残り物 マットレスのシェルを形成するために縫い合わされる他の裁断の生地。
    • 無料 補修キット.


  • Home of Wool ゼロ・ウェイスト・ウール・マットレス・トッパーHome of Wool ゼロ・ウェイスト・ウール・マットレス・トッパー・サイド


    カットして残った大きなピースを使い、手頃な価格のアイテムを作っています。数枚のピースをきれいに平行に並べて縫うだけで、それぞれの面を形成します。他の裁断で残ったピースなので、生地代はかかりません。もっと読む これ.


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    • 高度な技術。
    • ピースとピースの間の縫い目は、耐久性のためにダブルシームで作られている。
    • 2 ハンドル 各長辺には、反転や移動が簡単にできるよう
    • 伸縮性ストラップ マットレスに固定する。
    • ウール タフトで 耐久性.
    • 耐久性のある金属 ファスナー 四方にファスナーが付いているので、必要に応じて羊毛の量を調節したり、羊毛を追加したり削除したりすることができます。ご要望があれば、プラスチック製ジッパーもご用意できます。
    • ハンド・タフテッド 天然のリネン糸を使用。
    • 無料 補修キット.




  • Home of Wool ゼロ・ウェイスト・ウール・マットレスウールマットレス、ステッチ入りファブリックカバー付き


    カットして残った大きなピースを使い、手頃な価格のアイテムを作っています。数枚のピースをきれいに平行に並べて縫うだけで、それぞれの面を形成します。他の裁断で残ったピースなので、生地代はかかりません。もっと読む これ.


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    • 丈夫なメタルジッパー サイドにジッパーがあるので、必要に応じて羊毛を調節したり、追加したり、取り除いたりすることができる。
    • 手織り 天然麻糸 フィリングが動かないようにするためだ。
    • 配管なし エッジにある。
    • 残り物 マットレスのシェルを形成するために縫い合わされる他の裁断の生地。
    • 無料 補修キット.


What We Do With
the Wool Batting Scraps?

Out of the smallest fabric and wool batting scraps left over from other cuts during the production process we create some unique items – hand-woven rugs, dreamcatchers, stuffed animal toys and so much more. We also use some of the leftover wool and scraps as a filling for poufs and ottoman cushions.

What We Do With
the Smaller Pieces of Fabric?

ウール、リネン、シルク、コットンの端切れHome of Wool袋


Due to numerous inquiries and high demand, we’ve also created our bags of fabric scraps that many artisans all around the world find extremely useful for their crafts or patchwork.

Some of the smaller pieces left over from the process are either donated to ISE – Initiative for Social Empowerment where they are turned into beautiful aroma dolls and bags.

Be Up to Date With Our New Zero Waste Items

This option is subject to availability. We can only create a Zero Waste Mission product when we have all the fabric pieces needed for it available.

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Crafting Sustainable Products

According to The International Sleep Products Association, 10.8 years is the average life of a mattress and box spring. The current population of the United States of America is almost 333 million. Can you calculate how many mattresses end up in the landfill each and every year? And that is only households’ mattresses we are counting. What about if we add up all kinds of hotels and dormitories?

While most conventional mattresses last about 10 years, wool mattresses’ life span is much longer. If taken care of properly, a wool mattress could be with you and serve you incredibly well for 50 and more years to come.

We do believe in the power of conscious choices. We create our mattresses with the belief that the less we buy, the less we waste, and the more we reduce and repair, the longer, the brighter, and the healthier our future will be. That is why we always stress on the care for our wool creations. The care that will help them serve you longer.

Having that in mind, investing in a natural wool-filled mattress that is made out of biodegradable materials is a very beneficial decision for both your home environment and the planet.

Wool is a renewable material and at the end of its life cycle it completely degrades in soil (and water), releasing beneficial nutrients.

Many chemicals used in the production of most mattresses have a harmful impact. During manufacture, some affect the health of factory workers, and others are discharged into ecosystems around the planet. In our production process, we do not use any toxic materials or chemicals, keeping it clean and healthy.

How to Recycle Your Old Mattress?

Before getting rid of your old mattress, no matter what kind of a mattress it is, think carefully if you could postpone that and repair it so that you can enjoy it for longer. If that is not the case, explore the option for recycling it. Most conventional mattresses are complex products and most of the elements they are consisted of could be recycled. Recycling, however, is not always happening. More often than not mattresses end up in the landfill.

If you are at the point of recycling your mattress, check out そして to see if there is a local recycling facility near you. Some facilities have community drop off points or will come to pick up your bed for a small fee. You could also resell or donate a mattress that is still in decent shape.

Packaging Our Items

We try to minimize the waste created throughout the packaging process as well. Since we ship worldwide it’s very important to have the items well wrapped and safe from any moisture or other possible dangers. Alternatively, we risk damaging the product during transit and we’ll have to create and send a new one, which will result in increasing our footprint. Given the specifics of this shipping, the options for packaging materials are not that many. Though we always research new technologies and ways to reduce our imprint. Currently, the foils we use are 100% recyclable and the bags we create are re-usable. The recycling code of the packaging is 4 – LDPE (low-density polyethylene).