Our story


“Once upon a time, not too long ago, a little baby boy was born in the land of far far away called Bulgaria. He was the most precious to his mother and his father since his first day on earth. Their home was freshly painted and new furniture was brought in. The family welcomed their new member into their home and everything was perfect except that the baby had troubled breathing…The mother became restless for finding the cause. There were many sleepless nights reading information of possible reasons and solutions and many days filled with visits to doctors and experts. Nothing helped…The boy was growing with multiple allergy reactions to chemicals and mold and seemed like there is no relief for his symptoms wherever he went. Mother’s heart became heavy with pain looking at her child suffering…One day back in 2012 she and her husband realized that it all came down to the basics and the connection between the materials used in their home and their health. Back then her little boy was already 5 years old and a new home was needed where he would be able to breath and sleep easily. This home would be an oasis of purity and clean designs. They’ll start from scratch and won’t use any chemicals and artificial materials. Nature will dominate and create the safest environment for their baby. Every natural material raised with rain water and kissed by the sun, accumulates his everlasting energy. By strictly using 100% natural materials the mother managed to harness all this energy and kindly offer it to her child. Wool, wood, linen, cotton, silk…it all blended in a perfect synch to create a new family nest where everyone could breathe with ease and dream peacefully…” And this is how Home of Wool was born…

My name is Rosica and I’m the proud mother of that baby boy. It has been a dream of mine to give my son a cloudless childhood filled with health and happiness. I’m also the creator and designer at Home Of Wool. For the past 12 years I have been working as an architect. In 2012, after struggling with my son’s allergy reactions to chemicals and mold, our family moved to a new home. For its renovation we used only natural materials and we made all furniture by ourselves. This situation and my background as architect made me realize, that I truly love creating and looking at things with design in mind. When we came to be choosing mattresses I found out that they are completely unregulated and everyone thinks they are safe, but they are not. They create electromagnetic fields and vapor toxic emissions for years. They contain mutagenic and carcinogenic substances. This is why we found no other option to meet our criteria but wool. Wool is natural, renewable, dust-mite free, anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, mildew resistant, it is cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Pure wool mattresses, made from chemical-free and toxin-free materials are hard to find. Therefore in 2014, my husband and I, decided to start our own small production of hand-made 100% pure wool mattresses and natural bedding.

We use unbleached cotton, flax linen, natural silk and wool fabric to make the covers of our products. We use 100% pure new wool, that has not been carbonized, for filling our mattresses and pillows.

There is a centuries-old tradition of wool mattress making in Bulgaria and we are happy to have hereditary artisans in our team. By creating our shop, we wanted to implement our creativity in something truly meaningful. We put all our efforts in creating products that are handmade, well-crafted, classic, and built to last. Every piece in our shop is made to order and can easily be customized. We believe in conscious choices and we, the team of Home of Wool, give an easy option to make such.