Unmatched sleep quality ensuring healthy growth


 Protect kids from off-gassing & toxic chemicals


Minimize the risk of allergies


Sweat-free sleep for your kids


Help your children develop great body posture


Lavish natural materials that you can trust

Healthy Sleep and Play Environment

Perfectly suitable for babies, children, and people with chemical sensitivities, each product is all-natural and contains no toxins or synthetics. Let your child grow, play, and sleep in a healthy environment free of VOCs, flame retardants, and chemicals. Using GOTs and Oeko-Tex-certified fabrics and wool filling, our artisans will handcraft the pieces your family deserves.

Gentle and Clean

Fresh and cozy, our pieces are exceptionally breathable and moisture regulative. They offer a safe and gentle surface that is mildew-resistant, antimicrobial, and antibacterial. Choose from linen, wool, cotton, or mulberry silk, and gift your child the soft and healthy touch of our natural fabrics.

No Risk of Allergies

Resistant to dust mites, wool is the perfect material for baby bedding and kids’ bedding, as it eliminates one of the main causes of asthma and other types of allergies. Our hypoallergenic pieces provide the safest and healthiest environment, even for the most sensitive of babies.  

Designed for a Brighter Future

Wool is a biodegradable, renewable, and sustainable material that promises a healthier future for our children. Combined with our Zero Waste practices, the products we craft have a minimal environmental impact while offering heirloom quality and exceptional durability.

Trusted by more than 12000 people with over 2500 5-star reviews

Perfect!!! I looked high and low for a bassinet mattress for my restored 90 year old wicker bassinet and Home Of Wool was able to make me a perfectly fitted non toxic mattress that is beyond my expectations! The mattress is absolutely wonderful!! Also, Home Of Wool was great with getting back to me quickly and efficiently with tracking an overseas shipment. I Highly Recommend them in every way!!

S. McFerran

I thoroughly researched all the options for non-toxic play mats and this is the only one that I thought really fit the ticket. The use of natural materials, the great quality and beautiful craftsmanship convinced me. We received our mat this week, and now I feel secure knowing that my daughter is playing in a safe and comfortable environment. She seems at home on her mat and it doesn't slow her down at all. It's a good base on which to wriggle, roll, crawl and explore! Home of Wool clearly cares about creating well made products.


We love this wool mattress for our 1 y/o baby. It is soft-but-firm which feel very comfortable and supporting at the same time.
It took it a good while to arrive but it was worth it!
When the baby will be done with it we will use it as a bench pillow 🙂

Christina Xenides

The changing pad is of excellent quality. Since baby likes to twist and turn, the high sides are quite useful to help baby stay put. Delivered 3 1/2 weeks after the order was placed. It was packaged very well so international shipping was not an issue.


So impressed with the attention to detail and quality. The shop owner is very helpful, kind, professional, and responds to messages quickly. I didn’t imagine my little boys crib topper to be so amazing! Impressed and very pleased with my purchase. Beat Etsy purchase yet! Thank you!

Jennifer Irizarry

Got Questions?

Home of Wool mattresses are made with only a few simple materials. All of them are either Oeko-Tex or Organic GOTS certified. The inside of the mattresses is just sheep wool and nothing else. We enclose it in a selection of durable all-natural fabrics. You can choose between 100% wool fabric, 100% linen fabric, or 100% organic cotton fabric. We tuft the mattresses with Oeko-Tex certified linen thread and finish the tufts with bows of wool yarn. For the zippers, we use Oeko-Tex certified metal zippers with an option to use plastic ones upon request.

A wool mattress only requires minimal care. In the first few months, you will be flipping the mattress left to right and top to bottom to allow the wool to settle evenly under your kid’s body and maximize comfort. The wool filling inside is naturally antibacterial, antimicrobial, and dust-mite-free, so your child will be enjoying a clean sleeping environment. You can spot-clean the fabric if it gets soiled. And for extra protection, you can use our dense wool protectors.

Yes, we offer free economy shipping on all our products to any address around the world. With an option to upgrade to paid express shipping

Usually, we need only 1 to 2 weeks.

Since we make every piece personally for you, you can give us all of your requirements and we will customize everything for you – from size and shape to little details like zipper placement, extra handles, etc.

Most conventional mattresses last 7 to 10 years, posing a serious burden to the environment. A wool mattress could serve you incredibly well for 30, 40, 50, and more years. Wool is a durable and renewable material, entirely biodegradable in soil and water, making it a very sustainable choice.

All wool in our production has a European origin, with the majority being Bulgarian. It comes from small and medium-sized farms that have declared proof of humane practices. Mules operation is not and has never been applied to the sheep we source. The animals are taken care of with respect – they are allowed to freely eat а natural diet of herbs, weeds, and shrubs.

Oeko-Tex and GOTS logos
  • Home of Wool Organic Kids TeepeeOrganic Kids Teepee with kid

    Transform your child’s environment into a healthier space.

    Wool breathes easily and regulates temperature unlike any other material, keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Wicks away body moisture for sweatfree nights. Diminishes body odor.

    Wool is naturally dust mite and mildew resistant, anti-microbialanti-bacterial and flame-resistant.

    Washable cover for easy maintenance.

    Made without any chemicals and synthetics, including no flame retardants and no glues, so your child is /you are safe from the harmful effects of most materials on the market. Offering no off-gassing and zero VOCsHypoallergenic, suitable for people with chemical sensitivities, including MCS.

    Fully customizable, combining handmade craftsmanship and luxurious comfort.

    100% biodegradable, using only sustainable renewable materials.

    SIZE: 39.5 x 39.5 x 43.3″ (100 x 100 x 110 cm)

  • Home of Wool baby blanketWool baby blanket
    Prices from $99

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    Luxurious and soft, this all-natural blanket is made of 100% virgin wool.

    Regulates temperature unlike any other material to keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Wicks away body moisture for sweatfree nights. Diminishes body odor.

    Completely chemical-free, with no off-gassing and zero VOCs. Hypoallergenic, suitable for people with chemical sensitivities, including MCS. Naturally dust mite and mildew-resistant, anti-microbial, anti-bacterial and flame-resistant.

    100% biodegradable using only sustainable renewable materials

  • Best SellerHome-of-Wool-organic-wool-filled-crib-mattresses---open-zipper-stuffing-detailHome of Wool crib mattress with open zipper - detail on the wool filling
    Prices from $628

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    Handcrafted with the finest natural materials to combine comfort and health for your child. Made without chemicals and synthetics, including no glues and flame retardants, as wool is naturally flame resistant. Your child is safe from the harmful effects of toxins found in synthetic materials. Extremely breathable, wool provides unparalleled body moisture and temperature regulation in any season for longer and more restful sleep. Naturally supportive, yet soft-to-the-touch.

    Dust mite and mildew resistant, anti-microbial, anti-bacterial. Offering no off-gassing and zero VOCs. Hypoallergenic and suitable for people with chemical sensitivities. 100% biodegradable using only sustainable renewable materials.

    Use as a floor or bench cushion when your baby outgrows the crib.

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    • Shallow tufts for a flat surface.
    • Durable zippers on the sides so you can easily adjust, add or remove wool if necessary.
    • Hand-tufted with natural linen thread to keep the filling in place.
    • Complimentary mending kit.


  • Toddler Pillow
    Prices from $112

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    Safe and healthy alternative – all-natural, synthetic-free, and fully customizable.

    Optional washable pillowcase for easy maintenance. Combining handmade craftsmanship and luxurious comfort. Completely chemical-free, with no off-gassing and zero VOCsHypoallergenic, suitable for people with chemical sensitivities, including MCS.

    100% biodegradable using only sustainable renewable materials.

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    Zipper to adjust the wool filling if needed.