Our Wool & Fabrics

carded wool 3

We take our wool from a Bulgarian mill, where the raw wool has been washed with Foryl-LN, a biodegradable and free of APEO washing agent, produced by Pulcra Chemicals GmbH and approved by Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) – Version 4.0.

Our wool has not been bleached, carbonized or dyed. It is granted authorization according to Oeko-Tex Standard 100 for meeting the human-ecological requirements of the standard precisely established for baby products.

We also gather a small quantity of raw wool from sheep that are reared in the wild open. Their pastureland are meadows and mountains in Bulgarian ecological regions where no synthetic pesticides have ever been used. Their food throughout their whole life is incomparably purer than any certified organic. Their owners live in a world that is infinitely far from synthetic hormones and genetic engineering. These sheep are the most prized possession of their owners and are loved and taken care of as being a part of their family. The washing (scouring) of the raw wool is done during the warm months of the year (spring and summer). Wool is washed and cleaned by hand in a very slow process and dried in the sun. There is no (not even mild) soap involved. No detergents, no toxins, no chemicals! If you had ever seen Bulgarian villages, the people that live there, if you knew the life that exists there, the traditions that are kept for centuries, you would understand this parallel reality. You would see that most certified organic wool couldn’t even come close to our perfectly natural and pure wool. We use this wool if requested by the client.

Lambswool Fabric by the yard 3

Our lambswool fabric is soft, elastic, and slippery. The wool comes from South America. It is from the first shearing of the sheep. The sheep wool fabric is made from Bulgarian and imported wool. All wool fabrics are made in Bulgaria and are not treated with bleach, dyes, or any other chemical.

mulberry natural silk

Our 49% / 51% flax/cotton blend fabric and our mulberry silk fabrics are made in Bulgaria. The flax is imported from France. The silkworms have been grown in Bulgaria and fed with mulberry leaves only. The fabrics are not processed with any chemicals and coatings. This is why they are NOT wrinkle free, stain resistant, etc. They shrink with the first washing and should be kept away from direct sunlight.

linen fabric flax 2

The rest of the flax and flax/cotton blend fabrics are made in Lithuania and are granted authorization according to Oeko-Tex Standard 100.

100% cotton light weight - Американ

Our unbleached lightweight cotton fabric is made in Turkey, while the heavyweight cotton fabrics are made in Bulgaria and are Oeko-Tex Certified.

All of our products are made from materials as pure as possible and should be suitable for multiple chemical sensitivity sufferers or those who have allergies.

The origin of the raw materials is very important to our team. This, in fact, comprises the main point of our work – to create something perfectly natural. Without compromise!