Collaboration with Pete and Selena from Grey Lane Homestead

We have been admirers of Pete and Selena’s photography and their beautiful home stories at Grey Lane Homestead for quite some time now.

It was such a lovely surprise when we got a message from Selena that they need custom French tufted linen bench cushions for a really cozy corner at their home. Oh, we knew that corner very well from the beautiful pictures they’ve shared. And to be honest, we’ve been dreaming to make the cushions for that amazing fireplace area!

‘’How great is that feeling when you are patiently waiting for that special something to arrive and then the day finally comes and it completely exceeds your expectations!?! Well, our French tufted custom linen bench cushions are here and we are obsessed! No detail was missed on these cushions and they fit perfectly. The littles curl up here daily and it makes my heart happy to see this cozy pocket of our home being put to good use.’’ – Pete and Selena

Thank you, Pete and Selena, for choosing Home of Wool!


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