The Mattress

Filling of pristine wool encased in luxurious organic cotton, wool, and linen fabrics.
Bespoke and handmade by skilled artisans for your comfort and health.


Each detail is
your decision.


Artisinal mastery beyond
comfort and rest.


No chemicals or synthetics.
All-natural and biodegradable.

Unbeatably supportive
  • Healthy posture in any sleeping position
  • Choose from multiple firmness levels available
  • Relieves pain in joints, back, and muscles
woman laying on wool mattress
wool mattress Free of chemicals
Free of chemicals and synthetics
  • No off-gassing for a healthy sleep environment
  • Naturally flame-resistant without flame retardants
  • Naturally clean by keeping away dust mites and bacteria
Extremely breathable
  • Cool in the summer, warm in the winter
  • No sweating during sleep
Wool mattress cut in half
woman laying on wool mattress with ergonomic pillow
Uninterrupted sleep
  • Isolates motion between partners
  • Completely silent when you move

Got Questions?

Home of Wool mattresses are made with only a few simple materials. All of them are either Oeko-tex or Organic GOTS certified. The inside of the mattresses is just sheep wool and nothing else. We enclose it in a selection of durable all-natural fabrics. You can choose between 100% wool fabric, 100% linen fabric, or 100% organic cotton fabric. We tuft the mattresses with Oeko-tex certified linen thread and finish the tufts with bows of wool yarn. For the zippers, we use Oeko-tex certified metal zippers with an option to use plastic ones upon request.

A wool mattress only requires minimal care. In the first few months, you will be flipping the mattress left to right and top to bottom to allow the wool to settle evenly under your body and maximize comfort. The wool filling inside is naturally antibacterial, antimocrobial and dust mite free, so you will be enjoying a clean sleeping environment for many years to come. You can spot clean the fabric if it gets soiled, although your sheets are protecting it and this will be rarely needed. And for extra protection, you can use our dense wool protectors.

Yes, we offer free economy shipping on all our products to any address around the world. With an option to upgrade to paid express shipping

Usually, we need only 1 to 2 weeks.

Since we make every piece personally for you, you can give us all of your requirements and we will customize everything for you – from size and shape to little details like zipper placement, extra handles, etc.

Most conventional mattresses last 7 to 10 years, posing a serious burden to the environment. A wool mattress could serve you incredibly well for 30, 40, 50, and more years. Wool is a durable and renewable material, entirely biodegradable in soil and water, making it a very sustainable choice.

All wool in our production has a European origin, with the majority being Bulgarian. It comes from small and medium-sized farms that have declared proof of humane practices. Mules operation is not and has never been applied to the sheep we source. The animals are taken care of with respect – they are allowed to freely eat а natural diet of herbs, weeds, and shrubs.

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