All You Need to Know About

Creating Promotional Content
for Home of Wool


Thank you for partnering up with Home of Wool.

Creating & publishing content for our brand is all about sharing the coziness
of your home and the precious moments with your loved ones.

Below you’ll find some general guidelines for capturing the shots and
publishing them.


Natural light
Light natural colors – beige, white
Clean, stylish and
minimalistic home decor


Cozy home
Natural feeling
Family and joy
Style & inspiration


Taking care of your home: making the bed,
arranging the pillows, decorating a corner
Taking care of your kids
Family moments
Reading a book, relaxing

Creative Tips

  • Clear focus on the product – the product should be centered in the shot, clearly visible, and uncovered so viewers can distinctly recognize it. If the shot is wider the product must be placed in the center of the shot. If you’re
    shooting a reel or doing a carousel of photos one of the shots must be a close-up of the logo.
  • No other brands should be visible in the shot.
  • Preferably the product should be displayed in various situations and home settings. Each shot must show the product from a distinctly different angle or in a different environment to count as a separate shot.
  • The shots should predominantly feature light, soft, pastel colors (preferably white, cream, beige). Avoid bright colors and other distracting elements in the shot, to maintain focus on the product and comply with the brand’s color scheme of soft earthy tones.
  • Have fun while taking the photos! This way,


Social Media Posts and Stories

  • Copy – must include a testimonial about the product, short, honest and personal. Must mention at least a few of the benefits and unique qualities of the product and wool. Let us know if you need help and guidance with that.
  • Hashtags – must use #homeofwoolreview
  • Tags – must tag @homeofwool
  • Links – must use a trackable link to the product. For posts – place it in your bio or link tree, For stories – should be visible in the story.


Planning, Approval, and Results

Inform us of the date you plan to post your content so we can outline our calendar accordingly. Please, let us know if you need to move the original posting date. A delay of more than 2 weeks will be considered as a breach of our terms.

When you are ready with the content, send it over to us for approval. Please, don’t publish anything without our consent.

Send us screenshots of the Story or Post Insights 24 hours after publishing the content. The screenshots should clearly show the reach and engagement of the content.

We reserve the right to repost your content with appropriate tagging and acknowledgment.


Visual References